Dollanganger, Nicole - Lemonade Lyrics

I've been home all day
My husband's gone
They all say
He's got a girl on the side
While I stay home all day

So I make lemonade
Put on a dress and I go lay
Out in the day room
And I wait for you
To come on over
And give it to me

In the backyard full
Of dying flowers
In the kitchen on the
Pale pink counter
Give you a lap dance
Outside in a lawn chair
Drinking lemonade and
Playing with my hair

I've been home all day
My husband's gone
Don't need to worry
Take you upstairs
To the swan bed
Let you fuck me
Hard as you can

The next time he kisses me
I want him to taste red ruby lips
And the love we made
And the lemonade
So come on over
And give it to me

In the backyard full
Of dying flowers
In the kitchen on the
Pale pink counter
Give you a lap dance
Outside in a lawn chair
Drinking lemonade and
Playing with my hair

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Dollanganger, Nicole Lemonade Comments
  1. Agustina Mansur

    And here i thought Nicole was a lesbian for shooting videos like this with girls 😂😂😂 in "Heart shaped bed" and in "Lacrymaria olor".

  2. -boba-

    3:32 and 4:08 are two of my favorite music video shots ever. they’re so dramatic and really add emotional value to the video, and give the viewer a really devastated feeling

  3. Serena Marie

    this song makes me feel hard hard feelings... i want to kiss and love you so so much but youre breaking my heart

  4. MillionDollarMagic

    you look like sherri moon zombie in this nicole! :)

  5. Mel Reis

    eu só consigo pensar no meu daddy quando escuto essa música, e que eu nunca vou ter ele do meu lado do jeito que eu quero....

  6. Le Lo

    Ultraviolence sounds different than I remember

  7. Ma Sato

    Imagine hearing this song the first time when you are wandering in the woods at night

  8. upintheclouds

    she’s so underrated it’s insane

  9. SojaMilkSubs

    It sounds a bit like shrek “fairytale”song lol

  10. Flower Child

    This song is a masterpiece, I could totally see this in a soundtrack of a movie <33

  11. Kley oliveira

    Come to brazil please nicole

  12. Mischa

    be right back crying

  13. ganondorfchampin

    This is both heavy and soft at the same time.

  14. Ronielson Motta

    Brazil loves! 🖤

  15. Nanda Cry Baby

    Amo, parece um anjo cantando👼✨

  16. Salad Floof

    Reee please come back Nicoleeeee

  17. spooky snake

    i love you


    happy birthday lemonade

  19. eden

    i wish she did a mv for lacrymaria olor :( <3

  20. Lethal Vanity


  21. Knight2071

    I haven’t listened to this song in so long and im happy to see she made a MV for this song :))

  22. Angelbaby 5506

    Moaning Myrtle?

  23. Cobra Llama

    When it reaches 03:31, switch to 0.50x speed and prepare to be slowly crushed into a bloody pulp.

  24. Le Chat Noir

    Omg, i love it

  25. Wendy Sulca fans


  26. Carly Klein

    ive fallen in love with this updated version of the song ;u; such small changed but I totally noticed after listening to the original Lemonade for years

  27. MTX157

    Nicole is much more beautiful than Maisie Williams.

    I made the admission that women cannot sing whilst listening to Anal Cunt...Nicole is better than "women".

    Salad Floof

    MTX157 why do you exist


    @Salad Floof Wait...I do??

  28. jbarnesiii88

    Who plays the piano? They are the perfect match to Nicole if it is not her (or is). And for more than this song.

  29. Annaa Idekijustloveyoutube

    ya know.... im scared to play this around my friends but i fucking loveee her


    same for me, i want to show nicole's music to my friends but im scared to lol

    Salad Floof

    Maybe that’s why she’s not as popular as she deserves, people are just to scared to share her xDD

  30. Driago4

    Damn love can get crazy! 😂 man that tub scene.. Definitely couldn't skip this

  31. Kid vanish

    I thought this was a Romance movie

  32. Richard Miller

    Tiny voice. Just no

  33. Klaus Werner

    More Heinz Ketchup.

  34. Collin Ellis-Rickard

    My girlfriend uses this song as reasoning for her cheating on me. Says it explains a lot. I mean, I guess? Loyalties pretty hard to find nowadays, that's for sure. But still never give up on love...

