Dobson, Fefe - Take Me Away Lyrics

I..was waiting all my life to know you
(all about you)
And now..I'm staring in your eyes ocean blue
(I'm all about you)

And in our minds, it comes so easily
But theres a feeling comin over me
I want to show you,
But theres nowhere we can really be free
Everybody's watchin'

Wouldn't it be good if we could be together

Take me away,
Take me far away from here
I will run with you
Don't be afraid
Navigate and I will steer
Into the sun, we will run

I remember when I was just a child
(In my roo-oom)
And my...imagination used to run wild
(I never knee-ew)

Then nothing ever as it seems to be
When a dream collides with our reality
It should be easy when two people love each other truly
Everybody's talkin'

Wouldn't it be good if they would understand us...

Take me away,
Take me far away from here
I will run with you
Don't be afraid (afraid)
Navigate and I will steer
Into the sun, we will run...

We, will run.
Whoooaaa whoa whoa whoa
We, will run.
Oh yeah yeah yeaah

Wouldn't it be good if they would understand us
Wouldn't it be good if we could be together...

Take me away, (take me away)
Take me far away from here
I will run with you
Don't be afraid (Don't..Be..Afraid)
Navigate and I will steer
Into the sun, we will run...

Run, whoa whoa whooaa
I will run with you wherever you go
Don't be afraid
Let's runaway and I will steer
Into the sun, we will run.

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Dobson, Fefe Take Me Away Comments
  1. Lilly3344

    Im gonna tell my kids this is azalea banks

  2. Jalinaysa

    Dang! I missed this song so much! I get it stuck in my head randomly lol

  3. Charmelanin

    2020 anyone!!! 🙏

  4. SmartiMarti

    Only discovered her because of her husband, Yelawolf.. he's amazingly handsome, and she is beautiful.. #Slumerican

  5. Manny Amato

    Yo that Michelle Obama !

  6. dondi2261

    Whatever happened to her and Nelly Furtado?

  7. a girl named brett

    omg i totally forgot about her. i love this song.


    Go Yelawolf slam dunk on this proud of you man hold em down now ya hear

  9. Erin Johnson

    I heard the cover of this song on a it was a sleepover cd it was bomb af glad to actually hear the real artist.

  10. jadoresephora roi

    who is here 2020? january?

  11. PrettyinPink9789

    Damn holy shit I was 13 when this song came out. I remember renting the CD from the library cause I was so obsessed with this song. Lol damn I feel old as hell now

  12. Amania Miller


  13. harlow jean 1975 deymonaz

    I love this song

  14. Gamefreak974

    Damn this is a good band. Her vocals put this right next to those 2005 era rock bands if not better

  15. Timothy Oicles

    Wonder why she didn’t make it so big she was awesome stilk is still beautiful too

  16. Roxxi Blaze

    Jan 2020

  17. Jan Summerford

    I apologize for sleeping on you! You’re a beautiful awesome artist and I’m glad I found you through Yelawolf ❤️❤️🔥❌

  18. Tonëriche

    Fefe is a special kind of artist. <3


    My childhooddddddd i was 12 😩😩😩

    Im 28 now.

  20. Blue Collar

    She is sexy. I love the way she moves.

    Edit: did not know she got married to yelawolf. Now I gotta recant my words.

  21. Leighann Ott

    I have loved Fefe since the first time I heard him. She’s such a badass and I can’t wait to share her with my daughter! I’m a white chick and my daughter is mixed and has recently begun to gravitate towards rocker chicks. IM SO EXCITED

  22. Majestic Sea flap flap

    I hopped into my dads car the other day and I heard like the last few seconds of this song. I fell in love immediately and asked for the title. When I found it, I couldn’t stop listening up to this point! It’s sooo good! Please continue your passion because it’s beautiful! 💖

  23. Totally Nameless

    Always made me think of a lesbian relationship, which I really appreciated as a kid.

  24. Sunchild1913

    This shit still goes up!

  25. Rico Marcel

    Omg I remember this song

    Nellie K. Adaba

    Me too and I love this song.

