Dolly Parton - Burning Lyrics

When I look at you
I melt like a candle
You light a fire in me
What am I to do
I just hope I can handle
The heat and the smoke blinding me

This feeling, this fire
This burning desire
Is raging its way through my soul
And if you feel the same
Help me fan the flames
'Til we're burning out of control

Burning to know you
Burning to show you
And I've felt this way from the start
Burning with passion
I do hope it's lasting
And it's burning a hole in my heart

You kindle in me
A warm glowing feeling
A spark and a flicker of hope
It's more than a game
And like moths to a flame
We're drawn to its warmth and its glow

These embers of love
Are fueled by the notion
This could be an eternal flame
Consumed by the blaze
I fear it's too late
'Cause this torch that I hold bears your name

Oh, and I'm burning to know you
Burning to hold you
It's grown to a flame from a spark
Burning with passion
I do hope it's lasting
And it's burning a hole in my heart

Oh, I'm burning with passion
I do hope it's lasting...

I've had so many dreams fall apart...

And it's burning a hole in my heart...

I'm burning
Oh, I'm burning
Mmmm, I'm burning oh, I burning ooh

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Dolly Parton Burning Comments

    Move America

  2. Mohammad Badjie

    2020 anyone else

  3. K S.

    This Song is so beautiful 🙏🏻💕

  4. Terry Scudieri

    This must be among the most underrated of Dolly's songs.

  5. Natalie Smelser

    My mom had this album when I was growing up. I loved the song!

  6. Jimmy Prantalos

    Country it

  7. tazmanf69

    love it

  8. Joao Ramos

    Hula Girl brought me here 😄

  9. brendan


    the amazon rain forest:

    Kim Kardasim

    actually this is not something you can make fun of..

    Simlife with Nikki

    More like Australia

  10. #Show Boy

    The Amazon Rainforest brought me here

  11. Kelli Erin

    Do dolly

  12. Mohammad Badjie

    2019 today nice 👍

  13. Blake Gildaphish

    DOLLY brought me here

  14. Advocacia Dr. Hector del Puerto

    Alguém ouvindo em 2019? Anyone?

  15. Bex is the word


  16. Ester Pipita

    I love you Dolly!!!!!!!!

  17. Wayne A White

    Is this song Country, Disco, Pop, Rock n Roll, R & B or some other genre or a mixture of many genres?

  18. Terry Kennedy

    They used to play this in a bar where I used to go quite a lot. A good song

  19. Brian Campos

    Alexis vs. Farrah <3 <3 <3

  20. Juall Kishhore

    Let's get this roaster cooking.

  21. cassidy spiotti

    *lets get this roast a cookin'*

  22. Daniel Barnard

    Y'all thought alexis michelle was gonna be punked lmao she slayed this lip sync.

  23. amanda darko :p

    oh farrah :(

  24. mukhtar ilyasu

    This always reminds me of my childhood a lot.

  25. Hugh Speaight

    Justice for Farrah

  26. Nico Pili

    Alexis and Fara lol. Oh the memories lol

  27. Chynna Wallace

    This song !!! X

  28. Kould B

    One of the most talented & influential, yet unappreciated, artists of the twentieth century. She's truly a musical genius. Especially when you consider she taught herself the 'gueeeetar' & how to read music. What a lady! AND, she's been with the same man, her beloved husband, since last century (at least). A truly amazing feat in today's world. Like this comment if you respect for Dolly Parton. Just kidding. Respect her for what & who she is instead! 😬

  29. frozenlake 121

    Nardwuar and Ellie Goulding brought me

  30. Patrick S

    Dolly is such an underrated icon in Europe, but when it comes to country icons she’s still the best and first one mentioned

  31. Nyi Ma

    Love this man

  32. Kati Casey

    1. Farrah slayed the lip-sync.
    2. This song is such a bop wtf
    3. Wow I love Doll Parton

  33. Kelsey

    i'm at least 185,000 of these views.

  34. Olivia Harbourne

    This is how my funeral will end and everyone will dance out

  35. Joao Batista Acosta

    Rupal give me this

  36. Chloe Bell

    Love it 😍

  37. Ben G. Milligan

    fucking looovvee!!!!!!

  38. Bryan Gusty


  39. MsZeunicorn

    I keep hearing: hot like a Vishnu. I know it's: hot like a pistol, bit I can't unhear it.

