Doll Skin - Mark My Words Lyrics

I was born into this
Won't hesitate to use my fists
Break the cuffs around my wrists
I have waited here for months
To get the nerve to give you what
You deserve for what you've done

I always get my revenge
I'll come out on top in the end
Mark my words
It's never been fair, you favored the boy
That played me and used me as a toy
Mark my words
The needle goes in, the ink on your skin
That will remind you of the hell that I've been living in

Memories colder than ice
Now they'll freeze my lungs tonight
Motivation that won't sink
You have broken both my legs
But I've got malice in my veins
So mighty that it governs me

I always get my revenge
I'll come out on top in the end
Mark my words
It's never been fair, you favored the boy
That played me and used me as a toy
Mark my words
The blade goes in, the song on your skin
That will remind you of the hell that I've been living in

I always get my revenge
I'll come out on top in the end

It's never been fair, you favor the boy
That played me and used me as a toy

Mark my words
The needle goes in, the ink on your skin
I'll make you wish you never spoke my name
Mark my words
The blade goes in, the song on your skin
That will remind you of the hell that I've been living in
That will remind you of the hell that I've been living in

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Doll Skin Mark My Words Comments
  1. Lucy Birnbaum

    This is a bop

  2. Aizat Nazri

    Sedap nokharom

  3. Andres Hidalgo

    ( . ) ( . )

  4. TheDemonslayer917

    Love it ladies! Keep it up! 🤘

  5. Mia Mac

    I know the drummer Megan in this band she is so amazing I love her!

  6. Jonathan Lane

    Can't wait to see these rockstars in Philly next month! \m/

  7. sophia

    i’ve silently struggled with my gender for a while now, part of the issue being the lack of women in the punk/rock scene. it’s hard to find yourself when your idols are all male, as i’m sure others can attest to. however, having this band to look up to makes it a bit smoother 🥰

  8. Anny B

    The Craft meets Pop Punk. Nice :)

  9. Skwid 11

    Rock on girls! 💪

  10. Joshua Larouche

    Sydney has one hell of a voice!

  11. Hales Rymel


  12. Rinky Dink

    First impression yeah it's decent but man that absurdly talented vocalist really takes over the show.

  13. Logan Wilcox

    2:04 and boom demonetized

  14. Matthew Estrada

    Sydney is so cute 😍😍

  15. Matthew Estrada

    89 dislikes??

  16. snailcore pistolwhippits

    Vice called this band the future.
    Kinda sounds like Paramore tho.

  17. Avenue Teal

    Men (especially Sydney's boyfriend), let this be a warning NOT to piss off Sydney. Or any girlfriend you consider psycho.

    Sydney Dolezal

    Neon Dreamer >:-)

    Avenue Teal

    @Sydney Dolezal is this the real deal? Meaning are you really Sydney or just someone who decided to name their channel after her? I say that because some people actually do that.

    Sydney Dolezal

    Neon Dreamer yes it is me

    Avenue Teal

    @Sydney Dolezal SO COOL!

  18. Ziggykat 06

    I think I’ve found a new favourite band, the bassline in this song is sick!

  19. Armonía Joachim

    I love the Hex Girls! 😂

  20. alejandro vargas aguilar

    so this is the remake of the craft? love it. seriously, great for you girls, it is a cool song and all you have a great future

  21. Carrot and Peas

    I saw Doll Skin in concert last night, they were one of Newfound Glory's opening acts, this is awesome! Saw this song live haha.😆

  22. spudbrain

    Im so fucking horny for art hoes. I want to fuck a coked-out tumblr hipster DIY aesthetic astrology thot in her lip gloss DSL mouth. I want to cum all over a girl with thick frame glasses and edge dyed bobcut bangs. Everytime I hear a THICK, waist-high-jean-clad braindead slutty wiccan minx say "yikes," "y'all," "big mood," "this is a bop," or "gay disaster" I get an uncontrollable urge to run up to her and fondle her d cups and sweaty thighs. I want to pour ropes onto their contoured cheeks and neotenous faces and rhinoplastized nose. I want to finger an art hoe thru her jean overalls while pretending to be interested while she talks about van gogh and arctic monkeys and how david foster wallace fans suck and gilles deleuze and VICE news and 'union pool' in williamsburg and steven universe and homeopathy and saveur magazine and taking adderall to pass exams. IM SO. FUCKING. HORNY

  23. I Scream Is Cool

    Isnt it ironical that the next song is three days grace i hate everything about you ?
    Same fucking opening voice notes

  24. happies1881

    New album tomorrow.

  25. Rob

    Your writing is so good. The music is great!

  26. Bash the Fash

    Kinda reminds me of r/WitchesVsPatriarchy for some reason

  27. Lana

    They're so underrated :(

  28. Pastel Hot Mess

    I'm so glad their getting recognized

  29. Pastel Hot Mess

    They look so good

  30. l a u r a

    Who te fuck disliked this?!

