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What up J.O., I know you loving this
Our mothers ain't the same, we on that brother shit
What's good J Skillz, you like my brother kid
We in this 50-50, let's make our mothers rich
I got a hundred brothers, and I love 'em all
We always roll together, way we never fall
What up Lil' Mike, you know I love you dog
What up Candace, baby I still love you
What's good Fresh Nigga, what up my nigga Shay
It's our time to eat, let's go get a plate
What up Big Mike, let's go get a steak
Young balling ass niggas, go get us drinks
What's good with you Scotch, I see the vision
They try to keep us out the game, let's beat the system
What up Cartier, I know they think you different
I never told you homie but I think you gifted
What up Pac Div, I see you niggas spitting it
Oh, we Polo now? I see you niggas getting it
What up Danny Dub, keep me motivated
LA all day, you know I bang it
What's good Umi, you know I'm dangerous
I take pics with kids now, you know I'm famous
What's good Shawn G, I show respect
We never worked on that tape, but it's no regrets
What up Taz, you know I'm next
I made it this far, so I know I'm blessed
I know it's fun, but I know I'm stressed
I work my ass off, feel like I never slept
Barack won, I know I wept
I just needed a place where I could go reflect
And that I did, and so it was
No matter where we met, just know it's love
Leimert Park, just know it's us
No matter where we met, just know it's love
Leimert Park, just know it's us
No matter where we met, just know it's love

Yea. So since the 25th Hour, I been a lot of places, met a couple people, seen a lot of faces. Shout out to everybody that supported me since day one. Everybody and anybody that ever, told a friend they need to check out this guy that go by the name Dom Kennedy from Leimert Park, California. That'd be me. I appreciate it. Everybody's hand I ever shook, every picture I ever took, I appreciate it. My dad, thank you. Two words: thank you. My mom, I'm still here, tryna make you smile, tryna make you proud. My cousin J.O., when you come home, it's on. Special shoutout, to Bobby and Ben for understanding my vision, supporting me. Special shoutout, to myself for seeing my vision and supporting me. Carter always say, "It'd be hard-pressed to find somebody that put us on." I put myself here. I'm just tryna show kids, in the city, wherever you may be, it's all possible...and I'm proof. Peace

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