Dolly Parton - Traveling Man Lyrics

The man I loved ran a salesman route
Selling goods from house to house
Now I knew my mama would never stand
For me stepping out with no traveling man
Mama bought things that he was a'selling
But mama didn't know and I sure wasn't telling
That behind her back I was making plans
To meet somewhere with that traveling man
Oh the traveling man was a good bit older
But a girl needs arms to hold her
Mama didn't know 'cause I didn't told her
But mama wouldn't understand
Me stepping out with a traveling man

Mama didn't allow me a'going courting
And I'd tell lies that I reckon I oughtn't
Oh but she'd a'give me the back a' her hand
If she'd a'seen me with that traveling man
So I tell my mama that I reckon I oughta
Go to the spring and fetch us some water
What mama didn't know is I had a plan
To meet down there with that traveling man

Now I make plans to run away
With that traveling man on a Saturday
Well Saturday's here and here I stand
And there goes my mama with that traveling man

Oh that traveling man was a two-time lover
He took my love then he took my mother
But I didn't know 'cause mama didn't told me and I don't understand
My mama running off with my traveling man

Mama, you know you oughtn't a'done that
You just like my daddy
He run off before I ever knowed him
You done run-off with my traveling man
And I really don't think I ever knowed you either
Oh there goes my mama with my traveling man
And I'm really gonna miss that traveling man

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Dolly Parton Traveling Man Comments
  1. Realbillball

    Ok, I'm sort of thinkin'......what's so special about Dolly Parton?
    I kind of get lost for words, so I'll rather run through this incredible clip again like half a dozen more times.

    So, what's so special? About everything about her. Fantastic artist, fantastic performance.

    Mike Owens



    @Mike Owens AND she's so gorgeous you might just wanna eat her up.

  2. Barry Bliss

    Right there, on the spot. No tricks. Incredible.

  3. Dan Bertucci

    American icon and patriot, unlike the rest of the cast of 9 to 5.

  4. Salvador Cortes

    Bruh Protect this Queen at all Costs...i want her to live as long as Betty White

    Mike Owens

    no doubt!

  5. Tam Tran

    Still adore her into 2020

  6. Heidi Wai-Yee Chan

    Dolly's musicianship is just impeccable and so effortless.

  7. Donald Lusk

    Her voice is incredible

  8. hi i am rob

    If you were to ask me who is the most beautiful that ever lived, without hesitation I would say Dolly. My god she was stunning.

  9. KelseyLea Stoneking

    Shes so beautiful

  10. Invisable Man

    I've been listening Dolly for decades but sure this one's surpasssed all that in my list. How come they haven't released it, so far?

  11. It's Liam


  12. Izzy H

    I want her as my aunt

    Mike Owens

    How fun would that be?!
    Do you need a cousin? lol

  13. Matthew Johnston

    ken burns brought me here.

  14. TJ Wash

    How could anyone not love Dolly?! She’s just so sweet and genuine.

    Mike Owens

    Not even possible!

  15. Vincent Segarra

    Love this woman

  16. Millie

    Sooooo incredibly gorgeous!

  17. Brian Haney

    Dolly is a treasure.

  18. Paris

    Her laugh 1:50 🥰

  19. Britney fluffyshows

    What year was this

    Mike Owens

    She didn't post the year. ( I ran across this on her Facebook page back in April) But from the outfits, I'd venture that it was around 1976 or so - Let me know if you ever find out!

  20. cantseeyou6

    She sings and plays gitár like ringing the bell

  21. mcnee1ce

    she is sooooo adorable! =)

  22. Griffin Grooms

    Love to hear aunt Dolly sing

    Mike Owens

    She is amazing!

    28 Barbary Lane

    Griffin Grooms ~ it’s AWESOME that she’s your aunt. It appears she’s very loved by her family.