Dollanganger, Nicole - Alligator Blood Lyrics

Drinking a cup of alligator blood
Tastes like the heads and feet we'd see
For sale at the local pawn
We'd make necklaces out of
I'd wear them round my neck
I'm a sucker for the love of the flesh
All things rancid and delicate
But the smell in the summer heat
It still gets to me

Knee-deep in the poacher's dream
He dragged that thing out back and he
Hung it upside down and slit its belly open
And then he let it bleed out
He held my head and made me watch
Filled my mouth up with its blood and said
"Grow up weak or grow up tough"

Playing in the swamp of alligator blood
Behind our house in the marshy lawn
He'd always hold my head
Under the water a little too long
'Cause he wanted me to be all guts no glory
"All survivor, no guilt" he said
But he calls me his crocodile tears
While I'm chained up to the bed

When I was done - wiped my mouth on his sleeve
I fucked the soul of the south but it crucified me

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Dollanganger, Nicole Alligator Blood Comments
  1. Elitecabela

    I wish she would do more music like this; A heavy, harsh backing track emphasized by her angelic voice. If anyone knows any more songs like this (not by her), I’d love to hear 🥺

  2. black honey

    This song reminds me of my ex. they raped me and I still can't forget them. I'm not going to the police since we're rather young but this song just explains exactly how I feel. the lyrics are exactly how I feeling right now.

    fuck you Max.

    біологічна небезпека

    Honey please for the love of god report it to the police. You deserve justice, and it would be awful to let a rapist free

  3. Katie

    My interpretation is it's about a father and son. The father going too far, abusing his son so he'll grow up to be a tough guy.

  4. So Remi

    "But he calls me his crocodile tears while im chained up to the bed"


  5. Totally Not The One

    Misty Day

  6. Ana

    Thinking of gettin “all guts no glory, all survivor no guilt “ tattooed on me. Thoughts?


    Zack the comment is fairly old so there's a good chance they already have it


    @Tokki joke
    a thing that someone says to cause amusement or laughter, especially a story with a funny punchline.


    @Zack You could've just said r/wooooosh. Don't have to be wrongly specific about it


    @mambam yikes

    Reese Sanchez

    Go for it dude!

  7. audrey walker

    Does anyone have chords or tabs?

  8. Mark Zuckerberg

    I love this song. I know everyone has different interpretations of it, but for me it reminds me of child abuse and domestic violence happening in front of the child and the child growing up around it and it sadly being “normal” for them.


    Mark Zuckerberg it reminds me a lot of my father, who was very abusive, so yes, I can see that too


    This was really great interpretation of the song but all I can focus on was your name


    Ash you fucked your dad? At the end it says I fucked the south lol


    thanks mark zuckerberg

  9. Lee BandFan

    Hey, can anyone tell me the meaning of this??? I've been digging everywhere for someone's thoughts or opinions because this hit me hard and damn I really want to know

    my fuckin' legacy

    I feel like it's about an abusive relationship and that, no matter what the narrator does to love and support their partner, they always end up hurting each other. The partner more than the narrator. The outro really sums it up for me. "when I was done/wiped my mouth on his sleeve/I fucked the soul of the south but it crucified me." It just seems as if the narrator is trying and trying to get the relationship to work, but in the end, they know with all their heart that it can't and won't work out. But they still stay together because they know that they're all they have.

    Laila James

    nygmobblepot I really like your take on it ,my friend read the lyrics and somehow thought it was about an abusive relationship between the girl and her FATHER he said that's all he could imagine because his dad and him used to hunt and that's how they would do it (less goresome of course) and from 'I fu**ed the soul of the South but it crucified me and he always associates southern folks with incest (kinda racist but whatever ) anyway I like your take a lot more than his


    I feel like it's about someone who was raised to grow up "tough" by one of their parents by treating them harshly and not providing them with a lot of love. Looking back they're disappointed in their childhood and are reflecting on how it affected them as a person.

  10. Starsoullove

    This isn't Bring Me The Horizon. How did I get here? I don't care I love it.


    Mady Mouse the same

    Alan Godoy

    All BMTH members had a "Natural Born Losers" tattoo actually.

    Stupid Slut

    No not even close

  11. Lillie Macaroni

    That final line...


    Lillie Macaroni damn. Her lyrics are just fuckin' amazing and beautiful


    Lillie Macaroni what about it?

  12. 1909Ghost

    i like this