Dobson, Fefe - The Initiator Lyrics

When I like what I see
Something inside of me
Tells me that I gotta be
Hittin on it
I'm hittin on it

When it looks pretty hot
I don't give it a second thought
Because I know that
I otta be
Hittin on it
I'm hittin on it

Girls are thought
Not to make the first move
But when I'm in the mood

I'm the initiator
I don't buy my time
I take him home
To get him alone
I bend his will to mine
I am the initiator
I move in for the kiss
I slip the tongue
I start the fun
I like it like this
I like it like this

He looks just about my age
Baby face and long legs
A little sugar
A little rage
I'm hittin on it
Hittin on it

You mess with me
And I'll take you down
I may be young
But I've been around
I want it all
And I want it now
I'm hittin on it
Hittin on it

Listen up girls
You know it's alright
Go get
What you want tonight


I gotta feel good
I gotta feel right
I gotta bang bang
All through the night


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Dobson, Fefe The Initiator Comments
  1. Ler Tutelo

    Very good fefe. U win some u lose some. Keep fighting, keep creating. Catchy chorus

  2. Sarah Randall

    yeah Y U NO CD?!!!

  3. Phenom

    I think she may be saying " I don't BIDE my time", not "I don't BUY my time". All the lyrics I've found say BUY tho. I may be wrong. Feel free to let me know what you think.

  4. WishesSailorMoon

    LOVE IT!

  5. MissKristenBell

    the voice reminds me of Skye swreetnam's one

  6. The Unicorn

    I'm still waiting for the day for Fefe to obtain rights to this album and officially release it. "Joy" wasn't bad, but "Sunday Love" still has my heart.

  7. Wordless06

    I love this song! I used to listen to it all the time!

  8. darkangelO1

    There's such a huge Joan Jett influence in "The Initiator". I love it!

  9. darkangelO1

    Thanks so much for posting these songs. I had them on my old comp but can't find the usb I stored them on for the life of me. Thanks again, dude! Love Fefster!