Dokken - Letter To Home Lyrics

Mother dear I've got to go
Find my way out in the world
Something's callin' me and I can't stay
As the leaves are fallin' down
Soon the snow upon the ground
Hope you'll understand why I can't stay

Waiting for the sun
When I start to run
Waiting for.......

Though I'm young not quite a man
I'll try and do the best I can
Duty calls my friends are all aboard
Feel the wind across my face
Standing ready all in place
On the trigger I'll become a man

Waiting for the sun

See the people falling down
Crimson colors all around
Tryin' to make it to the higher ground

Mother dear I had to go
Find my way out in the world
Sorry but I won't be coming home

Waiting for the sun

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Dokken Letter To Home Comments
  1. mihi68

    Never heard this before. Very Beatlesesqua

  2. Michael Sturgess

    Great song off of ok album

    spartan squid

    I see you made a few spelling errors, let me fix them for you.
    "Great song off of a great album."