    Mohammad Badjie

    It’s Hot like a lava

  40. Alucard 54

    This is one of those songs you have to lip sync yourself in the car.
    You can't not sing along!

  41. Jes se

    Farrah was robbed

  42. David Covarrubias

    That's me in the hell

    Robert Brown

    David Covarrubias 😂

    Mohammad Badjie

    Hottest like the engine is

  43. Kyle Barnett


    Brady Schnieder

    Bobbie Emery well I'm here because of both lol

    Kould B

    Moi 😁

    Euan Toms

    I’m both tbh. I’m here because I love dolly but I love drag race too. And that’s just a coincidence to me

    Lo Fernandes

    Love both

  44. Queen OftheNile

    Farrah should have won the lipsync

    Alucard 54

    Queen OftheNile Well.....let's face it, splits and free falls are almost always winners during the lip syncs.
    Which is ok.....if done right.

    Queen OftheNile

    Just like how Peppermint did bs during her lipsync with Trinity and then MAGICALLY whips her wig off and wins

    Alucard 54

    Queen OftheNile Amen. Thank God Sasha won.


    Farrah was lacking some energy, Alexis was giving us Dolly references and taking out hats and stuff, she was ready for it and Farrah just kinda seemed lost, she did look the part tho

    A Name

    Alucard 54 just because she looks like dolly doesn’t mean that she should of won.

  45. tom h.

    what a fucking TUNE :P RPD brought me here too and now I'm a dolly fan

  46. alessandro ballato gonzalez

    Bueno, al menos no soy el unico que vino aquí por RuPaul's Drag Race

  47. Quincy Simon

    You look at me that way...

  48. Jacob Cannon

    Drag race reminded me how much I loved this song. I love it when Ru does old school jams for lipsyncs. They're always the best imo

  49. win espinoza

    farrah vs alexis michell <3

  50. Ben Doherty AKA Acidica

    Everything was amazing I'm the lipsync, Alexis won becuase of the split.

    Samuel Rummer

    The one where she looked like she ripped her nut sack open?

    Heather Rufino

    Sam Rummer lmfao

  51. Old User

    In my head

  52. Gabriel Vazquez

    alexis michell vs farrah mohan me trajeron hasta aquí !!

    Humberto Carrillo

    Gabriel Vazquez maldito Alexis, mando a la más hermosa a Casa 🤧

    Jessica Sayuri Morgendorffer

    Pero Alexis la destrozo en ese Lipsync!!!!

    Alonso Olitayou

    De hecho la destrozó Farah era mi FAVORITA!!😫😘💞

  53. Gabriel Vazquez

    alexis michell vs farrah mohan me trajeron hasta aquí !!

  54. Tiffany Sims

    Farrah was shook

  55. Yolandi Antwoord

    both alexis and farrah did well, love them

  56. Dylan Darkness

    Alexis and Farrah brought me here!

    Blaise Avey

    You seem to remember details about Alexis like we did. I don't remember shit about Farrah in this lip synch.


    Me too !!!

    Tamás Nyárs

    same here handsome :)

    Patty Trowbridge

    Dolly parton brought me here

    hi man

    이노래 너무좋은듯 ㅜㅜ

  57. Eve Chaves

    Rupaul's drag race brought me here!!!

  58. xoC eillexoC eilleKKellyK Cox

    love it

    Harry Bulmer

    xoC eillexoC eilleKKellyK Cox

  59. BiccaboccaJo

    I am OBSESSED with Dolly parton

    Sandrine Sabrina

    +R a m says the person commenting about somebody else's music interest... SURE SIS 🍹🍹

  60. Martin Ward

    I have chosen this as the song for my cremation, I hope it goes down well...

    Robert Brown

    You're crazy😂😂😂😂

    AJ Muzik

    It will be a befitting selection.


    And it will be legendary

  61. Colin Sanders

    entered Billboard Dec 9, 1978 reached #25

    Nick Smith

    Colin Sanders should be #1

  62. drmjr78

    The intro to this song reminds me of the Elvis Presley song "Burning Love".

    Kould B


  63. Rose Bhoy Dino

    It makes me dance ahahahaha.... Love the music love the singer,the one and only Dolly Parton..

    Mariposa of H.K.

  64. Craig Brown

    Dancing with Dolly, Isn't she the best. Talk about timeless songs. I've been listening to thiis and the extended mix since the 70s, I still love em and her.