Doja Cat - Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes Lyrics

Waffles are better (Ooh...)
Waffles are better (Ooh...)

I don't eat breakfast much
But niggas look at me like I'm breakfast, lunch, and
Dinner motherfucker, makin' bread croissants
And Captain Crunch and
Eggs and lucks and
Wakin' up at seven
Just to get to work I'm eatin' Eggo's, like eleven
I don't even really wanna give the wrong impression
But he all up in my kitchen
And it look like Armageddon
He could tell it's an addiction
So I tell him my obsession
Then I fling open the fridge and ask
That nigga one question (Yeah)
'Ayy you like waffles?' (This nigga)

Waffles are better
Waffles are better (Ah, ah)
Waffles are better nigga
Waffles (Fuck pancakes)
Fuck pancakes

Waffle power
Waffle power
I could eat waffles in the shower
Make it in a heart shape or a flower
All you eat is pancakes, you're a coward
I could eat a thousand in one hour
Stack 'em all up and climb the tower
Keep your damn pancakes, waffles ours
Man, fuck pancakes, they make me sick
I mean it's like I'm eatin' donuts, it's way too thick
Kinda like my lifestyle, man, it's way too rich
I don't know why you like crepes, man, they way too thin

And I just want it crispy
That chicken on it dripping in honey
I know what you're missing
If you ain't with me then you're tripping honey

Waffles are better (Ba da da da ba da da da da)
Waffles are better (Ba da da da ba da da da da)

Fuck pancakes, they taste like shit
They taste like shit, they taste like shit
Fuck pancakes, they taste like shit
They taste like shit, they taste like shit
Waffles are better (Ooh...)
Ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah
Like ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah ooh ah
Waffles are better (Ooh...)
Waffles are better

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Doja Cat Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes Comments
  1. lemonwafflez

    Of course waffles are better, who cares about them bitchass pancakes

  2. Litty Queen2000

    This is something I would scream the lyrics to while cooking breakfast 😂😂😂😂

  3. Gabrielle Hull

    The lyricism😍especially that first verse 🔥 like she really ate this. 😭😂

  4. kelley luna rose

    the only thing better than waffles is Doja 💖🏆

  5. Ashli Hicks

    Only one instrument she used...her voice, iconic.💜 pancakes are dry as shit, cancel them.

  6. India Shanté

    I couldn't agree more lol

  7. emily sophia

    Yess, I’ve always thought this

  8. lost ghost

    waffles are better tho

  9. Natural Beauty26

    Doja Cat: "Waffles are better than pancakes"

    Me: Are we talking Belgian or square here?...🤔

  10. Vicki Chanel

    This song is my whole life i will NEVER GO to a place that dont sell waffles i love them 🥰😍😛😜🤤

  11. Wisdom Alaffia

    This song makes me realize I overthink things way too much.lolz

  12. iyanna anderson

    Y’all are drunk ....pancakes are superior

  13. eviesomeone

    Yes! Fuck pancakes lol

  14. Glostechk

    I knew Doja and I had a bond... Fuck Pancakes.

  15. Yàssy The cupKake Lady


  16. A Drummond

    So...shes cancelled

  17. crazyazzbeech

    she aint lying tho

  18. *Cant relate*

    Crepes>Waffles 😤

  19. ytussiy

    She’s the female Tyler the creator

  20. Ephraim Taylor

    Why isnt this on apple music tho

  21. Ilijas Avdic

    I got fucked hard on this song and the nut payed of thanks queen

  22. Janae Fuller

    French toast is so much better

  23. Mel Vin

    She amazing

  24. Edward Lee

    Doja knows where it's at! #fact

  25. Julio Angel

    I saw her make this on IG Live 🔥🔥🔥

  26. Clays Cosmetics

    I need this to be on Apple Music

  27. Itskmills

    I fucking love Doja!!!

  28. yuuablewon

    It really depends.. I like pancakes because theybare soft and waffles be cause they are crunchy. It really depends on my mood

  29. Andy A

    Lmfaooo this is fire 🤣👌🏼

  30. DEE J


  31. Cait Tv

    I love the song but PANCAKES ARE BETTER THAN WAFFLES😩👏🏾

  32. Marinara SaUcE

    Me sitting here eating a pancake while listening to this: 👀👀👀

  33. tiddy

    How did she make a song about breakfast cakes catchy?

  34. Malik Grant

    *Tyler the creator has entered the chat*

  35. DAT girl

    This is changing my opinion about life itself

  36. Christian S

    We Stan a pastry Queen

  37. Amaraajw

    You know I actually like pancakes more but after this song, I think I've changed😂

  38. Angela Hearst-Rockefeller

    Truth: I had to have chicken yesterday (bc it was Sunday and thats just one of my things) and I had to have it fried bc of this song lol! Then I was cravin the waffles and smh that the store's deli doesn't sell waffles with its chicken. This song made me miss chicken and waffles. And smile.

  39. Paige Marya'

    Is it fucking coincidence that i just told my fiancee, and lil girl who love pancakes.... That i dont really dig em, that. I love waffles tho.
    Very fuckin weird. It was like an hour ago. Just so fucking odd. Staaaahp listening to my convos 📱

  40. animeloverforever fan

    I feel attacked...

