Dobson, Fefe - Save Me From LA Lyrics

I've never been the type to walk away from fun
I had a dream, I had a dream like everyone
I've seen your smoke and mirrors and dirty smoking guns
It makes me wanna run away into the sun
Into the sun
Into the sun

Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Woo, ooh
Woo, ooh

I snapped some photographs and threw them to the sea
Palm trees and party cups all filled with misery
My love is candy red and breaking constantly
My heart is scared to death
Yeah, of the California dream
California dream
California's dream

Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Woo, ooh
Woo, ooh
Save me from LA
Save me from LA
Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA

No, I don't wanna lose my mind (ooh)
But if I stay here, I will die
I've seen God on Hollywood and vine
Money passes me everytime

Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Save my soul, save my soul
Take me far away
Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Save me from LA
Save me from LA
Save my soul, save my soul
Save my soul from LA
Woo, ooh
Woo, ooh
Woo, ooh
Save me from LA (Woo, ooh)
Save me from LA

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Dobson, Fefe Save Me From LA Comments
  1. Blaze Fireball

    This is so different but so cool! I miss Fefe

  2. pauleett Chávarria


  3. Running

    So underrated

    Nellie K. Adaba

    I completely agree. Love her and Avril.

  4. Julia Romaine


  5. かぐやKaguya

    I always loved her !

  6. Les7199 Lewis

    This is a bop🔥🔥🔥

  7. Sade Harry

    We miss you

  8. Kaisa S

    I cannot get enough of this song!!! One of the best songs I've heard in a long time.

  9. Delbert Patton

    Love it. ❤❤❤❤❤💕💕💕💕

  10. John Brown

    OMG... you're back ?
    Hoping fr the best for you FeFe...

  11. Alice Cao

    This is such a good song??? Why did no one talk about this???

  12. HWC Entertainment

    She's back!!!! Queen Fefe

  13. Scott Miller

    What an awesome tune! Finally a real singer, real band and real talent once again.

  14. Ron Skullie

    She's fr Scarborough with a famous Jamaican singer ser name she probably Jamaican descent on

  15. Will Coors

    come back to us fefe

  16. Jay Lox

    Where's the album?

  17. Risingofthephoenixx x

    Giving me some major Lana Del Ray vibes I love it though!! Where are you Fefe come back!!

  18. Jasmine Harper

    Save my soul we miss you fefe!!!!!!

  19. Jessi Fitzy

    Go home fefe... Save ur own soul.

  20. RobFrank22

    How is this woman not a platinum selling artist?

  21. Aupixa

    The fact that she’s back is the best

  22. RJ Gilmore

    I've loved everything she has put out. From Bye Bye Boyfriend to Don't Go (boys and girls) to Stuttering, to this. She always impresses me. I've listened to all of her albums. She is way underrated but I love she's always herself.

  23. Kaylah Norris

    Definitely different from your earlier music Fefe i was in my almost mid 20s when take me away was released i like it keep on keeping on

  24. slumaysal Ammisaid

    Fefe has specail vioce

  25. Read Love Listen

    She makes awesome music!

  26. Amy Mac

    I fucking love Stevie Nicks. Love her!! But... with that said... ladies and gentlemen our new stevie....

  27. ninosimone x

    Deep lyrics

  28. Melissa

    Absolute bliss to the ears.♡♡♡

  29. Imani

    Omg her voice matured

  30. Sade Henry

    I love it! It's been a minute, but I'm still rocking w/ you, sis!
    -eDas The Soul Star

  31. Dixie Dog

    Definitely heard a Lana vibe in this song. It's good. I was a big Fefe fan back in '03.

  32. Mireille Nadon

    This is a wicked song. A bit Lynchian.

  33. Odile Jones

    How have I just heard this this is amazing!!! It's great to hear her making music when I was growing up seeing a women of colour in rock was so inspiring. I still listen to her stuff today.

  34. babylonsinner

    For those who have ears,hollyweird striked again...

  35. Reo J. Saints

    I feel the meaning of this song. I really really do. And the feeling is pain. True pain about L.A and the media and other things out there.


    Charles Johnson

    I was looking for just one comment that what I was thinking

  36. Yasmine L.

    one of the greatest underrated artist of my time i still remember the first song i heard from you. The industry isn't ready for a pure sound like yours much love to you and keep doing your thing

  37. Noel Galvez

    En verdad amo todo en este video más allá de la canción. La letra y emociones de esta canción quiere incluso hacer coneccion con su alma . Lástima que no se dan cuenta por el factor comercial

  38. Shamia

    always loved FeFe!!! now I'm older and chasing my Hollywood dreams and this is very relatable ! LA is a Beast covered in Beauty. shit crazy but man dreams come true hete

  39. Robert Ray

    This song gives me hope for the future of music.

  40. Dara Lindaine

    Que saudade que eu tava de você!!!! ç.ç
    Fada que tanto me inspirou, música maravilhosa, ansiosa pelo novo álbum. I LOVE YOU. ♥

  41. Alex Carter

    I want this to be a full out band. All female, FeFe lead, my middle school Fefe fangirl dreams. Feeling this musical direction as well.

  42. Josh Fox

    Wow love this 😍😍😍

  43. ЯoQ FieR

    Fefe was, is and will always be FEFE DOBSON👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👍!!!

  44. LordSos91

    when fefe performed in TO with yela, she stared at me and my ex the whole time she performed. wish i got to meet her, yela only had a meet and greet with him but had him and her in the picture he signed which i thought was weird, they split up shortly after that show

  45. Nita Eldred

    We want more babe!! Fuckin mad luv lady!