  31. Todd Moore

    These young ladies are the real deal. They kick serious butt and they are a great live band as well!

  32. lowkey craving death

    waterparks and doll skin on hopeless? iconic

    Pastel Hot Mess

    Angst Central right here

  33. patrick zelechowski

    So stocked to see them with @TrashBoatUK

  34. kylerawks10

    entertaining! love it

  35. Gabriella Dashkovitz

    LOVE THESE GIRLS SO MUCH!! I’ve been following them since they came out! So amazing to see how far they have come!!

  36. happies1881

    New album in June: "Love Is Dead And We Killed Her".

  37. Badkittymia meow


  38. Nata

    wow this is great! super excited to see more

  39. Astra English

    Video makers: so how much witchcraft do you want in this video?
    Dollskin: y e s

  40. lgbtchuu

    Wow I haven’t listened to something that goes this hard in like over a year but this is so good oh wow

  41. Linda Birnbaum

    Woah I didn't know them before and I'm so glad I found them now because they're just so talented and cool!!!

  42. What Ever

    I’m obsessed with this song. Sydney’s vocals are amazing and something about it reminds me of seeing them live.

  43. Mariah Potter

    I love (1) band

  44. Aliyah English

    Love DS so much!! So proud of them for signing to Hopeless!!

  45. izzy llanio

    hi ily guys so much i actually met you at warped and i got so nervous i couldn’t talk and then i cried lol

  46. katie lynn

    cant wait to see yall live !!

  47. Emma Gibson

    THIS SONG IS PERFECTION. ready for the new album! Keep on rockin ladies! Was a pleasure hearing you when I was working Warped Tour and meeting you on the last day. This song is so relatable on multiple levels!!!

  48. Ana Sofi Peña


  49. Pat attack

    This shit bops good job girls! 😍

  50. Stop_My_Pulse

    <3 in love with this song

  51. Moldy Hammer

    watched it as soon as it came out :) 💕

  52. s. litten


  53. Liz Escobedo

    :) hi Sydney 😁

  54. Emma Sifton

    These girls are amazing! So inspirational 🖤

  55. Honey Bee

    They are amazing. I saw them in Dover, uk supporting for creeper. They are so talented.

  56. Oliver_the_Loser

    YAS I love this so much!

  57. Shawnzz IzaÛnicorn


  58. kinley

    i’ve been listening to this so much the last few days, soooo underrated!! i’m predicting y’all will blow up soon.

  59. Ronnie Carney

    Pretty awesome...

  60. Inaya Parker

    ahHHhHH Doll Skin got signed, im so happy for them!!! this album is gonna pop the fuck off

  61. sam charlie

    Im so glad I went to this warped tour they first played on like accident i guess a band didnt show up or something so they came to play and are AMAZING I LOVEEE these girls i cant wait to see them again 😍😍

    Elias Huomala

    did you see them in 2017? if so I was there too

    sam charlie

    @Elias Huomala YES 😍😍

  62. Kimberly killjoy

    ive been stanning since 2016 ahhh can't w8 for their future

  63. Richard Piscitello

    I KNEW YOU WERE GOING TO BE HUUUUUGE! This is just the beginning!!! Mark My Words. :)

  64. J.D.C

    saw them at warped...THE FUTURE IS THIS GROUP

  65. Julia Rossi

    Icons 😍😍

  66. stella

    Is it 2008? eyes set to kill who? yikes

  67. Eyes Closed Blog

    LOVE this!! These girls deserve all the success in the world. Did the most hilarious interview with them! 🌹😍

  68. Tim Munson

    This song has that Good Charlotte vibe

  69. Saphira

    I discovered you right now and i'm soooo in love <3

  70. Jazzy Zack

    This is going to be another amazing album!!!

  71. real real

    doll skin sign in hopeless records now???  omg this is a great news!!!!

  72. Shadow_ Playz

    Sounds excellent, I seen them at Warped 2018 and they killed it can’t wait to see them with New Found Glory in June. And so glad to see you gals with Hopeless Records you gals deserve it

  73. Dante Doucet


  74. Mya Tolliver

    Sydney's vocals have improved so much since their past releases this is insanely good ahh im so happy!

  75. FNTM

    This is dope!

  76. Victor Blas

    This is amazing, love the new song!!!

  77. RedCatharsis


  78. Kenneth Mckinley


  79. Oliver Aton

    I like it

  80. Kori Kreepz

    Pleeeaaseee come to Moncton, New Brunswick in Canada someday, we have a really big cool music scene here I'm sure many people would come to see you, I know I'd love to!! Keep up the great fuckin work, your music is rad as hell 🤘🖤

  81. JR Mckeon


  82. Brooke Delay

    I can’t help but feel like a proud mom ❤️😂

  83. Derrick Schneider

    Amazing 😍😍😍😍👌!!