Dolby, Thomas - Valley Of The Mind's Eye Lyrics

Ma chère Josephine
Que le monde a changé depuis ma derniere lettre
Ainsi ce soir je prends ma plume
Non pas pour me merveiller
Sur l'epoque ou nous vivons
Mais pour declarer l'amour
Qui est dans mon coeur

If a song was a road
I would ride through the night to you
There's a moon on the rise
And I'm drawn on the tide to you
And I will be with you
And I will stay with you
And I will dream with you
If you need me to
Anytime, anywhere
In a corner of your mind's eye

Planets will cool, Josie
Tyrants will rule, Josie
I will be here for you
Oceans divide, Josie
Stars will collide, Josie
Nations will rise and fall
And never see the world through these eyes

Dreams of falling - dreams of flying
A man who never dreams goes slowly mad
The dawn of science, the age of reason
This is the voyage of the mind's eye

And I will be with you
I will stay with you
And I will dream with you
If you need me to
Anytime, anywhere
In a corner of your mind's eye
In a corner of your mind's eye

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Dolby, Thomas Valley Of The Mind's Eye Comments
  1. UFO


  2. Sam Baroglio

    One man's quest to be gay enough to create a story that the devil himself couldn't replicate, because he didn't know how - grandfathered in through countless artificial echoes of the same tale, the original mark never able to be erased. Until it got to me.
    It's not the hampster - you're looking for a grave that's buried way, way deeper down.

  3. Dan Star

    "Dreams of falling - dreams of flying.
    a man who never dreams goes slowly mad.
    The dawn of science, the age of reason.
    This is the voyage of the mind's eye."

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  4. M.D. Jolley

    Listened to this song back in the 90s where it stuck in my head for a long time. Just recently dusted off the CD and played this song... Now its seriously stuck in my head and every day I wake up hearing it in my mind... Dolby must have put something subliminal in this...damn you! Great song.

  5. Eugene Manakov

    Oh maaaan... I was a kid when I watching this on vhs for the first time. Incredible feelings

  6. Jim Ballard

    One of his best compositions, such an amazing, beautiful love song.

  7. king of the universe

    I listen to it really often: one of the best love songs I ever heard!

  8. Elvin Harris

    Many many years ago I picked up this album on a whim maybe it was a cover that caught my eye I was totally mesmerized by the whole album particularly this song I hadn't realized what an amazing artist Thomas Dolby was the way he mixed science and the art of music and videos was truly genius

  9. Jamie Brown

    Es bonito

  10. Still * Standing

    Many ppl say they remember this as a child. I didn't have the pleasure but I'm so glad I came across the Minds Eye series in 2018. This song is my absolute favorite even the cgi.. thanks for the upload


    How'd you discover it?

  11. Jack Dragon

    "A mind that never dreams, goes slowly mad"

  12. Beth Perry

    This song is so sultry, so seductive...just delicious!!!

  13. Will Mason

    First time hearing this song. I heard Thomas Dolby in high school (blinded by science). This song is amazing....

  14. Brynn Kennedy

    I remember seeing the Mind's Eye trilogy on PBS as a teenager back in the Nineties, and this song always stayed with me. It's so lovely, and I'm glad to be able to hear it whenever I please, now.


    I totally have the same feelings. Awesome song!!!!

  15. Mark Curry

    I remember watching this as a kid, my dad bought it at RadioShack

  16. padams24

    Uploaded this about 10 years ago, a straight transfer from the VHS, even though the CGI is very dated now by today's standards, it would be nice to see a remastered Blu Ray

  17. Kridkorn Tangthanasirikul

    With this song, also fitted for me to think of the moments about the castle (Resident Evil 4)

  18. Stephen Hannah

    Nice wee song always thought he was off the wall loved wind power.

  19. Coffee Cat

    Always one of my favorite songs from the Mind's Eye videos.


    Coffee Cat: Yes, mine too. A great song with great lyrics, and from a great series! Yet this will also stand on its own as a great music video. 😊

  20. Sam Baroglio

    The war may rage on, but the music will always be good.

  21. Melody Pope

    I literally have the opening line of this song tattooed on my collarbone


    +Melody Pope sounds like  very good idea

    Anya Michelle

    I got the bridge of this song tattooed on my shoulder a few months agooo :)))

  22. Christina Rae Martinez

    If a song was a road
    I would ride through the night to you
    there s a moon on the rise
    and I m drawn on the tide to you.
    And I will be with you
    and I will stay with you
    and I will dream with you
    if you need me too
    anytime, anywhere
    in a corner of your mind s eye...<3


    +Christina Rae Martinez get it

    Jordan Cacioppo

    @jrock714 the lyrics?... lol

  23. Christina Rae Martinez


  24. David Carranza Sr


  25. Sandalphon9

    Best video ever and only crappy versions of it on YouTube.

