Dollanganger, Nicole - Poacher's Pride Lyrics

I shot an angel with my father's rifle
I should have set it free, but I let it bleed
Made it into taxidermy, hung it on my wall
On my wall

I shot an angel, kept it in my backyard
Hung it out to dry on the clothing line
Pinned above my bed like the cross
Of Jesus Christ
On the wall

And I know one day hell will catch up with me
And I'm sure that I will burn eternally
One day it will come to claim its pound of flesh
When it's done, there won't be anything left

I shot an angel, dragged it to my basement
Starved it till it died and I did not cry
Sickness of poacher's pride

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Dollanganger, Nicole Poacher's Pride Comments
  1. Strangest Raven

    A third of y'all are here from x SMH 😔

  2. DomoTha Loc

    This is incredible! Thank you for this!


  3. Crimson Skies

    I guess I'm not the only one that references this to what I did with my ex. I didn't physically shoot him but I emotionally wrecked him and felt nothing. I'm a monster and it's something I'll have to live with for my entire life. Everytime I see our son, I'll think of my ex. What I did to him. The same thing done to me. countless times. He's the angel and I used the abuse my father did to me to hurt him.

  4. PhoenixE

    This was uploaded in my birthday, feels good man.

  5. Kurt Codein

    Esse som é tão magnífico 🤧

  6. diego trillo

    2019/ <3

  7. Mercy

    Listening to this hurts so much

  8. Mercy

    I dont know who I am anymore

  9. zmorg

    I cant stop listen to this beautiful song

  10. Jamie

    Internetboi brought me here!

  11. L0L0777


  12. Christopher Sixx

    follow @christopher_sixx on IG

  13. Christopher Sixx

    this is dope

  14. Nico Moose

    I finally found the original sample to “wingriddenangel”!!!

  15. roccordz

    wing ridden angel

  16. Jasmine Turcios

    Does anyone know the meaning behind the song ? Like what “ angel “ did she “ kill “

    Halia T.

    I think it's something along the lines of her losing her innocence to society. I interpret it as a bitter "coming of age" commentary but I think it's subjective and mean something different to everyone.

  17. Toji

    a friend showed me an x song but i was more interested in the sample so im here. hi :)

  18. •King•

    Xxxtentacion aside this picture gives me anxiety

  19. Geegee 2xx

    Poacher’s Pride by Nicole Dollanganger

    [Verse 1]
    I shot an angel with my father’s rifle
    I should have set it free, but I let it bleed
    Made it into taxidermy, hung it on my wall
    On my wall

    [Verse 2]
    I shot an angel, kept it in my backyard
    Hung it out to dry on the clothing line
    Pinned above my bed like the cross
    Of Jesus Christ on my wall

    [Verse 3]
    And I know one day, Hell will catch up with me
    And I’m sure that I will burn eternally
    One day, it will come to claim its pound of flesh
    When it’s done, there won’t be anything left

    [Verse 4]
    I shot an angel, dragged it to my basement
Starved it 'til it died and I did not cry
Sickness of poacher’s pride

  20. Yung Bratz Shawty

    Back in 2k15 i discovered this song thanks to a grimes tweet about this album. Later in 2k16 i started to listen to XXXTENTACION and when i heard WingRiddenAngel and he sampled this song it totally blew my mind...Time flies man 😓

  21. wingriddenanggel

    rip my nibba ily 😿

  22. xMikey ._.


  23. Spade

    you will live in are hearts forever

  24. DRAGON N


  25. GFOD

    6 - 18 - 18

  26. Sami

    The lyrics make me want to cry

  27. rude

    Nicole's voice always brings me to tears..something about it is so haunting yet beautiful.

  28. Comaz HD

    X was an actual genius. Who listens to this and actually thinks "this would be a good beat"

  29. NotObito

    Who isn’t here from x?

    біологічна небезпека

    People who like Nicole Dollanganger...

  30. Yonka Hanks

    X brought me here. WingRiddenAngel.

  31. svartkukmetall 606


  32. ariana



    Wing ridden angle cinithia

  33. Hanz Williams

    I wasn't ready. I found the witch and took her virginity.

  34. GFOD


  35. YuhItsDarko

    bottle fulla pills passed out on the curb

  36. No Name

    LLJ Rest without fear now angel

  37. sti nky

    You guys don't appreciate actual, emotional music. This isn't an XXXTentacion song, this song is by Nicole Dollanganger. XXX didn't even give credit for the sample.

    brodie on the corner

    X made the most emotional music ever listen to his early stuff my guy


    brodie on the corner No he didn’t

  38. Demon Candy

    Whos here for the fucking beauty of a song rather than caring whom brought them here

  39. krolix

    “sun brings heat and it just won’t snow”

  40. Danzz

    RIP IDOL <3

  41. Synic X.synix

    Hush little Angel don't say a word.

  42. Charlie Painter

    fuck x, nicole is amazing


    🙌 🙌 🙌 big truth!


    Well if it wasnt from x, many people prob wouldn't been on this vid.

  43. 1 1 T E E N

    Mini billie eilish 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 this is good!!

    біологічна небезпека

    What? Nicole is older than Billie and has been making music longer than Billie. They don't even make similar music.


    біологічна небезпека Thank you, lol.

