Dokken - Haunted Lyrics

Said you were Sophia
Should have known you by another name
I tried to be a believer babe
But I sank down in your shame
Livin' on the east side I was in the west
I tried to bring my love to you
But you trashed me like the rest

I've been haunted by your love
You gave me heartbreak

Tried to be your lover tried to be your friend
Tried to take your pain away
Would have loved you to the end
But their ain't no use in cryin'
I will get along
Hope you find your happiness
In your misery and woe

And I hope you're cryin' all alone
You left me haunted by your love

And when you wake you find you're still alone
Drownin' in your tears
Will you see what you have done
When the love I had for you is gone

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Dokken Haunted Comments
  1. Misty Mangham

    I think it would be bitchin' for DOKKEN to record in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. It would be EPIC.

  2. Harold Lucas Forester

    Hot damn!