    Collin Ellis-Rickard

    Ended an 8-year relationship relationship to be with someone she's known for a week because she'd rather pretend to be something she's not with someone who knows nothing about her.

    how ie

    Collin Ellis-Rickard that’s pretty fucked up but she sounds like she’s got some serious problems if she thinks she can just justify her actions with this song, you dodged a bullet, dude. i know you’re hurting now but you totally deserve better, and it’s nice that you still believe in love, i’m sure that right person is out there for you to meet someday, good luck <3

  35. tuesday

    The end is beyond creepy to me because I can't get the picture of Bianca Devin's bloody body out of my mind. Chilling as fuck!


    tuesday me neither :((


    @mxxnlight, just knowing Bianca was coming from this artists' concert before she was slaughtered adds to the level of creepiness.


    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Nicole Dollaganger's music was in anyway influential. It just seems like so much darkness, despair and destruction. Ya know?


    tuesday yes i totally understand. it gives off really horrifying vibes because after her concert, bianca was murdered. its really scary.


    @mxxnlight, exactly. Very sad indeed ...❤️

  36. Teon

    What the fuck is this, man

  37. xnicox

    i am so in love it's almost absurd

  38. Tarsha Micola Von Furstenrecht

    awh wow this is amazing

  39. toby Golding

    rip Bianca Devons girl stop being Demons

  40. Lucas R

    This should have 1 million views already

  41. jeresaws


  42. Jess Rosenfeldt

    Husband cheats
    Wife finds love
    Lover kills husband

    That's what this song makes me think of

  43. Naua Ku


  44. candidfellow

    Only know this little known Nicole because of Beyondka


    candidfellow *bianca

  45. Veda Slayton

    Dark music puts you in a dark place!! Nothing spiritual and uplifting in her sick, twisted, perverted world!! Satanic!!

    Veda Slayton

    @StingrayDude15 Music for people with dark souls!!

    madeline dollanganger

    O fuck off with your religious ass pushing your beliefs on others. News flash mate, no one gives a shit about what you deem satanic. Satanism is actually one of the most peaceful religions, think about that next time you use satanic as an insult


    Veda Slayton ew imagine bringing religion into a SONG lmaooo

    Veda Slayton

    @mxxnlight Enjoy your short time time on Earth supporting evil culture. When your time's up, you'll see your ignorance!!


    Veda Slayton evil culture?? religion is bullshit xx 🤡

  46. Joey Clemenza

    not exactly the music that would make you want to kill your girlfriend.

  47. Stephen Morrissey

    generation is fvck3d

  48. mxxnlight

    bianca loved you. rip bianca devins :(


    R.I.P Bianca ❤️

    Laila James-dillard

    Who's bianca?


    Laila James-dillard she was a 17 year old girl who was murdered outside of this girl’s concert

    Laila James-dillard

    @mxxnlight oh my god. That's so horrible... nicole must've felt like shit.. RIP Bianca

    The Queen Of The Absols

    @Laila James-dillard her murderer had the audacity to plead "not guilty", too

  49. niitchi

    ok nicole, but where are the other videos?? im desperate for a tammy faye one

  50. Thornsydeup

    I've been listening to you for about A year now. I work on my art and play all your albums. It's...perfect really. Been a huge fan of Amanda Palmer since 2004. Not that you have the same sound, but lyrically, there's quite A few moments where I can tell you are straight up writing from the heart. She does as well. I absolutely respect the hell out of that.

  51. Kansas

    Not impressed by the song, but IN LOVE with the video and visuals


    The song is a million times better than the visuals. You have to understand the song in order to understand the MV in these situations.


    Kleki personally I disagree


    @Kansas this isn't a opinion lmfao, you have to understand this song in order to understand the visuals.


    Kleki as was previously stated, I personally don’t like the song. I didn’t say I don’t understand it, I do, but again, I LIKE the visuals and NOT the song lmao.

  52. Erika Lopez

    Hermoso 😍😘

  53. Krystofer Belknap

    That dude looks like handsome squidward

  54. HomeboyHomegrown


  55. Paul Martins

    Angelic voice and excellent artistic scene representing the storyline but supporting revenge and infidelity -a rising norm in this ugly recent world. Come LORD Jesus Christ.

