Dolby, Thomas - N.E.O. Lyrics

Near Earth Object
A solid body whose orbit lies within the orbit of Mars
Moons Asteroids. Meteorites
And human debris
You can see a meteorite almost any night
Go out to the desert
You might find a piece
They are pieces of stars
Same as you and me
They have travelled through space for thousands of years

Perhaps you will get lucky
But you will never find a piece of Soyuz
Or Sputnik or Apollo 9
They are still out there
They are very faint
And the pollution in earths atmosphere
Washes out their pale light

Floating without air, without light
Or else - charred on the re-entry
They are still out there floating
Within the orbit of Mars.

Look at it this way
A river of space, a ribbon of time
Like a burial by a beaurocrat
Undercover of a cold war risk
A cloud of dust-a cloud of rubble
Spinning in space on the heels of the Hubble
A parallel, or a temporal rip
In the belly of the Cosmos
Somewhere in a hanger
A fossilized finger
Stored by the government, hidden from the press
Some young top gun s first solo
Turned out to be a N.E.O.

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Dolby, Thomas N.E.O. Comments
  1. LittleDove cole

    Me at 4 years old sitting and chanting neo neo neo neo

  2. Marion J

    Finding a bed-bug feeding upon my old & readily-accessible blood vessels gives me more Fear than Near-Earth-Objects [NEOs] ....

    FEAR is our greatest trial.

    We can find it anywhere, any time.

    Erik A

    Marion J what


    Marion J I don’t care