Dom Kennedy - Represent (I Like That) Lyrics

Where you at, J Poundz?

I had passed on this beat when I first heard it
Now its murdered like the Inc., Irv Gotti never rode a Ducati
And if you pull up on me, do it fast make it sloppy
Told her both my parents black, but you can still call me papi

Ooh, I like that, ooh, I like that
Yeah, I like that, ooh, I like that

Ooh, this was always plan A, let me know what you tryin' to be
I'm the one they tryin' to see, give these girls all kind of D
Dope Dom and a Dollar Menu, I'll continue
Sold a thousand walk-up tickets in Diego, switch the venue
Rest in peace Tony Gwynn, I just see the field different
Had to flood the whole bracelet, man, this shit just feel different
My brother Larry told me, 'Yes', he comin' out to rep that West
Made it back to the hotel to wash my face and catch my breath
Another night at Mama Shelter watchin' movies by myself
Or I could go downstairs, find a cutie and get some help
I be saggin' on stage, damn, I should have just wore my belt
Tryin' to put them ice cubes on your leg and make it melt

Ooh, I like that, ooh, I like that
Yeah, I like that, ooh, I like that

Do your thing, girl, go on, represent
Go on, represent, go on, go on represent
Told her, 'Do your thing girl', go on, represent
Go on, go on, represent, go on represent, ooh

Her Instagram blocked, it's feelin' like she not it
No matter what kind of car I'm in, I'm lookin' like the top pic
She told me, 'Let's go to the bridge, Dom, I want to watch this'
So I drove to pick her up the other day, she wasn't ready
Walkin' up to her room, only us, not a sound
Wrapped in a green towel, wipin' lotion all around
I used the whole bottle messin' with you, better know it
Lay down, I'll pour it, after that you better throw it

Ooh, I like that, ooh, I like that
Yeah, I like that, ooh, I like that
Ooh, I like that, ooh, I like that
Yeah, I like that, ooh, I like that

Go Ares, it's your birthday, all the Libras, it's your birthday
Go Taurus, it's your birthday, all them Cancers, It's your birthday
I said, 'Go Leos, it's your birthday'
All them Scorpios, it's your birthday
Go Pisces, it's your birthday, all them Virgos, it's your birthday
Go Aquarius, it's your birthday, all the Geminis, it's your birthday
Hey, Sagittarius, it's your birthday
All the Capricorn, it's your birthday, ooh

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Dom Kennedy Represent (I Like That) Comments
  1. moesha Williams


  2. Darius Warren

    Thanks Meg.

  3. keiaira thompson

    Megan thee stallion brought me here

  4. Jessica Fifty

    Megan tha stallion put me on 🥰

  5. Whitney Turner

    Here from Meg The Stallion IG page 🔥


    Whitney Turner ya late but ya here also😂😂😂😎


    Meg got a crush on him. She tryna get his attention

    Cesar Dawwg

    then you aint a Dom Fan just another rider


    Meg bought Me here w her fine ass

  7. The Full Montea

    Meg Thee Stallion brought me here 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Danielle McFadden

    Factz u move fast😍😍😍❤💫

    Danielle McFadden

    Factz you move fast 😍😍😍😍❤💫

    Prince Noah

    We all do

    Bre Bre

    Lmaoo me too 😭😭

  8. earchin opps round tha area

    Still cracking oh I like that opm til it's over!

  9. Savannah Senteno

    Shit so hard i slapped my momma

  10. Nick Blue

    Told herr do yo thang gurl gon represent

  11. Dayana Caro

    I like dat!!!!

  12. Nettie Reed

    Do yo thang girl... Yup I like that

  13. Demetri Dotts


  14. Arn par


  15. Ethan De Cohen

    garbage ass flow

  16. Larry Taylor

    chris brown only 4 me sampled this

  17. Bradley Abrams

    ohhh i like that

  18. Nelsy four one fizzle

    fuckin slap! 2017 SEPTEMBER

  19. Cud

    Go Cancer's it's your birthday.

  20. Raphael Gault


  21. Chris Leon

    I can go downstairs find a cutie get sum help.....tryin put dem ice cubes on your leg make it melt....(i like that) 2017 !!

  22. WestCoastFishing

    Man so much nostalgia listening to this, representing San Diego right here, R.I.P Tony to this day you are a San Diego hero, makes me wanna cry knowing he longer exists in my home.

  23. Tiara Chanel

    My boyfriend introduced me to the song ... memories riding in the summer to this 💕🙌🏾🙌🏾

  24. Kevin porter

    other ppl money

  25. E Z G 1

    I like dat

  26. deeflores !

    Libra 🙌🙌

    Me'Ari Mitchell

    All the Libras its ya birthday❤💃❤💃❤❤

  27. Elijah Batista

    "This was always plan A, let me know where you trynna b, im the one they trynna c, give these girls all kind of d." .... Smoothest intro i have ever heard. Hands down. Dom is one of the coldest rappers this generation has ever seen.


    Elijah Batista Real shit

  28. Aly_loveehhh

    All the Leo's is yo birthday 🙌🏽♌️

  29. Homer Simpson

    all da virgos, its ya birthday

  30. Play Girl

    Wheres Ophiuchus? The 13th sign?

  31. Luis Flores

    I play similiar to that, Ish your birthday!

  32. suucmai bosack

    Dom ate this bruh!

  33. M Vegas

    this beat is fucking perfect

  34. Jesus A

    when I first heard this I was like ooh I like that


    Jesus Acosta right lmaoo

  35. Leneia Davis


  36. Junita Byrd

    beat sooooo cold!

    Jericho Bird

    ice cold though!

    Cap Ed.

    Junita Byrd AAA)

  37. Shannon d

    dom kennedy for president.... 314 supporters

    nerdyboiplays /reactions

    Shannon d hell yea

  38. Shayla Purcell

    Oooo I like dat

  39. dblocknyc

    "both my parents black but you can still call me Papi" lmao no nigga

  40. Your Boo's Boo

    Love me some Dom. And he sounds true, like he ain't 'tryin''.

  41. Jahri Francis

    this song has such a cool rythm,i listen to it while i do my hw oooh i like that!!!;)

  42. Marco Hernandez

    Dom Dope

  43. Dominique Jovin

    Oooh I like that ! 👏😏

  44. Leslie Jimenez

    do yo thang girl, go represent 💘

  45. Ben Buechel

    This is an awesome song it deserves a lot more fame that 92k views

  46. Rachel Chan

    Can we all meet up in DC, puff a few, and bump dom k lol

    Gabriella Akkawi

    +Rachel Chan yeah hmu im on 1

    Joshua Lopez

    happens everyday in L.A

    Afro Shinobi

    you ain't gon link up for real doe

  47. Jabriel Roberts

    Dom need to name this the birthday song lol

  48. Desi Pena

    so wet rn

  49. kotan80

    Fired up 🔥🌋

  50. sdl - lds

    You a boss for putting this up. Love, mayne. 

  51. Eddie Rodriguez

    I like that

  52. Aaron Guzman

    #yeah I like that Haha 👍👍👌👌

  53. drizzit71

    smooth feelings :)

  54. Quarry Clendening