Dodie Clark - I Have A Hole In My Tooth (And My Dentists Are Shut) Lyrics

I have a hole in my tooth and my dentist is shut
Maybe this is a sign that I'm all out of luck
Not that I had much of that in my life before
At least my teeth were okay and my gums weren't sore

I have a hole in my tooth and my dentists are closed
Will I have needles in my mouth I do not know
Looks like I'll be worrying for at least a week
I hope I'm still allowed two sugars in my tea

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Dodie Clark I Have A Hole In My Tooth (And My Dentists Are Shut) Comments
  1. strangenessandcharms

    God i love this comment section so much. You guys are just my kind of people 😂

  2. Squidy

    Why do I love this song so much

  3. Aria

    i love this.

  4. scary spaghet

    We stan

  5. Reese Farnham

    I got a orthodontist ad before this video 🤣

  6. Ross s

    Try this: 0.75x playback speed 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. strangenessandcharms

    My god she's just way too cute 😂🥰

  8. J.R. Ragini

    Ironically, the exact same thing is happening to me right now XD

  9. Vanessa Ramsey

    Why do I keep watching this

  10. Vanessa Ramsey

    I sat there confused and concerned but at the same time bopping out😜

  11. Karinna L

    i was at the dentist earlier today and i had my headphones on, and i was listening to a dodie playlist, when this song came on.... it took all of the power in my body not to laugh while the doctors were working.

  12. Fall Out! At my Green Chemical Piløts

    *w* *a* *t*

  13. Jazzy Shinae

    this is asmr

  14. ally. r

    Truly the most underated dodie song

  15. Stohe Claims

    this video will be my entire life for the next few hours

  16. Dori T

    Jack Stauber vibes?

  17. Lori Siccia

    This is a cute and very catchy song....I may have it in my head for a while now

  18. LPS Velvet Muffin

    Omg when the recorder qued I laughed so hard 😂😂

  19. Gabby Rose

    I can relate to this song on a really sad level.

  20. sarah c

    you remind me SO much of zooey deschanel in this video !!!

  21. the Rain

    i had to find a song for a choreography, and i stumbled upon this one, i don’t regret anything

  22. Weave Master

    ITS LITT😂😂😂💖💖💖💖👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  23. ZoZo

    I got a “get your smile back” dentist ad under this video

  24. ZoZo

    I got a “get your smile back” dentist ad under this video

  25. Eve Michelle

    This always makes my day a million times better

  26. rex

    i love this so much

  27. sad ana-nas

    that's the proof that anything could be an art (and this is incredible)

  28. Ruby Tuesday

    Ironically came up in my recommend while waiting to get a cavity filled

  29. just a dog passing by

    well this is different

  30. Natalie M

    I thought my life was complete. Oh, how wrong I was.

  31. nathan cassidy

    Is this basic on a true story

  32. lilia wheeldon

    why do i always think she says at least my teeth were gay and my my gums weren’t sore

  33. Arty Girl 88

    I have listened to this more times than you need to know

  34. Lexi Witherspoon

    I highkey love this

  35. Cnd3burrs -

    Idk what his is

  36. gotzura


  37. Jade M

    Why isn't this a full song?! I'm mad, gimme more

  38. Em Wiebe

  39. Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    How does dodie manage to make a recorder sound brilliant?!?

  40. Rose Drage

    This song is weird but I love it!

  41. VerySaltyKryptonite

    this is so random ^_^

  42. Stupid Idiot

    *What even is this omg lol I love it*

  43. yellow rain c:

    this will be my favorite FOREVER

  44. Farah Ahmad

    r.i.p the two sugars, now it's just 1½

  45. Jennifer Raru

    I was watching this and on the right side of my screen there was an ad that said: Best Dental Care Services

  46. sippin some drips

    its been 2 years and, for some reason, i keep coming back to this video

  47. Allie H.

    I got a dentist ad before this thanks dodie

  48. bo bear

    *One and a half sugars** in my tea

  49. La Salsa Terror


  50. River Wing

    Bruh I'm wearing earbuds and it's so weird.

  51. Kate Conway

    *gets dentist ad*

  52. Fight Me

    Brush your teeth kids

  53. sophia

    I got an orthodontist advertisement before this lmao

  54. amie dobby

    Ive had this song in my head for a whole day...maybe more...I think it’s making me crazy

  55. v al

    This is dodie’s shortest video ever.

  56. kerryiisms

    very bill wurts-esque. i love this.

  57. Kaelan Bayley

    Omg 1.5 speed is funny

  58. Avocado Toast

    We play recorder in music class.

    You see were I’m going with this...

  59. MimerzGamez

    ... you alright there mate?

  60. chαe

    i got a colgate ad before this.

  61. Cringy Corina

    Ironically, I had an ad before this about toothpaste.

  62. itzzz allie

    Lo there was a toothbrush Colgate commercial before😂

  63. Julia Wang

    Currently looping this hahaha

  64. Cory Baxter

    My dentist gave me a blue tooth because he took the tooth’s equivalent to a brain

  65. morgan loftus

    i got a dentistry ad on this. fbi man, that you?

  66. MusicMissy 04

    What recorder do you play?

  67. Nerdzel

    Me right nowv😭

  68. erin perkins

    where and when can i buy tickets. ive been waiting so long for this!!

  69. Catta Bonata

    why does this remind me of the theme song of Fools and Horses

  70. Idek_ Destiny

    This was my first Dodie Video

  71. Toni Caulfield

    yeah uh, if I ever meet you I'll make sure to bring a flute lol

  72. Aloha._. Dawnn

    SAME HERE!!!!!!

  73. punkin


  74. Jasmine Wadsworth

    What a great way to spend Valentine's Day.

  75. Happy But Sad

    I heard 'I have a hole in my tooth and my dentists are shook'

  76. patd devotee x


  77. F off R I

    ...umm Dodie

  78. madinda


  79. Grace H

    No one ever goes to Utah...

  80. Angelical

    *Hem hem* dodie on lsd? Lol

  81. Amy Lewis

    I have no idea, because I listen to this song everyday but for some reason when I looked at the title I thought it said I have a hool..... I was like what's a hool?

  82. Peggy-Sue

    I still remember the first time I saw/heard this I had it on a loop straight for like a week I'm not even exaggerating. Every time someone talked about holes or teeth or dentists I would immediately start singing it from the beginning to end haha xD

  83. Elliot

    Some how this is on Spotify but "A love song/a non love song" isnt

  84. Teigan Boii

    I was watching this while eating pretzels.......I heard a snap

    Oh god

  85. Hex A. Gon

    Next big meme?

  86. maisa

    Dodie was so triggered when dan didn’t get the reference

  87. Teele Tarvis

    is that a new piercing the kids are getting

  88. Chantale Dirksen

    dan howell is shaking

  89. aesthetic trash.

    I'm confused yet I love it

  90. aaliyah bx

    I'm still not convinced she wasn't high making this😂

  91. naivehailey


  92. What social life?

    I had an ad for dentures with this video. W O W

  93. OMGmynameisLILI - Lili Martínez

    2018, it is still stuck in my head.