Dom Kennedy - 1997 Lyrics

I be that nigga always wearing something clean for the groupies
Looking like Caine but nah this is a not a movie
Cell phones up, tell them girls to shoot me
All I hear is "yea bitch that's Dom can u excuse me"
Leimert Park legend, I used to bump that Snoopy
Had some iceberg and I used to want that Coogi
Back in 97 man my uncle wore the Gucci
And he rocked Polo, and he wore the Stussy
I am no marine but these niggas do salute me
Catch me on Peco, I am like the Lucy's
Give it to em raw, I am like the sushi
I hate how rappers use the term "fresh" so loosely
Bad ass nigga, I am like Boosie
But that just might have went over yo head like a kufi
If I was a DJ, I would be Brucey
Or any of them niggas Biggie shouted out on juicy
Sometime I get chose, but u can say I'm choosy
And if u want to keep her then u should not introduce me, 25th hour, that was introducing
Roll with the winners girl cause I ain't into losing
Talking Crenshaw king, that's what we be cruising
Get my point across, so I never have to prove it
Squab with a nigga, I ain't into shootin
This is not the army but them niggas is recruiting
Hardwood floors, but we don't be hooping
When them boxes touch touch down, then we gon' move it
Maybe out to Compton, just like St. Louis
Sugar 16's, nigga watch how I do this yeah I studied this game
I'm a student, but now everyday they call my name and I be truant
UCLA, I'm a bruin
And all them plans you made, I'm a ruin
Your whole rap career, it is ruined
And everybody say "damn Dom you shouldn't do it"
I'm the number one pick, that's Ewing
No one said I would make it, but somehow I always knew it
And I'm running this game, that's stupid
I write like Eric, yeah that's ruthless
These hoes so Ashanti, that's foolish
I'm good on the track, Carl Lewis
All these rap critics always asking for some new shit, tell em go buy it
And they never do shit, I fuck with FutureStreet
But dawg this my new shit, you say I'm bout to really B-L-O-W shit

In 1997, I wrote my first rhyme, "I wanna marry you" is what I told my first dime
Had my first drink, rolled my first dime, and I knew I was that first nigga for the very first time
And said I ain't never left, tell em I ain't never left

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Dom Kennedy 1997 Comments
  1. Kenneth Taylor

    Dom Kennedy is The Greatest Artist Ever. What is music if this brother isn’t mentioned?!

    Kenneth Taylor

    Currently on the I-15 south Las Vegas passing Allegiant stadium. Night shift ahead. Thanks Dom.

  2. Jermal Carter

    Yo this was ten years ago, wow time really be flying by, like thats crazy!

  3. reggie derrickson

    Here in 2020....still FIRE!!!!

  4. Jonathan vargas

    2020 ❄️

  5. Svncere

    2020 And This Still Gonna Be Getting Played

    Put This On Apple Music!

  6. Deshawn Threatt

    Still heat in 2020🔥

  7. jessecruz378

    almost 2020 and this shit will forever be a classic to go back and vibe to

  8. StayViben

    10 years later and we Still here OPM, RIP Nip Rip MAC. Stay grindin n stay focused Y'all. Peace and Light 🇪🇷

  9. Stephen Dominguez

    From day one and Still slappin 2019

  10. Тигран Агасян

    From December ‘19 respect from Moscow 🤙🏼

  11. Kenneth Taylor

    Dom Kennedy is The Greatest Artist Ever. What is music if this brother isn’t mentioned?!

  12. yungtd103

    That Beamer was clean as hell

  13. DKTV Web

    Still Jammin 2019 🔥🙏🏿

  14. GoodtimesMelody

    Oh man, a CLASSIC, I remember gettin fried so many times to this song when I lived in Cali, good memories

  15. Alicia Danielle Arredondo

    This is mine and my best friends song since high school. 2013! ❤️

  16. Dominic Sales

    Finna be banging in 2020 too

  17. Leo Mota

    Damn...nostalgia ✊🏾

  18. Mashudu Tshawambe

    Dom is good ,


    Still never gets old



  21. kourtlyn monette

    Still playing this CLASSIC 🔵🔴✅

  22. Elvis McDaniel

    2019 still bumpin 🔥🔥🔥

  23. PurpleKushxJetLife91

    My fav song & video of all time, Classic Dom

  24. Sleight of Hand

    2019 anyone???