  41. Kiara Brown

    I agree with her

  42. t i n y t a e

    You just gotta stan doja 😌

  43. Nikol Ivanova

    Well I like pancakes better but this song made me question it

  44. Precious Mosley

    if doctor Seuss wrote a song 😂 i love when Doja drops these kind of bops

  45. Neenah W

    Big facts

  46. Marco Pi

    me: I love pancakes
    doja cat: waffles are better than pancakes
    me: yes pancakes are trash

  47. Danley Danley

    Marie Antionette: Let them eat cake!🍰
    Doja Cat: Let them eat waffles!🧇
    Me: RIP, Marie! Waffles it is, Doja!🧇🥳

  48. Norsyaza Edmiza

    my favorite song, true art

  49. MyMy Sanchez

    I may have disagree with the song title because I like pancakes better but the song is a bop

  50. Raé

    You eat 1 1/2 pancakes and then you’re sick of em.

  51. Taylor Manny

    I love how she sings about whatever tf she wants 😂 she’s a queen


    This is why I love her; I don't know shit about gang banging gettin hoes or drugs but I know about food 😂

  52. snxnxizisndbxj

    i agree

  53. fingers in his ass

    I like both because their the same with the batter n shit 😜

  54. Happy_ выхухоль

    how can she eat waffles in the shower? wet waffles are disgusting

  55. JackconReecetV

    You know for the longest time I really thought pancakes were better, but SHE MAKING SOME POINTS

  56. Storm Born

    And that’s that on that!

  57. Sherly Hyppolite

    i like both whichever see at the store first i take it

  58. nique_ nice

    but pancakes and waffles are the same thing, waffles just have a whole lot of hole type things. just think................

  59. aliena

    what instrument did she use?

  60. Save the turtles Sksksk

    But they are the same thing-

  61. LoveLight Libra

    .... wait.... what?

  62. Angela Hearst-Rockefeller

    He had a giant red cherry popsicle sculpture displayed for years in belltown hood.

  63. Ty Tupou

    Doja I like both😭

  64. Teresa Webster

    How is this not in an Eggo commercial yet? She needs an endorsement.

  65. Dragonfenity

    Pancakes are the same as waffles just different shapes 💀🤣🤣🤣

    *i do agree with her* 👀

  66. hey Paris Green

    It funny but a great song

  67. Alyssa Fisel

    Those 23 dislikes r people who like pancakes more

  68. LOVELY

    Still ride for pancakes, but I love the song 😂😂

  69. Que Hale

    Ok but this is a whole bop

  70. VickkDaStick


  71. stripedsweater520

    i will not listen to pancake slander lol

  72. MOEMOE Chainsawmaid

    I respectfully disagree.

  73. Faith Ivbie

    I used to get picked on for my beliefs #wafflepower

  74. Marco Gomez

    the production... the background vocals... for a song about waffles and pancakes. who is doing it like doja cat? NOBODY.

  75. Jade Foreign

    Everyone knows waffles are better 😁

  76. Jaquibe Kind

    why was this not on hot pink?

  77. carbonated• •teeth

    this is like asmr in a song

    Honeymoon Globe

    carbonated• •teeth hi local

  78. laur

    still waiting on the beat

  79. Kylie’s Kove

    We have no choice but to Stan

  80. Nana B

    She make anything sound good 😩😩😩

  81. i’m in the ghetto , ratatata ratatata

    this is going to become a tiktok song

  82. Netflix and Bleach

    Lmao I couldn’t even properly enjoy the song my mind got so defensive about how pancakes are better 😂

  83. chelsea-chan

    When u gotta get ur point across so u make a whole song..

  84. Risingofthephoenixx x

    This is so true I've been saying this since elementary Waffles are much much better than soggy ass pancakes! I found my song!

  85. Ana McDuffie

    Imagine the side eyes looks you’ll get if you play this pulling up to the drive thru at McDonalds during breakfast.

  86. Lolop Callulu

    Too good of a song for this to be the topic 😂

  87. Lolop Callulu

    She’s right though

  88. borderline grande

    Pancakes are way better than waffles in my opinion

  89. Desiree Lopez

    Bruh this fucking song.
    This song.
    My new anthem.

  90. Mijana Jewel

    I hate waffles but not doja we cant hate her just because she doesn’t like pancakes

  91. Laz3 Fangirl


  92. Kae Toons

    These lines are fire despite the subject matter 🔥🔥

  93. Blue Skye xx

    i mean i agree waffles are better lmao

  94. bunabee

    i respect you doja
    but i love pancakes


    watch me get bullied for liking pancakes

  95. I’m shooketh to the Core

    I mean she’s not lying

  96. Yukari

    Pancakes are better.

  97. L.S. Pattikins

    I be singing "pancakes .. they taste like shit" in my sleep.

  98. Cheekybird 65

    Fuck that shit if you prefer waffles over pancakes than you can’t appreciate the simple tastes .and I can’t respect that opinion.😖🥰a nice thin pancake with lemon and cinnamon sugar hmmmmmm