Domo Genesis - Deez Nuts Lyrics

Yeah, put your motherfucking...
And smoke some motherfucking...
And get high as a bitch

Sometimes my friends be like my feelings, they come and go
Somebody spare some fucks for me to give cause I'm running low
Somebody put some fire to that bitch, yeah I wanna smoke
I'm tryna hit a lick, hit this ro, and then get a quote
You know what we coming for
Long money in short days
I break shit, they gon' pay me
Won't chill in their space, they can't cage me
I'm back to the point like playing safety
If you in the way, you just playing with safety
Ayy you should play your shit safer dog
Calculate your steps and really get what you saying off
I'm talking about some six figure plays and you ain't involved
I'm talking bout standin' in that deep water caught under the pressure you can't
The bubble guppy what the truth is
And you ain't budging when we running through them streets through kid
Misopportunist quit acting stupid
At the cup missing the game
Winning like Patrick Ewing, you blew it
I'm running through my path blasting through it
Fuck all the babble, let's get back to music
No other answer cause I have to do it
So when I creep up with my niggas five deep [?]
With the gas still running slow
You know what we coming for...

Money, cars, and clothes
Fine things I suppose
It's all that I know
Some niggas [?]
Some niggas [?] go hard [?]

My niggas keep on saying they ain't heard from me
Cause I'm busy getting skrilla, I deserve to be
Man my pockets was in a state of emergency
Watch me work in [?] I show urgency
So prolific exposing you bitches
We the game sewed in stitches
You ain't equipped and can't be coexisting
I'm making shit rattle like a broken engine
And watch them dollars multiply amongst my long division
Shit if I could have a dollar for every nigga who dirted my name
I'd probably quit rap and move somewhere deserted today
I prolly go on vacation for a permanent stay
But this work you finna get is all that's certain today
I get respect in abundance and my cash in advance
Keep that pattern in the rhythm, I done mastered this dance
So when we run down, spilling hella gas on your plans
Flicking lighters to the flame, glow
You know what we came for, bitch
(Bitch, bitch)

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Domo Genesis Deez Nuts Comments
  1. Lyte Sho

    Low key Hey Arnold! reference in the first verse. Dope!


    haaaaaaaa, got em

  3. J O E O H O H

    The chopped version is so amazing


    Bumped this back in July of 17 don't get me fucked up. DownloOwedit



  6. 9595itachi

    First bar goes hard bro

  7. Micah Ray

    I Think This Song Would Have Been Even Harder If He Got Hodgy To Feature On This Jawn Like Just Imagine!!! 😲 Still A Good Ass Song Tho Either Way 👍🏽💙☺☺☺🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  8. Ray Gamboa

    My dawg this is one of his best songs

    Lyte Sho

    Ray Gamboa it really is, lol. Lyrics are dope, but it's also the delivery and feel. The best and content are gritty and dark/grey/ Great overall track on all fronts 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Trasκοοl G

    Α καλα ντομο ξεφυγες

  10. Micheal Henderson

    Goin in