Domo Genesis - Faded In The Moment Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah...

Girl, I know you feeling this energy
Hundred miles away and I still remember it vividly, I just pictured the imagery, we
Are just so small in this picture of life, belittles me, if
A natural high off of these feelings you been giving me, but
I pray for feelings this good, forever-ever
Forever-ever-ever, and never tear it apart
It's kinetic, as long as we at it, we sharing a heart
Paint your picture from [?], cause together I feel its [?]
As we, take it slow, babe I hoping you're getting these messages, cause
I'm already got me feeling R. Kelly, it's you
Killing me softly while I'm speaking [?] evidence
Got a hard nigga contemplating 'bout benevolence, but
I played my role right...
Cause I been dreaming of this shit my whole life
Seeing glimpses of the future and it's so bright
C-4 on the stove, and a coal [?], that's what we explode like

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah

Word to Omarion, I had an icebox where my heart at
And shawty lit a fire and I ain't know where to start at
I need to know what the [caught?] at like a phoenix rising out the ashes
Like packed arenas with my music blasting
Like roller coasters, you screaming
All my love, you say you need it faster
Make golden moments then get weed right after
Got me faded on a feeling, oh so strong, hope that I don't get jaded, on
This melody you singing, me, I carry a cadence on
It's us, bet we ready for whatever any weather brings
We came from nothing, want to be somebody's everything
[?] over [?], don't need anything, set your screen
Just 101, check it up, I give you the best of me
Baby we balling, said you won't catch a player slip
But maybe I'm falling, maybe I'm all up in the zone
Maybe that's why my text-es is clogging up your phone
This love is honestly too hard to leave alone, uh

Yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, uh [x3]
Yeah, yeah, uh

[Cam O'Bi:]
You and me, cuh, we're faded in the uh
Yeah! yeah
You and me, go, doing the thing, tuh
Oh... yeah! Cuh
You and me, cuh, we're faded in the morning, yeah

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Domo Genesis Faded In The Moment Comments
  1. S Parker

    simply smashing

  2. earthboundTV 我ラーン你


  3. Sam Mercedes

    listen to 0.75 speed for exxxxxtra chill vibez

    Johnny Hill

    Diggin the vibes indeed

  4. Shyanna Herbert

    album is so slept on

  5. Jaivon Ballard


  6. Capital E


  7. Lorenzo Rizzardi

    If "dope" could be a genre this would be the founding album.

  8. fuq boi

    20 comments his name needs to get out there foreal he the fuckin bomb

  9. Jabari Jackson

    album so slept on


    Jabari Jackson it wasn't slept on the album did pretty fucking well with no promotion although shade 45 was backing it.


    woah 0 dislikes even the haters like it 😂😂

  11. L J

    damn. impressed.

  12. slater sky

    gta 6 song

    MDF tha3rd

    Kobe tha kyd FR? 😵

  13. slater sky

    and dapper

  14. Macky Coleman

    So chill

  15. OG LANI

    Progression 👏🏽

  16. Kendall Harris-Burton

    been waiting for this album

  17. Doc

    The best track on the album... to me.


    +Long Dick Style I don't have a wife... a swing and a miss.

    Dat niqqa frum da block

    +Doc Compton Then Who's Wife Did I Fuck Yesterday The Fuck!?!?!?!


    +Long Dick Style I dunno man, but you better go find her since she's the best.

    MDF tha3rd

    Doc Compton me too😁