Dom Kennedy - Thank You, Biggie Lyrics

Things change when you grow up
Now everybody want to show up
Talkin' 'bout, 'I knew that you would blow up'
When I was young, my favorite song was
'Get money, get money' Weight of the world on my shoulder
But I'm still gettin' colder, so keep it real

Like, on a comedy about who run rap
Cause L.A. is on top now and who run that?
I've been all facts, I base my shit off that
But for sixty-five grand, y'all could switch my hat
To the Seahawks cause I'm always down for the money
And niggas always talkin' 'bout me when they strugglin'
I guess that's why my champagne always bubblin'
Two girls in the indoor pool out in London
At Dizzee Rascal flat, they sent my ass some cash
But all he do is rap, you want to hang out and relax?
Go shoppin' in Saks, hella bags in the back
And when I see her again, motherfucker, she next
I don't talk to her everyday, but we text
And when I throw that Biggie on, she don't even trip
I asked her to roll a joint and she don't even flinch
Dom K. is a pimp, you don't even need the blimp
I know you could tell I'm nasty, though my lyrics is classy
I'm not really that flashy, but I do like shrimp
Wit' some lemon butter sauce and a cold white Zinf
Somebody to talk to and share a view like this
Cause I been rollin' fashions, at least them attraction
Got dressed up for me, I do appreciate that, woah

Things change when you grow up
Now everybody want to show up
Talkin' 'bout, 'I knew that you would blow up'
When I was young, my favorite song was
'Get money, get money' Weight of the world on my shoulder
But I'm still gettin' colder, so keep it real

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Dom Kennedy Thank You, Biggie Comments
  1. NeckNoddinOnDaBeat

    Jake One 💣💥💥💥💥💥

  2. Robert Wynne, III

    Now errbody wanna show talm bout

  3. Rad Cowley

    Flange on cymbals?

  4. Curtis S

    This song is so underrated shit makes you think about life and memories

  5. Arys Forbin

    You got dressed up for me I do appreciate that..

  6. Tyler Mitchell


  7. Ben H.

    spine tingling

  8. Scottie Beam

    this is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥thank you dom Kennedy

  9. JordanYear23

    this song makes me tear up..I can just tell years from now when I'm riding with my son it's gonna bring back so many memories. Dom is the best.

    Promoting Sounds

    for sure man, dom is just incredible, timeless music

    tyler hoskins

    I felt my self choke inside a bit.

  10. Bradford Boucher

    This why Dominate get love on the East Coast, homeboy pays homage!

  11. Ian Boelts

    one of my favorite tracks of this album for sure.

    Promoting Sounds

    the beat goes crazyyy

    Promoting Sounds

    the beat goes crazyyy


    Promoting Sounds Jake One is one of my favorite producers! Constantly making bangers

  12. Edwin Rice

    Things change when you grow up

  13. Lessy Perez

    talking bout ' I knew u would blow up ' pffft

  14. Kameo Pettway

    That's rite Dom Tha Real 1'$ Been Waiting for Some NewTracks An That's FoReal 😎

  15. RIP George Smith

    out in London at dizzy rascal flat...

    Promoting Sounds

    +George Smith BARS

    RIP George Smith

    @Promoting Sounds 🇼

  16. RIP George Smith

    things change when you grow up

  17. Mr. Nelson

    Gawd this beat is D O P E! 🔥🔥🔥

    Promoting Sounds

    +Zaye Nelson production on point!


    Jake One is the man

  18. Cure-72

    Nice beat

    Promoting Sounds

    +Cure-72 you know it!


    @Promoting Sounds hell yeah

  19. Brandon Bakin'

    this shit real asf, shout out to dom

  20. Bave Mc

    yess old slwl to new skwl bk home love the vibe love old school hiphop

    Promoting Sounds

    +Bave Mc for real though

    Bave Mc

    +Promoting Sounds 4real g !!!!!! love did

  21. Z winn

    This beat is crazy ..

    Promoting Sounds

    +Z winn agreed..too on point

    Z winn

    @Promoting Sounds forreal bro hey man i got a some music on soundcloud do you mind checking me out ? You wont regret it


    +Promoting Sounds Thats the power of Jake One man's a fucking genius.

    Z winn

    +MrStreetballer5 aye man I'm js my music is on another level

  22. Footiepro17

    Great song

    Promoting Sounds

    @DW Games Glad you think so!


    where i can make video like this:)))

    Promoting Sounds

    @VERY RVRE What do you mean man?

  24. Marc NY

    Watch people start hating on the fact Dom paid tribute to Biggie... Lol... Smh

    Promoting Sounds

    @Marc NY Stupid

  25. Desmond Cook

    JAKE ONE ON THE BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. thebighomiefahad

    things change when you grow up, now everybody wanna show up

    Promoting Sounds

    @thebighomiefahad Dope lyrics

  27. tiree anders

    I'm the biggest Dom fan but the album is not a good listen as a whole

    Promoting Sounds

    @tiree anders Hmm I've actually seen a few core fans saying that it's a little disappointing

  28. Kyle Williams

    I need an instrumental

  29. BeatsParadise

    Nice song man! Checkout our channel, maybe you like it :-) keep it up!!

  30. Austin Morin

    Chill track! Good for just relaxing

  31. Oliver Carpenter

    Fire as usual, love this channel

    Promoting Sounds

    @Oliver Carpenter Appreciate the love Oliver honesty, great to know you like the tunes!

  32. its ilf

    Kendrick and g eazy need to drop new songs.

    Promoting Sounds

    @uoᴉʇɐʇSʎɐlԀ ʇɹoddnS SO true, or a song together? haha

    Juan Magdaleno

    Lol g easy yeah kd na

    Promoting Sounds

    @Juan Magdaleno why don't you like him?

    Bradford Boucher

    +Brandon Baker Lol and that's for real!

  33. PolarityTracks

    Dope track man!  These lyrics are fire :O!

    Promoting Sounds

    @PolarityTracks Glad you like bro!

  34. OC_AirWolf

    That laid back vibe.

    Promoting Sounds

    @OC_AirWolf Agreed man, so damn chill

  35. Rap Related

    Whole album is crack

    Promoting Sounds

    @Rap Related So true man, killed it on every song!