Dobson, Fefe - Truth Anthem Lyrics

There's a change I'd like to see
I'm so fed up of apathy
Of giving up
Of "what the fuck"
I've got the style
I've got the luck.
Im not here to crush the earth
There's good and bad
Laughter and hurt
But I'll do what I can do
And maybe ride on to the other side

I won't dumb myself down
I'm over it
Darkness keeps on coming for me
I'm done with that
Pressure's playing a game
Now watch me explode
Take me outta this place
I'm outta here
Trust me
I'm as messed up as you
And I'm insane
The only truth is what I'm saying.

I haven't been here 20 years
I see it simple, see it clear
The world we got
Is the world we made
Getting lazy and getting paid
Cannot say sorry
Turn back the clock
Or erase the pain, but we can make it stop.
All you gotta do is give a damn
And pop your head out from underneath the sand.


Reach for me and I'll reach out to you.
Reach for me and I'll reach out to you.

[chorus out]

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