    Ricshy Ray

    Crazy that ive never heard this song until today. 🤦🏿‍♂️ i feel sad.

  25. Stephane Lee

    Les bass sont exceptionnelles 🎶🎶😍😍😍

  26. California King

    2019 OPM

  27. Leo Soto

    Never gets old

  28. Bryant Turner

    1997 is that classic Dom K. I remember when I seen this video on MTV Jams.

  29. Bryant Turner

    1997 is that classic.

  30. Ging 200

    2019👀 if so your vibing rite now I feel ya!!! 💯💯💪🏿

  31. Dennis Walker

    2019🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾 still fire

  32. Danielle Ray

    2020 anyone? Lol

  33. ParlayZay

    2019 - infinity

  34. brandon [HB]

    this record will play during the credits to one of my films. opm til its over

  35. Cesar G

    9 years still bumping this

  36. PurpleKushxJetLife91

    Still a classic in September 2019

  37. David Gabriel

    Juicy Crenshaw kings

  38. Jaee Bryant

    I saw this on MTV Jams back in 2010 same time I saw Big Krit “Children of The World”

  39. Manny Z

    2019!!! Still knocking!!! This song better than my type of party don’t @ me lol

  40. Reymundo Ibanez

    "And i aint never left " best line

  41. Reymundo Ibanez

    I wright like erick , yeah thats ruthless .

  42. Hisheem King

    Shot out to the Dom cuzz st.louis listening

  43. adam kelly

    whos watching in 2019

  44. alan armitige

    Finally 🙌 someone who can spit badazz freestyle barz on a Dope beat!💯

  45. Kelvin Morse

    South Central Legend 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯♿♿♿♿

  46. Austin Bacon

    2019? Wya??!!

  47. BiratellaVision


  48. Vincent Valdivia

    2019 & its still 1997. OPM till its over.

  49. Aye Trey

    Tellem I ain't never left!

  50. Fredo 1993

    2019 July

  51. heidy dena

    2019 and still here, OPM TIL ITS OVER

  52. timothy kindell

    512 dislike the fuck outta here

  53. G3N0 Jr



    Still slappin in 2019

  55. natru2dagame

    Been rockn Dom since 2010 September on my vaca to OceanCity for locals only, 1997, and it's me again. Fuck with him ever since. Leftcoast always had fire tho catch up Beastcoast! No dis to the FBZ either they bringing the east back imo #lefthand #thisisit 🤘🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️ to many bangaz to mention...

  56. Svncere

    Still Playing This In 2019 ...

  57. Saeed Kamal

    2019 any1? CALI STAND UP

  58. Rasikh Ali

    Slappin in 2019 👌🏽

  59. Thomas Bands

    Why tf I’m just now getting hip to this

  60. Keyweezy

    2019 👀

  61. Roberto Kinzy

    We need this Dom back.

  62. Andre Darden

    That Project Pat flow

  63. devin9103

    My shit 10th grade year in high school

  64. Sharieff Freeman

    West coast been putting good music out smooth track

  65. Jr Flowrez

    2019... ???

  66. Christopher Albert

    Still playing in 2019🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. Antonio Mitchell

    2019 💪🏾

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    2019 😌

  70. jordan evans

    2019 shhhiiiiiitttt

  71. jermain bindon


  72. Jay Dee

    2019 🙌

  73. Gill Okonkwo

    Love this song for almost a decade. Salute my bro Quis for the introduction

  74. Patrick Harris

    Still bang this shit daily

  75. Ju- Muny T.V.


  76. Al Padilla

    I wanna marry you is what I told my first dime

  77. Simon Petit

    These hoes are so Ashanti.......

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    $tiLL BuMping

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    Still bumping this heat in 2019

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    Why isnt this on spotify . Where can I find it !

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