Dollanganger, Nicole - White Trashing Lyrics

Empties lined along the porch
Shoot them dead, show no remorse
White trashing with you
Live in endless afternoon
Making love to the Sunday cartoons
White trashing with you

All that glitters is not gold
And this same place is getting old
But dreams are fulfilled
Where the purple grass grows
I can see it all just beyond our window

Innocence that I have bled
Carved your name into my leg
White trashing with you
Plastic Jesus, Santa Claus
Rotting like relics in the yard
White trashing with you

Inherited your dad's crazy eyes
History repeats our whole damn lives
Yeah this place gets old but it's really hard
To scrub the dog piss out of a white trash heart

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Dollanganger, Nicole White Trashing Comments
  1. Faith VanVleet

    Noooo the first verse killed me. That's my best friend and I to a T make it stop 😂

  2. ayax moji

    flowers in the attic, omj 😍

  3. yxzi

    Brøken Halø💔

    Hellkid 187

    Prxjek 🖤💯

  4. p e m m a

    1:00 ok
    i just
    im sorry but
    i couldnt help
    but think of all star

    Talie !


  5. elmedic

    this lyric video is really good and it deserves waaay more views

    Lost Girl

    elmedic awww thank you 💝

  6. ʙʟᴏᴏᴅ sᴘᴀʀᴋʟᴇs

    If i were white that would be my song.


    Kyla Ward and racist views and lots of guns and a desire for causing violence