Dollanganger, Nicole - My Baby Lyrics

My baby wears all black
Says he's gonna make a hearse
Out of this Cadillac

He says I'm gonna put him in
An early grave with all the
Trouble that I make him

My baby says he loves me but I know
He don't care if he kills us both

My baby wears all black
Says that we both die inside of
Every dream he has

He says he's seen us on the road
The car was smoking and I was
Trying to pull the teeth from his throat

My baby says he loves me but I know
He don't care if he kills us both

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Dollanganger, Nicole My Baby Comments
  1. soap

    It's like Lana Del Rey.

  2. nicki Parsley

    That was a lie you skank fuckgirl Narcissist

  3. roadkill

    rip bianca <3

  4. niitchi

    this song did not age well after what happened at her fan

    Just me Mike wazowski

    it's sad cause the song sounds familiar to what happened..


    @Just me Mike wazowski on 14th of this month a girl was murdered by bf/friend idk and he cut her neck. she went to Nicole's concert before that.

    Just me Mike wazowski

    @niitchi yes I heard and saw the pic sadly it's so sad

    Wheatix Man

    I was actually a close friend of Bianca's. And Now listening to all of Nicole's songs, something feels more empty. None of her friends have ever really gotten over what happened either

  5. Luce Huxley

    Hey does anybody know what Font was used for the text in this video??

    Ciera Simmone

    Old English font.

  6. loli

    0 dislike omg

  7. Mel Dollanganger


  8. Emily Sierra

    This very easily could be about my last relationship.

  9. bellexstar

    Reminds me of JD and Veronica

    Agata Maziarska

    @Savannah Raaye ah, sorry for not replying! I haven't seen that, I actually know Thora only from American Beauty, but since it's weekend, maybe I'll give it a try. thanks for recommendation!
    and about Heathers, I love the movie's sass, the humour and the overall style/aesthetic, but I find it really bad in terms of screenwriting and I think it had the potential to be much, much better, but turned out boring:( love the musical, tho

    Savannah Raaye

    plutonian babe definitely do! Scarlett Johansson, Steve Buscemi, and Brad Renfro (R.I.P. 😔) are also in it. It’s hilarious! Let me know what you think if you end up watching it. 👍🏻

    Agata Maziarska

    @Savannah Raaye of course! ♡


    You’re so cool also really reminds me of them

    Rare Gems Of The Net

    I can see it but this is a little darker

  10. Serenity Drawings!

    Who else was reminded of *”Dog Teeth”* and *”Rampage”* while listening to this?

    Lauren Duncan

    Serenity Drawings! I wonder if they’re connected. I do see the similarities with lyrics and theme


    I've always thought rampage and this song were connected, and it's at the point of view of the mother of a school shooter.

    But I could always be wrong

    Agata Maziarska

    I'm pretty sure her songs are often about famous mass murderers and serial killers (mostly mass murderers, tho) in general. in Creek Blues the audio at the beginning is Kip Kinkel crying after his arrest. she seems to be really interested in Eric Harris too, in Rampage the *I don't care what you say, if you ever touch him again I will freaking kill you, I'm gonna pull out a goddamn shotgun and blow your damn head off, do you understand? you little worthless piece of crap!* part is Eric in his&Dylan's school project called Hitmen For Hire. it was recorded just a few months before the massacre. she also covered pumped up kicks by foster the people and the nobodies by Marilyn Manson which are both obviously about Columbine. so yeah, there is A LOT of references like this. (sorry for such a long comment but I'm obsessed with this case hahah. hope I cleared something out!)

  11. sad suicide

    Check out my music

  12. ari _thenerd

    💗This is my favorite song from nicole in her new album 💗

  13. Kristen Carr

    This song really fucks with my anxiety but I love it sm 😂

  14. Karren Owens

    GOD THIS IS MY FAV SONG BY FAR ((from her new stuff))

  15. Mechanich

    seni seviyorum rabia..

  16. Ariele santos

    Música nova 😍😍😍😍

  17. Obama Care

    This songs kinda reminds me of lil peep, rip :(

    Vi Merveilles

    Don't insult Nicole like this

    Halcyon Clay

    Vi Merveilles she liked lil peep? you're insulting her now. genius

    Karren Owens

    How tho


    Spaghetti O's crying in the club rn :(

    Obama Care

    @Karren Owens definitely the vibe the song gives off, the melody and some of the lyrics

  18. Charlee Johnson

    Such a beautiful video I love the editing 💔

    crying TM

    Aw your one of the few people i see in nicoles music comment section and it makes me happy

  19. China Acosta

    This song reminds me of Harley Quinn for some reason.

    the void

    Now that I think about it, it kinda does in a way.

    borderline redhead

    That's pretty accurate, actually!

  20. fxckmelxveme

    "Mi bebé."

    _Mi bebé, todo de negro usa_
    _Dice que hará una carroza fúnebre_
    _De este Cadillac_

    _Dice que lo llevaré_
    _A una tumba temprana por todos los_
    _Problemas que le ocasiono a él_

    _Mi bebé dice que me ama pero sé_
    _Que no le importaría si nos mata tanto a mí como a él_

    _Mi bebé, todo de negro usa_
    _Dice que ambos morimos en las entrañas_
    _De cada sueño que le surja_

    _Él dice que nos ha visto en la carretera_
    _Que el auto estaba humeando y que yo estaba_
    _Tratando de sacar sus dientes_
    _De su garganta_

    _Mi bebé dice que me ama pero sé_
    _Que no le importaría si nos mata tanto a mí como a él._

  21. oceanbliss

    i love her aesthetic


    Same! Does it have a name, or?

    ari _thenerd

    oceanbliss same❤❤❤❤😍


    Shogako I like think it’s a pastel/adorable grunge aesthetic

    zoe hatsune

    Shogako angelcore/traumacore

    Roxanne Alexandra


    i think its some type of pastel goth or dark lolita but some people says it’s traumacore and i personally think thats the best way to describe it

  22. ominous field of orbs

    it’s @rowenbandley!!! i love these visuals! wouldn’t have had any other nicole fan make thisssss


    rowen elizabeth hello omg!

  23. catita comunica

    ah ctm mí despecho 💧

  24. elmedic

    cool to see i'm not the only one who immediately made a lyric video for one of nicole's new songs

    juliette fleck

    elmedic I’ve watched both of y’all’s videos multiple times