Doja Cat - Lonely Lyrics

I'm so lonely, baby
Call me baby
I'm so lonely, baby
Call me baby
I'm so lonely, baby
Just call me baby
Tell me, baby

Tell me, baby
Why you leave me all alone?
When you talking to me
How you leave me all alone?
When you're right beside me
I feel so alone
Please don't come and find me
Baby baby
Tell me, baby
Why you leave me all alone?
When you talking to me
How you leave me all alone?
When you're right beside me
I feel so alone
Please don't come and find me
Baby baby

Fuck is your ass on?
Nigga, fuck is your backbone?
Back to back, we got back and forths
Shawty, why at night you on bath salts?
Wish you really would touch me
Remember when you would touch me, baby?
Way to make me feel ugly
Hundred million would fuck me though like
Got me Cardi B'ing, like what was the reason?
Was it your demons? Was it the cheating?
Or was it you reading all through my feed and texts?
Baby, we not playing Simon says
Tell me to shut up, I'll find your bags
I just don't live a lifestyle fit for
The childish shit that you riding with

Tell me, baby
Why you leave me all alone?
When you talking to me
How you leave me all alone?
When you're right beside me
I feel so alone
Please don't come and find me
Baby baby
Tell me, baby
Why you leave me all alone?
When you talking to me
How you leave me all alone?
When you're right beside me
I feel so alone
Please don't come and find me
Baby baby

Call me baby
Don't you call me baby
I'm not lonely, baby
I'm not lonely, baby
Call me baby
Don't call me baby
I'm not lonely anymore

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Doja Cat Lonely Comments
  1. Hazell Herdman

    Ugghhh spotify please add these Doja Cat songs to ur damn app

  2. ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴʟᴏʟɪᴘᴏᴘs

    My first love is ghosting me right now
    Lowkey lonely and sad...

  3. *Luna• Mia

    Call me baby 💔❤️.


  4. *HoneybubleTea*

    Ima say this anyway. God put doja here on this earth. So she coukd blow up in this era. Bc doja is like that piece and "wildness". I need.💜

  5. Ericca Ellis

    He told me he didnt love me after being fwb for months i feel so stupid

    five six

    His fault not yours sweetheart

  6. djdjjd sdsu

    non of her songs sound the same 😍 i love her style

  7. Peachy Latina

    Here one of my faves

  8. mcdonald 1234

    idk but this remind me of lana del rey. like, the beat and vocal mixing in singing verses.

  9. Pencil Boot

    The irony is that she isn’t lonely at all. Meanwhile I’m oust here 0 friends tryna get someone to hang out with me..

    Pencil Boot

    cherry's world wanna be friends? My name is Ange ☺️ what’s yours?

    cherry's world

    @Pencil Boot My name is Paloma nice to meet you! I'd love to be friends !

  10. Osauna Katana

    You released this right after the love of my life left me :/ thank you 🥺💖

  11. Montecino

    Thiss shit never gets old 😞

  12. Maruchan Ramen

    Y can’t I find this on Spotify

  13. Hadassa Duart


  14. frisohhh

    this gives out different vibes than her other music vids

  15. OG BARSS

    Got me Cardi Bing 😂😂😂😂 “ WHAT WAS THE REEEASONN 🤬🤬🤬🤬”

  16. Mariah Hall

    Why is this not on all platforms yet

  17. Rosy Posie

    I enjoy this song, you can hear the loneliness in the tone of the song.

  18. Phantom Bermuda

    Im absolutely in love with Doja Cat

  19. Maxsilbunnia Sanchez

    Theres that one background voice that sounds like Joji. I love it.

  20. Ashi Aku

    I just need this on ITunes. 😭

  21. kristin isaloser

    She sounds like the dej loaf lowkey

  22. Cupcake Killer

    I'd wish she sing more often, her vocals have amazing potential.💖💖💖

  23. Vousouler Jdonnepas

    Sound like wish from trippie red sometime

  24. Suicidememes .-.

    .75 speed is amazing

  25. Kaler Norris

    It sound like Jackson 5 in the background singers


    Kaler Norris lmao 😂

  26. hewoo lilly


  27. violet rye

    I need that outfit.

  28. Althea Quijano

    Somehow relating to this song.. like, I'm lonely and missing him, but I don't him to *come and find me*

  29. Monique Gainey

    Straight goin thru this shyt rn thnkx doja💪💪💪❤❤💕 u always help

  30. Nima T

    2:18 sounds like the “So long” Mario voice clip lmao

  31. lei tenorio

    Going through some shit, and this song hits the spot.

  32. icrydollarsigns

    bruh i love doja sm, doin her own thing😍

  33. Acoustic Kiddo

    i wish i could get a song that's just like the beginning

  34. Jaydin Honatana

    Dojaaaa my FAVOURITE😍🥰

  35. Honeymoon Globe

    Trauma little sister

  36. hjkl

    This song is how I found her lol. Love her music so much.

  37. Kerem Çeliköz

    Lana del rey!?

  38. aylin j

    I can't believe doja is this talented I never thought I would see my dream girl but I just love this women ❤️🤧

  39. Benjamin Alonzo

    Doja cat cant do wrong!!!!

  40. Martina Vazquez ~

    I'm straight but.... i've never had a girl crush this bad before ;)

  41. Selena S

    This young woman is soooo talented !!! Wishing her all the success she deserves !

  42. bigpapi dfdf

    iphone headphones and a dark room 😍

  43. Moodygroovy

    I can’t wait for her next album 🔥

  44. Rebecca

    Where is the picture of her from?