  26. Candice carrasco

    I definitely remember fefe I just loved seeing her give me a little hope as a black girl

  27. Jane C

    Love this video, Fefe <3 |

  28. Aoi Nightcore

    Emo ???😋

  29. a lleiN

    I admit that when I first heard about her what partly caught my attention was the fact that she was black and doing rock music. I don't want to be that way, but it's true, it's not something you see a lot in the mainstream. I couldn't get into her music though because it was too pop-punk for me, but seeing this today, I still think it's cool that she was doing her own thing. Rock chicks need to make a comeback.


    She came out around the same time as Avril Lavigne. But she wasn't as popular. Fefe had a better voice and stage presence and better music. Don't @ me.

  31. ImInYoMommy

    2003-2006 was the golden era for modern rock and metal
    2006-2009 was the golden era for (co-op) gaming
    and really good movies died around 2010 (with exception of marvel movies of course)

  32. cjcbsu99

    Discovered her in 03 and been a huge fan ever since. Rock it!🤘

  33. Anna Makauskas


  34. Lily 45

    Middle school mornings , breakfast and this song

  35. Thom The3rd

    Bro I was 15 years old and I swore she was talkin to me in this song LOL

  36. Jonathan Benjamin

    One of George's favz.

  37. Hannah C

    This makes me feel like a teenager again! Fefe is so talented and underrated.

  38. Jeremy Albrecht

    Man, it's been a minute. I've missed this song.

  39. blake_94

    Wow 2003! I remember having the biggest crush on her when I was 8! Hahaha time flies

  40. Caifabe

    Remembering when I was a kid I used to have a burned copy of Avril Lavigne's "Let Go" album with three extra tracks by other artists thrown at the end of the CD, after the album, for good measure. This was one of them, alongside "Real Emotion" from Final Fantasy X-2 and "Simple and Clean" from Kingdom Hearts.

    Holy shit the nostalgia is strong with this one.

  41. S Lewis

    What ever happened to her?

  42. EmCroy

    Cool For the Summer by Demi Lovato sounds awfully similar

  43. Christie Lynn

    I was 14 when this song came out. She came to our high school and performed for us in the gym, they even set up a stage and lights and all of us early 2000’s teenagers were jumping around in our converse and fishnet tights. Good times.

  44. Xch4r3nd4X

    This song just randomly popped in my head after all these years and it still jams hard

  45. Innasia Johnson

    2020 anyone? 💕

  46. TeaServedCold Entertainment

    Someone should redo this song for the #QueenAndSlim soundtrack

  47. Richard


  48. Fate/stay nightcore

    This is an amazing song but somehow the music video just doesn't feel like it fits the song

  49. SunKissNicole

    Randomly, thought of her tonight. It's been years since I've heard her..

    I use to love her music in high school (2009-2010). Crazzzzzyyyy as time flies. I wish she would come back!

  50. Ladylinda karlsson

    Oooh good high school memories with her music 🖤

  51. Sarina Lee

    I will never forget this song at all. I was 13 I believe when this song came out. But most of all this is a great song...

  52. hailie's bong

    This song reminds me of my crush 😩

  53. Fantastic Madam

  54. Vanity Plates

    I'm 36 and was 26 when this came out. I have a 6 yr old that loves music, especially older jams like this. I am so proud and excited to share this music with her. I still have this CD. 😍

  55. LoveLierGames

    I Was wrecking my brain trying to remember the title of this song Last night, I put so many song titles in YouTube search engine and didn't even pull up Fe Fe Dobson (take me away) I couldn't remember it! I would sing bits and pieces here and there but get stuck at a part where I couldn't remember the chorus.. it killed me! But today, not 20 minutes ago I was able to remember the chorus! I finally sung it in my head! And remembered (TAKE ME AWAY!) I don't know how it happen but it did! Come Back Fe Fe Baby I love this song!!! #ONREPEAT!

  56. DayvidDavis

    This song STILL slaps!

  57. Misterlivs

    I can feel my little kid angst pouring out again. A true star!

  58. En Vee

    461 people HATING on the *Greatest* African American rock, pop rock, punk rock or any other type stone artist. That shit is crazy, they must be people that think she stole or invaded on there genre. I love you FeFe and I don't even know you, but I know your music is my type. If I could make love to it I would.