  44. Nicole Dollanganger lg


  45. chew you up like bubble gum

    no one cares if you came here from an abuser ❤️


    X wasn't an Abuser. If you did your research and didnt believe these news sources who are attention seekers looking for some sort of Story that'll tear down an artist. Not only is there proof he didn't do it but his lawyers were able to get the charges dropped after his death

    Taylor Hill

    He didn't physical abuse her it was mental abuse which still as bad but either way he still was trying to change and grow as a person

  46. aquelah K-trouxa

    So in love with this song

  47. Luna Miyuki

    I loves her so much 😍

  48. Big Smoke

    2019 Anyone??

  49. Nya

    I loved Nicole's music before X tbh (hella late comment)


    @Im not cute 707 I second that

  50. *xokireiキレイ*

    people really flooded this comment section with comments about x 💀

  51. Hilary Cervantes

    I just found out she was used in an X song, she’s come so far

  52. Eskayidh7

    Wing ridden Angel :0

  53. Hunter Starnes

    We all miss X and his amazing way of making something more then musice.

  54. Okay

    Fuckkk I miss x sm

  55. Kat Kartoons

    My sister brought me here

  56. Rodentgutzz

    I understand y’all x fans love xxxtentacion and all. But this song isn’t for him or meant for him. He just used it as a sample for his song. This song had NOTHING to do with x and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop commenting “here from x” it’s honestly annoying.

  57. Jellybird

    This song reminds me of trophy hunting, with the angel referring to an animal victim. It makes me sad that people can be so cruel, with their animal testing, abuse, and of corse trophy hunting. Anyway, I know that’s not the real meaning to this song, but that’s the way I think of it.

  58. Kid vanish

    Beautiful 💜

  59. Kevin 1


  60. XALTONY 13666

    I nutted

  61. forever alone

    Who isn't here because of X, and you just love Nicole?? Just me...?

    Chiyo chan

    forever alone nah definitely not just you. her vocals are so beautifully haunting in this song and every other song she sings. she really is an angel.

  62. Ron Sav

    Hush lil angel don’t say a word...

  63. Miguel Hernandez

    Ur good today, ur gone tomorrow - xxxtentacion

  64. Laila James-dillard



    @yln despair I agree with the first thing you said, but I don't believe you should tell someone to kill themself. It's not right.

  65. santos né

    Rest In Peace X

  66. Donnyell Richard


  67. JustToComment

    Yall piss me off, why does everyone think we wanna know they came from X? Talk about the actual fucking artist who made the song here, and talk about X on his own videos. Like, keep that shit separate.

    yln despair

    JustToComment shut up

    біологічна небезпека

    @yln despair Anal much?

  68. Taman Shud

    I love this song so much.


    I feel like this song is about child on child sexual abuse.

    TW for sexual abuse/rape
    Not legitimate explanations of the song, just a theory ig

    I shot an angel(another child)

    with my father's rifle(antagonist has seen their father do the same sort of thing, thinks that it's just a normal thing)

    I should have set it free(regretting what happened)

    but I let it bleed(this abuse lasted for a long period of time, comparing it to bleeding out)

    Made it into taxidermy, hung it on my wall
    On my wall(photographs, maybe??)

    I shot an angel, kept it in my backyard(possibly location of where it was happening)

    Hung it out to dry on the clothing line(antagonist doesn't fear others finding out, again thinking it's normal from their father's actions)

    Pinned above my bed like the cross
    Of Jesus Christ(they start feeling a sense of normality and confidence from abusing the victim, comparing them self to Christ(??)

    On the wall

    And I know one day hell will catch up with me(realizing that this is not a normal thing)
    And I'm sure that I will burn eternally(^^)

    One day it will come to claim its pound of flesh(fear of victim standing up to them)
    When it's done, there won't be anything left(hoping for the victim to die(???))

    I shot an angel, dragged it to my basement(figures out that they can get in serious amounts of trouble for this, begins to hide their actions)

    Starved it till it died and I did not cry(showing that they cannot feel, a possible reason why they abused the victim)

    Sickness of poacher's pride (Past regret(???) truly coming to terms with how awful their actions were)

    Once again, just a theory. If you wanna discuss it I would love to in the replies ^-^

    біологічна небезпека

    It isn't Nicole said it's about destroying something beautiful or something like that.

  70. ur boy

    Man X music Taste was Next fucking LEVEL. Ty for bringing me here, you were going take over the world RIP Friend

  71. scubaman

    tf2 brought me here u losers

  72. Lola lol

    We get it you came here after x

  73. How To Fazer

    I suddenly feel bad

  74. How To Fazer

    What in the actual fuck

  75. Rosmariini Sydänmaa

    She should collab with Poppy

  76. Billy Stiffy

    i'm 2-3 years late but put it at .75 speed your welcome

    Liisa Chu

    Hi Killy

  77. Kk-Skiies

    WingRiddenAngel isn't that deep compared to some of her other songs. If you want some even more heavier songs, id go look for them. X didn't make her famous. This song isn't even her most known song. It's Dog Teeth.

    Samurai Goroh

    Kk-Skiies sadly, we live in a time where people don’t go hunting for music. They only know what everybody else knows

  78. Sunkemo Kiyar


  79. TCG


  80. Dawosn Ghg

    “I know one day hell will catch up with me”

  81. Ski Mask The Meme God

    Listen on 0.75 🥰🥰

  82. CurlyHeadAdonis Curly Fries

    x brought me here R.I.P X
    FLY HIGH Man

  83. Cookie Beatz

    Very little views cause the real X Fans Know Wassup 💯
    R.I.P. Jahseh 🙏🏼🕊

    boo you whore

    well some of us are just nicole fans not x fans.

    Donovan Aponte

    @boo you whore I'm both kinda

  84. Ethan Gayle

    I like X also but y’all don’t have to raid the comments with “FREE X” and shit this ain’t even his song. chill out

  85. tedster

    WingRiddenAngel🙏🏼 #LLJ

  86. boo you whore

    can we shut up about x? i get it, x brought you here. no one cares.