Dobson, Fefe - Unforgiven Lyrics

Daddy daddy
Why you break your promises to me
Daddy daddy
Don't you know you hurt me constantly

And there's something I think you should know
I'm not the little girl you left waiting at home
All the hurt and pain you left with mom and me
Why can't I be angry
I hope you're somewhere out there listening to this song
I hope you're thinking what you did was wrong
Well let me make it crystal clear for you to see
It's too late for I'm sorry

Sorry is a word you like to say
But sorry won't erase the things you did yesterday

And I want you to know that I didn't need you anyway
And this rope that we walk on is swaying
And the ties that bind us they will never ever fray
But I want for you to know
You are
You are

Daddy daddy
Fan of absolute simplicity
Daddy daddy
Expert in responsibility

Where were you when I fell down and skinned my knee
Where were you when I was scared to go to sleep
Where were you to soothe my insecurities
Why can't I be angry

Where were you the first time someone broke my heart
Where were you when I first learned to drive a car
Where were you when I plugged in my first guitar
It's too late for I'm sorry

And I want you to know that I didn't need you anyway
And this rope that we walk on is swaying
And the ties that bind us they will never ever fray
But I want for you to know
You are
You are

Sorry is a word you like to say
But sorry won't erase the things you did yesterday

And I want you to know that I didn't need you anyway
And this rope that we walk on is swaying
And the ties that bind us they will never ever fray
But I want for you to know
You are
You are

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Dobson, Fefe Unforgiven Comments
  1. Joshua Hall

    Fefe is still ((everything)) in 2019 😁😄😃😀

  2. Sarah Randall

    Still dedicate this to my father... Some things never change...

  3. Kristina Marshall

    Dear Daddy,
    All the pretty gifts didn't change the ugliness of my life. #iknowutriedthough

  4. jootoobersters

    the perfect score rerun on hbo brought me here... yay 2018

  5. Katey Faygo

    "Daddy" by Die Antwoord so much better.

  6. Shelby Douglas

    dear daddy where was u when momma left where were u when i cried myself to sleep feeling unwanted where was u when i learned to ride a bike or walk or stand, fuck u

  7. thegayestgoth

    "Wanna see an impression of my father?"
    *person disappears*
    *In dark voice*: It's called comedy."



  8. Angela Pelletteri

    this goes out to my mom my dad is the most awesome dad ever and would never hurt me the way my mom did

  9. Gee Martinez

    the perfect score brought me here lol


    Gee Martinez Me too! *high fives*


    1 year later..But SAME

  10. gary bruce

    I just don't get how a parent could just leave and forget their child.

    MiraculousEverafter's Forever

    @Lorelei Anquillare (Class of 2019) I'm sorry! Same thing happened to me!

  11. Randy Flask

    Butt kickin jam!

  12. Isabella Shanz

    i love my dad even if he wasn't there when I was born
    I still love him even if he never hold me as a baby

  13. Ana R

    I dedicate this to my "father" . Fuck you :)

  14. Fontomia

    u know what there's no way to compare moms with fathers,naturally fathers care less and men are too selfish anyway! my father left for another woman too and forgot about me when i most needed him, but hey, i think life is too short for "unforgiven", so i eventually barried the axe-battle with him,i know i'm better person than him! still i love this song ! ;)


    i feel you, but your comment is simply not right for THIS song dear

    Angela Pelletteri

    +CariCat My parents are the exact same as yours. My dad would never want to see me cry but my mom has made me cry more times than I can count. My dad treats me the way I should be treated and my mom doesn't. Its too bad I'm stuck living with her and my dad had to move out but I still get to see him so it's okay. I know how you feel it really sucks I know.


    and we spend our lives making up for what our parents( at least one of them) did...

    Angela Pelletteri

    So true

    EllaBella Ah

    Um...sorry that I’m 5 years late, but my mum left my dad after my dad tried so hard to stay with us and she took us then left my dad with nothing but a mattress

  15. Narnia Lives

    Dear Daddy,
    Where were you when I fell down and broke my arm? Where were you when I had my panic attack? Where were you when I cut myself? Where were you when I needed you? Why did you laugh at me when I told you I'm depressed?
    Most importantly, why do I ALWAYS let you hurt me? I'm done. You can't hurt me anymore, because your sadistic little games are done. We're done.

  16. SHIRA

    i remember when i used to listen to this when i was 10-12 years old and cry bc daddy issues....ha


    SHIRA me too but I was a little older when I fist heard this song. and I also found out its my mother fault my dad wasn't around. she lied to the courts and us to where we didn't want anything to do with him. but also mad he wasn't there

  17. Kat Carter

    dear matter how many gifts you send me....or how many trips you take me on to new york (even tho you go to see your girlfriend) doesnt change the fact that you left my mom when she was 8 months pregnant because you didn't want to deal with a kid...and you didnt bother to know my name till i was couldn't even pretend to care before you got into that fatal car took a near death experience to make you notice me...are you serious?!! totally UNFORGIVABLE!!

    Silvermoon NightWing

    Kat Carter omg...I’m so sorry for u...

  18. LevCastiel

    i know how u feel but both my parents r like

  19. LevCastiel

    this is dedicate to both of my parents they were never there for me and are assholes

  20. Sarah Randall

    I dedicate this to my dad... he RAPED me

  21. MisMediator

    My dad and I are in the same situation Fefe was in. During childhood he sucked, was never around, etc. But then later on we reconciled. Even though we still fight all the time, which I'm sure even though Fefe and her dad made up, they still fight too. *sigh*. Dads.

  22. Jverburgh

    14?! Omg

  23. Chelsey

    this one of my fav songs i also hate fathers day 2 my dad has never been there for me all my life since i was born.