  46. Henry Melissa


  47. Luis Ascencio

    I always love your music Fefe, amazing song. You are a truly great artist.

  48. U.S. Male

    This girl can sing any style of music. It's a shame she isn't bigger than what she is. But sometimes that's what happens when you stay true to yourself and don't sell out.
    Keep Rockin Fefe.

  49. Kindred Essex

    Wow. I love the new matured sound.

  50. Dro KillaKush

    Allot of people seem to be complaining about the video, I like it. It's minimal. Music videos are way overblown nowadays.

  51. You have an amazing voice! Song is awesome love it. ❤❤

  52. Гость из Бухары

    Хорошо поет. Душевно.

  53. j.keef

    ily release more musik

  54. Karolina Mk Skorek

    I love it <3

  55. ZoZo 007

    I actually like the video. It's like shes telling her story to the audience.

  56. Wolf

    your voice sexy af

  57. j.keef

    Where's the follow up single?! 🖤


    Queen rise!

  59. Molly Cyrus

    Fe⚡Fe is my spirit animal!!! Been making great music for years and I'm still living in the days of 8x10. Such a great voice.

  60. Stewart Armstrong

    why didnt she use her vevo channel more viewers

  61. babylonsinner

    With all the weird stuff coming out of Hollyweird,no wonder...

  62. Kila Mime

    FEFE PLEASE MAKE MORE MUSIC!! Love from Denmark!❤️

  63. Dickens Okoth

    Fefe i really like u..especially your song..(stuttering )..
    just keep it up and don't mute again

  64. Assassin Tha Rebellion

    Come on 1 million views!!!

  65. Eagle Eye Gordon

    This is an "industry" story.....I can totally relate

  66. saukee

    Holy shit! I had the biggest crush on her back in the day during the "Take me away" and "Everything" days and now she looks all drugged out (including her band) ! Too bad she was beautiful...

  67. gabrielleellah

    so glad you're back woohoooooooooo

  68. anne luva

    Woow !!! I like <3

  69. Neal

    You're back!! Woooo! Fefe! <3

  70. Miss Riker

    In love❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  71. suqqabuu

    Can’t wait to hear more from you 💙

  72. dyme *

    Sounds like yela wrote it

  73. Lanna Jade

    Very Very Lana,
    But Still Beautiful❤️🖤❤️🖤

    Been A Fan Since I Was In Middle School😌😌

    Shawnee Destiny

    Lana is known to have a wide range of song types.and she isn't as laid back. Her vibrato is stronger and way more random...please give fefe her credit and it's more yelawolf than Lana

  74. Love Is A Download

    I Love this song! If anyone wants to check out the animation Video I made for it, Heres the link:

  75. 2lemonades

    Love this. You look like my niece FeFe

  76. The Suaves

    oh very sad

  77. Christine Cupp

    I dig your style. keep making music, you make me want to dance. What a cool gift to have. Making people dance.

  78. wanhungyeong wonggyu

    lana del rey is that you ?


    Haunting song and I love the understated video!

  80. Crystal XoXoXo

    Blah blah blah fake boring no good 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽can’t listen anymore sorry Wolf she under ur fkn belt

  81. Cyber Chutney

    Love you Fefe! 💖😍

  82. Moe Anthony

    Did she wake up? Or like most female artists, bare children and never heard from again causing their career to end.

  83. QueOnda 123

    Who remember her hit song "Take Me Away"?

    Chris RJ

    That was the song that made me buy the album!

    Me Likey Jihyo

    And stuttering

  84. TonyUnplugged

    Kill Bill: Vol. 3 (2018)

  85. ngr3gorius

    Welcome back. Take me far away from here.

  86. EPTW

    Great Song! Greetings from Poland!

  87. Darcy

    Love your music Fefe💜 listening since 2004💜

  88. salad daze

    this is so good. welcome back fefe. we love you.

  89. J GH

    tiene el toque de "Summer Wine" de Lana del Rey <3

  90. RoxxiRay

    I love it ❤️❤️❤️

  91. WonderfulYier1

    Great song!Thank you YouTube!o(^ω^)o

  92. Larry Rodriquez

    You should open up for Carly Rae Jepsen

  93. Kevin Rocks TV

    Glad you're still making sweet music, Fefe! I really wish the video was equally magical. It's really lacking. Color grad is all over the place and the editing is amateurish. SIGH. I feel like a lot of your later videos really don't pop the way they should. YOU'RE POWERFUL. <3

  94. Assassin Tha Rebellion

    This is a slow burn....but i love it... its Fefe freakin Dobson!

  95. Daka

    I like Fefe and this song, but its a total Lana Del Rey style... Everything from the vocals, beat, and the vibes... Did she work with the people Lana does?... because this could totally be a Lana song...

    ViViLuVsY0u ALwaYs

    Yeah it's like a Lana rip off. I literally thought it was Lana because that's the playlist I'm playing and it came up as a commercial so I'm guessing youtube thinks so as well

    E J

    Not quite, it’s more reserved than Lana. I quite Ike it

    Mireille Nadon

    Lana dont have a monopoly on old hollywood

    Scott Miller

    Who's Lana? never heard of her.

  96. love luv

    Very catchy song Fefe i love it

  97. brenda lopez

    😍thank you A.😘💐

  98. Joseph Di Frances

    This woman can't help but project a spirit above whatever else is making noise around her, around us. She rediscovers the word 'inspiration' for me. Ever thanks .

  99. Kyan Stan

    The more I listen to it the better it gets ^_<

  100. Lanraiz

    This style is really better for you. Reminds me of Lana Del Rey. I hope to hear the whole album in this sound. Of couse with the featuring Yelawolf :) ❤️