  59. En Vee

    Who still listening in October 2019.........I love this song. So many emotions flood me at the same time while listening. Right now I'm reflecting to happier times when this song came out I was 16 going on 17 at a crossroad in my life. I think I chose the wrong path and now I be so depressed, I often think of killing myself. Religion is keeping me here because I'm scared of spending eternity in hell.


    En Vee about 30yrs old now and in the same boat, your not alone.

  60. Sendawula Kajubi

    Freshman year, high school this was one of my jams.

  61. Miss Stewart

    I loved her because she was a black girl who was into rock like me and I remember I use to wana be just like her lol still do til this day a huge fan <3 #2019

  62. TLMidnight 08

    Only the early 2000s middle schoolers can appreciate this gem!!

  63. Danielle Gonzales

    When the N would show music videos

  64. Samanthia Moore

    OMG whatever happenedto her I always wondered. I liked her.

  65. *Diamond *

    2019 anyone?

  66. anitalake1

    The day i fell in love

  67. ishayaw

    2019... still listening

  68. JoDammerung II

    Oh wow, what a blast from the past. ❤❤❤

  69. Thomas Paul

    I sang thes song at kereoke like 20 times

  70. TheALBox

    I loved this song already but then I saw she was black and I was over the moon. Growing up in a all black area listening to Rock and alternative, I was a outcast but seeing her made me feel accepted

  71. Kemi Babarinde

    The nostalgia

  72. Brandon Disesa

    I bet yelawolf's all up on that s***

  73. Mitena Grace

    Somehow I never noticed this song is as old as my younger bro. I outta say he was born a good year for music. I honestly miss this generation of music.

  74. Keesha Spears


  75. Michael Ashton

    This takes me back to 2003, when I was happy to see a black girl doing rock music.

  76. Miss Mochahontas

    I love FeFe Dobson she was my favorite artist as a kid. ❤

  77. Victor Garner

    I was 20 when this was released on November 18, 2003.

  78. Matt Walker

    Damn she has an amazing voice !!!!!

    Serah Olivia

    Yeah she can actually sing really well and is incredible live

  79. Cherise Davidson

    Fefe inspired me so much! lol when I first heard her music and my brother showed me her pic.... everything changed for me!

  80. Corey Hulen

    i was 19 when this song came out

  81. matilda

    omg i used to LOOOOVE HER

  82. Amanda WingZ

    17 years holy shit I'm old

    Victor Garner

    This was released on November 18, 2003 so it's not even 16 years ago yet.

    Amanda WingZ

    Victor Garner seriously. A year? You are going to correct me over a fucking year? Get a life

  83. Lenny Belardo

    she got taken away. psychology want us to make a healthy environment in the city. none of the psych patients will heal in sick enviroment. running to the woods is jim jones shit just depress everyone

  84. Torie

    Still listening to this in 2019 😁🖐🏼

  85. Sylvia V

    My teenage angst song Haha

  86. SolidSapphire

    This was my shit when I was 13. 🤘
    Still love it.

  87. MILLIE OnYoutube

    STILL HERE LISTENING 👂🏾 IN 2019 ✨✨✨✨

  88. Mommy and Paityn Colon

    ❤️ love her - anyone else here in 2019 🥰

    Timothy Oicles

    Mommy and Paityn Colon nope in 2020

  89. Stephanie Barnette

    Cant find lyric video for this song

  90. The Cosmic Queen


  91. Shepherds Outcry

    Pisces, Gemini moon, damn she’s fine.

  92. Rainbow77Girl

    she didn't have to snap like that!! love you fefe!

  93. MzBluMagoo

    This is the first song that I ever heard by Fefe! That was back in 2005! She’s still just as amazing!! This song still gives me the same happy feeling!!

  94. EX LuLua

    I had her album, i lost it

  95. Leonard Dobson

    Beautiful Voice Fefe DOBSON

  96. J Rob

    Rock version of Rihanna

  97. Sandra S

    2019 anyone?!

  98. Domingo Payso

    Still listening to this in 2019 ❤️💙