Dom Kennedy - Let The Money Burn Lyrics

Let's get this cash
Let's get this cash
Let's get this cash

What's up what's up what's up what's up with you niggas
Oh y'all stunting
You got thirty houses, why y'all fronting?
Quit playing I ain't impressed by small numbers
Talk chunkier, ever seen the 911 parked all up on the curb?
Just left my grandmom a house, we used to hit that [?]
Don't make me smoke this whole bag till it's emptied out
King of the south, when he went to jail
I said damn they just love to see a nigga fail
I'm a keep it facts, I don't fuck with rap
Shit is only temporary like you fix a flat
And I'm a real player, like a Thunderbird
I just go up in value, let me do my turn
Please let the money burn, never kiss and tell
I don't got time for it baby, not if it smell
I like mine well done, make it clap
Please look me in my eyes when you fuck me back
Home alone with the mill, right on time huh
Just want everything to sound like vagina
This a business call, you can get the axe
Same nigga everyday, just a different track
Bout my business, uh

Let's get this cash
Let's get this cash
Let's get this cash

I been coppin bands, like I'm flipping packs
I whisper in her ear, gimme that can't leave it up to chance
Ready for my first pitch, putting something in the music that can make the Earth skip
Rockin Vans, off white man you know it
Got some friends coming through hoping that she don't blow it
Bitch you had your time, now we quick to smash
She wear that little pink skirt just to get me mad
I don't like to brag, I been through some real shit
Back when MTV was playing videos with Will Smith
When she lived in a different neighborhood I still went
Her mom kicked me out on the street when she got home
I'm bout it
I'm bout it
You can ask that nigga BD he can vouch for us

Let's get this cash
Let's get this cash
Let's get this cash

New beat, new flow
New spots, new rose
Gotta get this cash
Gotta get this cash

New beats, new -
New spots, new-
Gotta get this cash

4 in the morning and I'm still up

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Dom Kennedy Let The Money Burn Comments
  1. Trillmatic 86

  2. ackmad allah

    smokin pack just playing this album on repeat... west side never die

  3. Junior 67


  4. Leonel Hernandez

    Please look me in the eye when u fuck me back!!😏👀👌

  5. Junior 67

    California living 💸

  6. Jay 24K

    Lil kendrick flo

  7. malikedward81

    Lmao my boy just put me on this shit today and it 🔥 hope y'all still listening to this in 2018

  8. Devon Coppin

    Smoke to this nigga and tell me your listening experience didn't get 1000x greater

    Vanté Bates

    Devon Coppin Not Tryna spam... check me out tho! 🌙 like, share, comment

  9. Kevin M

    '''What's up what's up what's up with you niggas!''

  10. AimHigherVideoGaming

    45 people need to listen to it again this Dom so chill why everything gotta be so critical enjoy the music!

  11. Kay Dr

    Killa kalifornia

  12. Jamaal Ali Richardson

    I don't fuck with rap/ shit is only temporary like a fix a flat - Bars

  13. Don Shizzl


  14. RYoungPDX

    who's still listening in 1998?

  15. J //

    City of angels will live forever #LA

  16. FlyBoy James

    My Favorite Song Off the Album Dom Still That Nigga 💯 #OPM

  17. ajaaax

    "talkin chunky huh ?" 🗣

  18. grimrythym


  19. wiiizdumb

    been looking for some dom im hella late

  20. Edgar Martinez

    whos still listening in 2016


    it's 2017 smart guy.

    Edgar Martinez

    CenteMedia yea but retards alwats be saying that in every song i go to

  21. FadedForever

    I love LA

  22. The Redi

    52 Hoover street south central LA here


    Where q at

    The Redi

    encino hills with his nasty ass

    Jason Lopez

    @The Redi . Hoovers my back street

  23. Julian Henderson

    prolly listened to this like 80 times in a row

  24. Münechild

    Dom did it again. My fav song off the album. Check out Tsunami Black/Munechild on Soundcloud. #nativecruiserrecords

  25. Cristian Empty33

    fucking with this from mexico

    Mystic J

    BeHigh IsDead 🇲🇽💪🏼

    Cristian Empty33

    J S u live in mexico fam?

    Bryan Navarro

    BeHigh IsDead what part of Mexico are u from?

  26. Neta 562

    562 LA Love

  27. Leo Vegas

    He got the Cloud parked up all on tho lawn tho. Lol

  28. Leo Vegas

    This album cover reminds me of Master Rosi's island on DBZ.

    Lord Warhol

    *Roshi* my dude

    David Aguirre

    I think Flatbush Zombies has the island as their album cover

    Terry Hanks

    Leo Vegas :)

  29. Big BoSs

    Maaan I didn't know he have a album out smh if it wasn't for me listening to don't forget us and bout to re listen to his older albums I would've know this was out I'm bout to download this before YouTube wilding ass delete this whole album😒

  30. Shy

    Greenville SC here

  31. James Deshazor

    Just in his lane chilling

  32. Envious Eg6

    Ever seen a 9-11 parked all up tha curb?

    Born Again

    Envious Eg6 name of car?


    Rafael Pantoja Porsche 911


    Envious Eg6 I’m tryna do it

  33. gerald Lawson

    Dom really ain't that lyrical but he the coolest rap nigga out. his shit be player as fuck

    Sander Wåge

    I love his lyrics

    DrxgMoneyEntertainment Family

    Man he just cool.

  34. Jeffrey Arguello

    57th and Compton South central all day

  35. Donovan Cremper

    Dom came back again with that 🔥🔥🔥

  36. SpamHusky

    Dom came just in time for Christmas ; ) THANK GOD!!!!!!!

  37. Da Realist Riot

    Let's get this cash!!

  38. Jason Bullard

    south Memphis fucking with it