Dokken - Can You See Lyrics

It's not hard to believe
That the world isn't real
When the sun doesn't shine in your eyes
All the time
It's not hard to concede
As we cry and we bleed everyday
We just won't leave
Feel your heart stop
Still alive but you're not
So you scream that you've had enough,
Done enough, said enough

See the reflections of lives that you've changed
As you look in the mirror and try to believe
It's been hard that I know
But I could have told you so
You reap what you sow

Can you see
In my face
All these tears I saved for you
Can you see
It's not right
That our love was never real

Is it right to hold on to the words that we spoke
Even though now that feeling is gone in your eyes
It's been hard to let you go
Even though you found someone new
It's been hard to find
With no peace of mind

Can you see......

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Dokken Can You See Comments
  1. Rik Nel

    Great Album.......childish cover.

  2. Movie News

    Real, nothing is real but you by justin....

  3. Tom Layman

    I like the music on this album but not the cover. Pretty creepy. Which may be one reason sales were possibly lower than expected.

  4. Ari Inkeroinen

    Just say if i'm wrong. But i' m tending to big time for Dokken if any does so also.

  5. Ari Inkeroinen

    Nowadays, I can say, for many of tv-programs, endly this band is rising. For many years it is been under. Now it is rising up. Good band going up!

  6. Jr Sanchez

    Dokken is the best Rock band and Don voice is unique and great and George Lynch is one of the greatest guitarist and wild Mick Brown and Jeff Pilson are great!!! your Rockin with Dokken


    Jr Sanchez Jon Levin is the guitar player in this album

  7. damian jarvis

    A very underrated band

    John Doe

    What do you mean by underrated? Dokken has had multi chart topping songs, and Dokken have experienced more than one multi platinum album. They have probably sold double digit multi million albums worldwide and their guitarist is looked at as one of the best in history of rock & roll. If you want a underrated hard rock / glam metal band? Tyketto! Dokken is top of the pack in its genre very far from underrated. These later years Dokken albums aren't as good because Don Dokken sold out and attempted to change the sound(greedy), you don't change what you're good at... you can't change what made you successful because that don't pan out and you become a sellout.

    Eddie The Head

    John Doe ugh, shut up... Don't give us the "sold out" bullcrap, which he didn't even do. Their recent albums are fantastic. And yes they are pretty underrated.

    spartan squid

    @John Doe Fuck you, Lynch changes his fucking style and all you people do is compliment him but Don does it and you call him a fucking sell out. His style changed as he got older, that's it. And Dokken IS underrated, the only popular albums that went platinum are the ones Lynch played for because that's all 9/10ths of the Dokken fanbase are willing to listen to. The vast majority probably don't even know what Dokken is, and the vast majority of Dokken fans probably didn't even know this album existed because they don't care.

  8. crimson381

    the greatest dokken song

  9. PJ C

    I can relate to this song!

  10. Chris Hill


  11. Manuel Soliz

    Good track, good riff with good lyrics just like their classics.

  12. Lyle Galloway

    This is why BOSE was invented.....Can you see"''''

  13. Lyle Galloway

    I am the guy you need a new course....

  14. Lyle Galloway

    Great Album...Reflecting today...

  15. styllmusic

    This is a great song. I cant believe I missed this one.

  16. Munja717

    @XxRattxX771: it's released on July 13, 2004.