  45. Ian Tucker

    Doja is just too nice

  46. Alexis Sandoval

    wish this song was longer 😔

  47. Jaylife_4evr18

    1:28 I'm dead😂😂🤣🤣

  48. Sugar Lipps37

    I LOVE Doja’s Creative Space... She’s so dope

  49. stoopid bish

    I fokin sleep with her music I swear-

  50. Dapper Noodles

    This could've been in euphoria lol.

  51. Luis Perez

    Never alone...:)

  52. Luis Perez

    I wanna buy all her full albums

  53. Emotionsッ

    Love it

  54. Lovely Fam

    AT FIRAT IT WAS SUPPER CRINGEY BUT IF YOU continue listening it is actually fun.

  55. Toywolf

    my pet passed away and the hook of this song reminds me so much of her :(

  56. Reyand Joy Orit

    proud close friendddd HAHAHAHAHHAHAAH kampayo mooo😂suppottt*support 💖😂


    *kampayo mo din* HHAAAHAHHAHA

    Reyand Joy Orit

    @DojaCatKingdom WHAHAHAHAHAHAHA naksss payohan na lang kitaaaa🤣


    @Reyand Joy Orit pmmm

  57. Nin Lan

    This song gives me chills. Thats how you know it hits deep...

  58. NoodleFoodie

    Wtfff, I ain't had no man's and I'm crying here like I have 😭😭😂😩

  59. Jada Rose

    I need this into a 1 hour video

  60. Akane Hertz Vogt

    missing someone who doesn't give a fvck about me

  61. Zay Pettiford

    This chorus lowkey fire

  62. marrues ham

    I wanna call...

  63. Josie Pie

    Like her outfit in this one. Unique cute and fuzzy

  64. Erica McGovern

    I love this song. The chorus harmonies give me Bee Gees vibes in the best way. ❤️

  65. Wanderlxst sings

    The beginning reminds me of Britney spears - Everytime for some reason. Is it just me?

  66. lildee1k Younghustlaa

    I love your voice❤️❤️

  67. Incomparable Loner

    I just found this and it's my jam rn

  68. DEMI THO

    Try 1,25x

  69. Malaya Garcia

    Girl you are one hell of a girl.Like your so talented and amazing.Your music,beautifl....PERIODt and like your style.Its all just fabulous 💕🔥😝

  70. itstayluur

    why is this so good tho

  71. Sofeeyuh Vee

    Im abSESDSSDDS with this song

  72. Silver Cat

    okay that outfits ridiculously cute tho

  73. ayoncé mana •

    What the hell is this shit?

  74. Vili Pulu

    She really used the remix from Super Mario Bros, I’m lovin’ it.😍😍😍

  75. Ushara Shelton

    Doja this is 🔥.
    This is actually how i been feeling too.
    Thank you for this song

  76. Callum Woolcott

    Oh my god I'm so late! Fucking amazing as always Doja!!!

  77. Alex

    When will this be released on iTunes 🙇🏻‍♀️

  78. R2TheArTisT

    That cardi b line was so dope

  79. Shannon Sunshine

    If I break up with someone again, this is going to be my go to. I want to just so I can relate

  80. Curelia

    Can't stand these short-ass songs :(

  81. Damn Bro

    Words can’t describe how much I love Doja in the background doing runs during 1:50

    Kendal Dieleman

    Damn Bro omg i hear it and it’s so pretty

  82. Antonio Narris69

    Doja u my babe mane only if you would I swear da god

  83. Stephon Roberts

    Increase speed to 1.25%

  84. Jenea Trujillo

    Doja I know you ain't gon see this but
    I need to see yuh

  85. Sumayya


  86. Tevita Tonga

    This put me in my feels Lmao

  87. IVERSON Emanuel

    I hate you and I mean it!!!

    Melanie Avila

    Damn kid

  88. Giovanna Till

    Might be cuz we ,, found out what the knowledge of love no key or key.. pretty girl u sew me but I fight with me ☀️🙏🏽⚔️still learning things Alonee, ,but least ,I feel you Nicely 😘 can’t wait to dab u brightly.. kitty’s got the claws but ,,Almonds mine Be.. I caint lie to spend the time round u , is an honest typiee 🤟🏽❣️💯

  89. The Cuzzos

    Doja cat ft. Billie Eilish (like if you would be here for it)

  90. Crystal Em

    This made me think of Miguel/frank ocean

  91. cloudybrooklyn

    This shit slaps😣🥰🥶

  92. Brandon Gallant

    She’s actually a really intelligent artist this is skill what she’s done . Reduce the speed to 75% and think mario

  93. Raayyy cx

    Mood asf 😪

  94. Miss Linh

    Is she mixed?

  95. Queen Aquarius

    The vibe is amazing to this

  96. krombii yo

    Not on Apple Music 🙄

  97. D'Nea Coates

    Talented ass🖤

  98. DojaCatKingdom

    0:47 , 1:57 " *Please don't come and find me* " :-)
    Sorry I'm wrong...

    Megan thee stallion_ Imvu

    DojaCatKingdom I love u Pooh

    Makayla Henderson

    DojaCatKingdom I can’t find I’m beautiful on iTunes btw ☹️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Sister Spit

    @Tobi Lou's Troop divorce is when ur married and want to split up. I don't think she's ever married in her life....

    Tobi Lou's Troop

    @Sister Spit it's a joke from glasshead 😂

    ourworlds atwar

    I wonder who she's singing about in this song.