  56. Lua


  57. Julia Reis

    Essa menina fode meu psicologico 💔

  58. Blonde Ambition

    The very first song of hers I heard was “Chapel” and the only reason I heard it was because it played on The Walking Dead- but man did I fall in love, her voice is incredibly unique- it’s got this angelic and melancholic tune to it like she sounds like nature

  59. Casanova

    love u, nicole

  60. General Apeshit

    Is this song about piss?

  61. Snoo Lee

    too much reverb, chickster. hire a real producer


    That's the point headass

  62. Spillled Milllk

    Lol, my dad watched this cuz he wanted to know what kind of music i listen to 🙃

  63. sergia cascabel

    did this was part of shrek's soundtrack ?

    madeline dollanganger

    We wish

    seems legit

    Lmao the melody sounds a lot like Hallejuah

  64. Michael Burks

    The whole time I was like holy fuck she’s got Justice Tripp from trapped under ice and angel du$t in this video

  65. André Villegas

    152k people have listened to this which means that 152k people know what it feels like to wanna blast this everywhere you go but can’t bc everyone you know likes fast music


    André Villegas i blast this with no remorse 😂😂

  66. Camise Reed

    When life gives you lemons....

  67. tacocatTACOCAT

    Nicole's background in studying film really shines here, I'd love to see a behind the scenes video about how this was made, like what inspired the story, idk. Nicole is just a really fascinating person and she is so secretive, I want to know what her creative process is.

  68. Thaís Ferreira

    it could be only angels have wigs**

  69. Magno hustle

    Esta canción debería tener millones de vistas😞

  70. Ethan

    Those guitar riffs at the end 😍😍😍

  71. jane

    the blue filter reminds me of twilight

  72. monika :3

    Shes Jesus, actually Jesus.

  73. Jordan Auker

    Men w/ profile pics of them holding rifles x

  74. The Slithery Sylvie

    I just discovered your music a week ago, and in that time have listened to all of your records. Your music is a treasure! The imagery your lyrics conjure captures so many emotions. Your work makes me think of "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" "Flowers In The Attic" "Baby Doll" and other great films. Your songs weave the beautiful and grotesque into a irresistible tapestry. Thank you for sharing your art with the world ❤️

    madeline dollanganger

    Her stage name was actually inspired by flowers in the attic! She also has a quote from the book tattooed on her ribs!

  75. Marcos Paulo

    Que música maravilhosa ❤️

  76. Kourtney Moon

    As soon as I saw the first few shots I was just waiting for some shit to get dark af. Nicole never disappoints. Love. Also, she’s gorgeous brunette and blonde. Love those eyes. 😍

  77. StrafeModz

    she is afraid of eating


    She is (still is very skinny)/was anorexic. So I guess you really aren't wrong.


    @Kk-Skiies if she has sex her body will snap

    Black Tea Widow

    StrafeModz ew, what’s wrong with you? Seeing someone sickly and just thinking of them having sex, yikes. Must be sad being that primal, even dogs are better


    disgusting pig

  78. Im not cute 707

    I prefer the old ver. more but this is also beautiful <3333

  79. fuhrer angel

    ♡ I always love her ♡

  80. Amy

    This song and video remind me of The Countess from American Horror Story: Hotel

  81. poontang3zizo

    The end has a strong Neon Demon vibe. I dig it

  82. sally Aguirre

    Shes so beautiful!

  83. Charon Blanco

    Como toca tu voz , tus letras, la forma que lo cantas es sublime ❤

  84. Laura Rocio Nuñez González

    Nicole es súper bellísima :')
    Me encanta su música tan profunda !💖

  85. Sanic is here


  86. roses.

    This is very beautiful ❤️

  87. Piro Nesia

    Duuude i like his tats

  88. Kleki


  89. Any Hudson

    Better than melany Martínez
    Because Martínez It is a ridiculous clown.


    Wow. Extremely unnecessary.




    Any Hudson absolutely wrong but okay


    Any Hudson i love both Melanie and Nicole if they made a collab that would be GODLY, but Melanie isnt a " ridiculous clown " Melanie is a artist.

  90. Dylan Mirren

    Director: How much blood you want?

    Nicole: Yes

  91. MOGIŁA 666

    Вашу мать, гениально)

  92. I Gusti Ngurah Zena Sudiatmika

    I Love this stuff

  93. Snowy AJ


  94. skylar lee