Doja Cat - Give It Up Lyrics

You need to find yourself and let it show
You'll forget it when you let it go
I'll never let you leave daddy
Cause there's some things you need to see daddy
So everybody give it up for my baby
Cause we gon' live it up til our days is gone
Give it up for my baby, come on, come on

And we might touch the surface of space
Cause love is kind to those who grow
Just tell'em you don't know who I be
Yeah, I got a couple tricks up my sleeve
So roll'em up, all them haters are bored of us
I'm waiting for ya, I can't afford the love
Can't you see, you ain't live in a fantasy world, yeah
Can't ya keep up?
Sippin margarita
Call me Senorita
Dancing in my Lita's
Looking like Vita
Coco, I'm sweeter
You can't really be her
Follow me and I'll lead ya

Who you better than?
We go farther than never than
Taking off and I never land
Yellow bitches and yellow sand
Remy, weed and stiletto hands
Pop the pussy like metal cans
Fur coat and I'm shedding man
Ha, steez
Cause I see the light
Give you what you need tonight
We don't [?] we behind
Simple plans, we just lead behind
Don't make me count to 6, give you kittens time outs and shit
Key you whippin then mount your bitch
Run for it, now my mouth is [?]
Damnit Doja, that hurts, no fair
See my team, we just circle squares
Bad bitches with purple hair with attitudes that no man can bare
Uh oh, look at what the cat dragged in
Keep the rats out my cat mansion
Fuck all your opinions, I don't give them atten-ti-on
[?] sugar fish and that sushi roll
Cool ya chick, keep ya uzi home
Uzi home
Double cup, po' it in
Sweat it out and then sew it in
Beamer benz and polish friends
Yoo, but mirror who is the coldest bitch?
Mirror who be the coldest bitch?
Mirror who is the coldest bitch?
Mirror who be the coldest bitch?

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