  24. lilisoldierv96

    i hear you!my dad was the one there for me, my mom couldn't care less what happened. she left me.she turned her back on me so this song is really for her.

  25. princess19893

    my parents are the exact same way. dad is nice to me, mom is selfish.

  26. Ryan H.

    Fefe has daddy issues. My favorite kind of woman. Giggity!!!


    she'd probably kill you

  27. lunamewmoon

    its funny i heard this song on the movie perfect score and i thought it sounded good so i was glad i looked it up and could listen to the whole song this time. its good. i think the best part in this song is the start of the song. well thats just what i think

  28. Bry W

    i just love all your comments about your crappy fathers. I have a crappy father too. I wish I could just stand up to him and tell him to drop dead or something. But my mom taught me to be a kind person.

  29. Eryk Lewis

    My dad was never there, and i was always ok with that. Now that I'm older, my mom is turning it into a whole big deal talking about how it must have hurt to never have a father (I have a stepdad now). Not really. I now it's not the same for every person, but I never really wanted a dad. My mom was both parents wrapped up in one.

  30. mimikyu

    i mean well

  31. mimikyu

    will couple things to say.............HAPPY 1 DAY LATE MUMS DAY

  32. AquamarineMemories

    Excuse me..HE will always be unforgiven...Typo

  33. AquamarineMemories

    My dad said he wanted to be a part if my life, but if he really meant that then where the hell was he the past 16 years!? I will always be unforgiven because I have a new dad. A REAL one that actually cares.

  34. Kiarra Symone

    Story of my life....

    My dad is unforgiven.

  35. TLS1995ily

    Thumbs up if this song goes out to MOM instead of daddy.

  36. Bobby Skubal

    i <3 this song cuz i hate my father and wat he has done to me and brother that he will NEVER BE FORGIVEN

  37. louy

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!

  38. maplelove1422

    @MegaOLIVIA1969 i agree but my mom play both parts mom and dad a better dad that is ^.^

  39. jasmin roberts

    @lavender365 Same my daddy treats me like a princess but I love this song

  40. kuronekochan1992

    waah i can see me banging to this at the father daughter segment of my wedding :)
    yup yup if ur gona have a show make it a whole darn spectacle:)

  41. Angelique Tatum

    this song is for my dad he is sooo Unforgiven!!

  42. LadyWhoLikesCheese

    dang this song is great! it sounds kind of pop-rock-ish but also a little hard, awesome guitars. i love the mix

  43. Stephanie Rose

    first time heard dis song and im already in love wit it in da first 10 seconds!

  44. 1427954ishere

    The girl you just called fat? She is overdosing on diet pills. The girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. See that man with the ugly scars? He fought for our country. That guy you just made fun of for crying? His mother is dying. post this to another video, if you are against bullying. You never know what its like until you walk a mile in their shoes.

  45. Jas Williams

    ♥ This song is awesome

  46. TheNickiliz21

    Story of my life...after just one listen, I had to buy this.

  47. Rebecca McQuillan

    This is so relevant to my life.

  48. KissMySassBby

    @LordDeathcon I know I hate that!

  49. alexis2cute19

    the one thing that always plays in my head is when this album came out my mother bought it for me nd i was about 11 yrs. in age nd i would cry when i listened to this song because my father has never really cared.....nor was he really there..but the one thing that really bothers me to this day is wen he stood me up for daddy daughter dance wen i was 8....for that he will always remain unforgiven!!! but time goes on nd i have a child of my own so i cant stay in the past gotta keep goin!much luv<3

  50. Rebekah Nicole

    i hate fathers day .

  51. George Homer

    you know if any of your songs were available on mobile phones myself and many more might be fans but none of FEFE songs can be viewed on mobile phones on youtube!! :(

  52. Lexi

    this is for all the other kids with crap dads who leave and try to act like nothing happened. or are just plain crappy, i love reading about the other stories because it helps me feel like i'm not the only one who hates fathers day.

    thanks for always being there mom

  53. Lexi

    this is for all the other kids with crap dads, i love reading about the other stories because it helps me feel like i'm not the only one who hates fathers day.

    thanks for always being there mom

  54. ninjaminkeys

    @lavender365 just dont turn on to a brat it happens to often

  55. jessica johnson

    yo this video is amazing DADDY DADDY dont u know u hurt me constantly

  56. Marin Wood

    I cant believe how much this song is exactly like me and my dad.

  57. ashley monique

    even though i can't relate....i still like the song!

  58. rebekah herbst

    @XxCheerxUpxEmoxKidxX nither one of them is worse both bring alot of pain to you.. just in defrent way's its a defrent kinda pain... :)

  59. rebekah herbst

    To everyone on here who's dad left them,hurt them or tryed to buy them it's time they know that they are unforgivin! like if you agree. :)

  60. Ashley

    omg my ultimate rebel song to my father he lied to me abandoned me and was never there for me and now all of a sudded he wants to eb "friends" HE HAS A WHOLE OTHER LIFE WITH A WIFE AND 2 OTHER KIDS!!! im soo emailing him this right now!!

  61. stephanie chisholm

    this is my llife as well. i hate my father. he never cared or loved me so why should i him.

  62. Bongtasia

    how come all the best talent don't stick around...this girl rocks! \m/

  63. SuperTeamjakeward

    this is my life story....shows up when he thinks its convienent...ruins everything!!!! useless!!!! i dont even care....i gave up a long time ago careing about him!

  64. Jade Star

    Omg this story is my freakin life stupid father never cared.

  65. SHIRA

    reminds me of my life

  66. Cuan Sanchez

    i absolutely LOVE this song!