Dolly Parton - Alabama Sundown Lyrics

The cold December wind seems bent on rockin' New York City
The town that's got me down to my last dime
And everywhere I go, the people seem in such a hurry
To keep this Mobile girl from feelin' fine

Lord, what I'd give to see an Alabama sundown
The sun just seemed to drop in Mobile Bay
New York town has got a gifted way to keep a girl down
But that never was the Mobile way, no, no
That never was the Mobile way

A flashing sign says that you can rent a bed for just a dollar
In anybody's town, that price is cheap
It's a shame to know a girl would ever fall down to my standards
'Cause I need ninety cents to go to sleep


I felt so big the day I left that Mobile couldn't hold me
I thought there had to be a better way
But if I could find that man that first called Lady Luck a lady
That gentleman would surely learn to pray

[Chorus 2x]

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Dolly Parton Alabama Sundown Comments
  1. Chas Edwards

    New York town definitely has got a gifted way to keep a girl down. Hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world.

  2. Lammert Entjes

    yea beautifull song dolly parton