  26. Sandalphon9


  27. Kevin D

    I have not heard this song in ages. A lost classic. Thanks for posting. 

  28. maya kuftin

    I fell in love with these

  29. MySkippyJones


  30. MySkippyJones

    Actually I have had this CD since 1998 and the VHS version around the same time. still love it to this day

  31. Mr Wolf

    Hi i have this dvd in mint condition also i have some for sale a copy each for $15
    PM if you are interested.

  32. Glitcher2000

    Replying to a five year-old comment? I downloaded all the The Mind's Eye series last decade. Thanks anyway. :p

  33. Aeoncalcos91

    Just type in The Mind's Eye Creation and you should find the ones that you're looking for.

  34. jrock714

    i have this on vhs. one of dolby's absolute finest.

  35. googleisaspy

    The words in French translated to English -
    My dearest Josephine,How the world has changed since last I wrote.
    So tonight I take up my pen,
    not to marvel
    at these wondrous times,
    but to declare the love
    that is in my heart.

  36. googleisaspy

    This was a CD and a DVD he relaeased at the end of o6' - beginning of 07' - "Sole Inhabitant Tour 2006". He is still active in the music biz and you can read up on him on wikipedia.

  37. lowsun

    Amen. I believe I first saw this when I was about 10 or so...and I was totally captivated by it, even though my comprehension of it was totally different to how it is now. It definitely makes a lot more sense now, and I understand it better. Back then, it was just pretty music and beautiful images. Today, I love it even more. What an amazing piece of work.

  38. lowsun

    "There's a moon on the rise*..."

    Probably the two most romantic lines I've ever heard in any song. What a great way to put ideas together. I love it.

  39. TheReapersSon

    I have this album in 192kbps on Soulseek. If you haven't found it yet, I can give it to you.

  40. googleisaspy

    I first saw this video over a decade ago - and it was so transcendant it changed my life forever. I will never forget the song or the effect it has made - so few things in life have ever touched me so closely. I advise to anyone to watch The Gate To The Mind's Eye

  41. Scott Louis

    Oh, anyone who gets what I was talking about is awesome in my book!

  42. Liz Elliott

    LOL, hadn't thought of that! Yeah, it could be, although I actually was speaking French as opposed to Latin. :)

  43. Scott Louis

    LOL so is that a reference to Air head?

  44. flashchrome

    This is a great tune. I am, however, disapointed in the DVD that came out a few years back. Have had and still have the laser disc of this masterpiece and I can't say the DVD compares very well. Still a great soundtrack and a great movie.

  45. Gargle Flatblatter

    That's the one. I bought the DVD not long after seeing this. The animation is quite dated, but who cares, I didn't buy it for that. There are a lot of memories and feelings I'd forgotten that it brought back to me so it was well worth it.

  46. jonnyloppy

    was that the `gate to the minds eye` ? i have it on video somehwere.

  47. Cyfyr

    Reminiscing of a special girl now.. seems so long ago, far away, but still very close....

  48. Gargle Flatblatter

    Me too, I stayed up late to watch a television series about computer animation and recorded this whole show. I didn't expect it to, but it touched me as a young lad and even now when I hear it I'm back at that time listening to it enraptured. It's such an amazing song and the video goes so well with it.

  49. Robert Sharp

    got this song on my of the best!

  50. Starcatcher

    Oh, the beautiful memories this brings back! I used to watch this all the time when I was a kid and I really felt like I was in another world. Even today, I'm so not there when I listen to that song...
    Since my first language is french, the beginning always makes me smile: "Ma chère Joséphine, que le monde a changé depuis ma dernière lettre..."

  51. David Rodriguez

    This was a favorite song which I dedicate to Sandie

  52. Nilysil

    How could the VHS be worn out> My family's Original Mind's eye, Beyond the Mind's eye, and Gate to the Mind's eye all work 100% perfectly. Maybe my family is just lucky I guess.

  53. Tim Samuels

    awesome song in its own. i wonder if this ever hit the airwaves

  54. veniusanded


  55. Stealth banning and comment ghosting is despicable

    Thanks! Pretty good video and audio quality!

  56. Liz Elliott

    I memorised the whole letter to Josephine and took great pleasure in reciting it to people who then said 'oh, you speak French!' Tee hee. Those were the days. :)

  57. googleisaspy

    I have this movie - one of my favorites since forever.
    Thank You for Sharing!

  58. AlbertoHernandez

    i rmemebr thinking wow look how real this looks LOl now things are alot diff

  59. Jasmine Archer

    I love this one, it's the most romantic song from the series. Gotta love it.

  60. Pikmin2468

    I like this one. Upload all the ones from the Gate!

  61. JanciB

    I have only The Gate to the Mind's Eye.

  62. Glitcher2000

    Thanks for uploading another clip from this excellent series, JanciB. You wouldn't happen to have the original Mind's Eye, would you? I'd love to see some tracks from that video.


    I still have my dvd copy