Dobson, Fefe - In The Kissah Lyrics

I gave it all just for you
And you needed help for what you threw
And you think that you would remember
Paved your way
When you thought
You only remembered how to use me

One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah
One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah

You blocked reality when you were here
And now you're gone and it's so much clear
When the girls walked by
You love me you would say
You hook up, you get caught
I'm in denial so I forgave you

One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah
One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah

All I wanna know
Is what I've done to you
You think that I'm confused
And I'll just run to you
Whatever, whatever
I'll be fine [x6]
Back to you
(I think you should know)

One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah
One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah

Now that you're gone
I finally see
My friends were right
You were wrong for me
You never controlled me
I gave you the control
This song's for you
I want you to know

I'll be fine [x14]
If you get what you deserve

One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah
One day, girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah
(Just know that)

One day, (One day) girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah
One day, (One day) girls (ooh)
Oh, Right in the kissah

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Dobson, Fefe In The Kissah Comments
  1. rafael arana

    Hug me! Bring it in!

  2. Chris Spears

    be weary of your artistry kids.. #seepagefourteen #balonpie

  3. Lady Rae

    My favorite Fefe Dobson song... 😄😘

  4. MsAquagurl


  5. Halie B.

    I'm sorry I heard this song late. Fefe is a blessing:)

  6. MisMediator

    my fave part was always at 2:26

  7. elizscorpio2love

    @TVP4 one day were gonna punch the guy who screws us over right in the kissah

  8. Elizabeth Hose

    she used 2 be goth

  9. TVP Jones

    Can someone tell me what the chorus means?

  10. jazminexrenee

    @SmiIeAndWave i know, i was talkin about her needing to put out a NEW CD. she DIDNT have a NEW CD out 2yrs ago.

  11. jazminexrenee

    @SmiIeAndWave lol i no. that comment is 2yrs old. she didnt have a new 1 out then

  12. Mass Tyson

    You can tell it's a Neptunes production. This rocks.

  13. JazzBerry Beret

    I like the guitar alot in this song

  14. Nellie K. Adaba

    @Shaneet10 me too!

  15. Mohamed Rais

    This was supposed to be a Bonus Track for "Sunday Love"

  16. Mohamed Rais

    @ketchupfrom4ce4 :(

  17. ya boi Tehn

    @Shaneet10 they say prob either july 6th or august

  18. Tim Chambers

    nice demo..

  19. ya boi Tehn

    @PierreProdInc its not on joy or sunday love it was a demo

  20. ya boi Tehn

    @MzUniqueIllusion i know right some ppl,i dont care anymore im black and i love to listen and sing rock music

  21. Loll1rot

    @MzUniqueIllusion omg i feel the same freakin way lol its nice to find colored people who like this kind of music!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  22. Tim Chambers

    is this on joy.. cause i thought it would be on sunday love

  23. dings215

    @tokiog13 - no one cares what music anyone listens to. it has no bearing on anything. if people think you're a disgrace there's something else going on. in any case, who cares? ignore 'em, do what you will.

  24. iluvdng07

    It takes time to stop caring what people think, but at the same time it's still kinda weird. It probably won't completely go away, but I'm comfortable with myself now, and it helps to know that there are other people who feel the same way, so it makes life easier. Good luck with getting more comfortable with it, but hey, I feel ya.

  25. emeraldfae8

    There's quite a few of us out there. Like myself. :) We are out there.

  26. iluvdng07

    I guess so, but I'm not Canadian and I live in the States, so the prejudice here is pretty bad sometimes. I don't know how it is over there.

  27. jessfoxx

    @iluvdng07 I really think just being canadian generally opens your mind up to rock music.

  28. IndieBookClub

    Good for you, stay strong! I love rock and punk music. Wish I could rock like that. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we could find like thousands of black rocker chicks? Get together and make a noise so loud more people would have to take notice and respect?

  29. IndieBookClub

    We need more black rocker chicks, like FeFe women who are not afraid to be 'real'. I'm tired of hearing the same old, same old music.

  30. ¡Yo$oyChris!

    I agree too. Black women have such 'deep' (as in more thick, filling with more umph to it) and they just sing rock better because they can carry it! some of the white girls out there just don't sound good doing what fefe does.

  31. iluvdng07

    I think it would break so many barriers and more black people who like rock would feel more comfortable listening to it in public.

  32. iluvdng07

    I know, right? Growing up I had a major identity crisis, cuz I felt if I listened to what I wanted to people would call me an Oreo, but Fefe's music made me feel better, and now that I'm older I'm starting not to care, but the insecurity is still there.

  33. iluvdng07

    I feel the same way. It seems as if society assumes that if you're black, u like everything rap/hip hop, but I happen to like rock. I absolutely loved it when Fefe did her first album cuz it made me feel better and I was mad when her 2nd one was dropped. Good luck with ur singing career.

  34. Ninja_Pixie

    They dropped from Def Jam bcuz they said her songs werent charting but hell they didnt even promote her.... so thats why they just decided to cancel it. How did u get the album. I've been looking everywhere for it. I only got a couple of sings

  35. shenanigan91

    i thought it was just ok at first but now i love it!!

  36. Liberty Bliss

    I'm glad that with her new album, she's been getting more exposure (: At least, from what I've seen. I just love that her songs keep showing up in commercials! I get to get up and dance!

  37. Seph Selenite

    haha fefe got me through 7th and 8th grade! im in 11th grade now and i can still relate to fefe's music!

  38. Daphine holland

    yes i agree i was only fourteen a fresmen listeng to her she got me through my social bad days of being new and being a lone

  39. skkygirl

    Well she was going to put this one out..but..well..her record company was a piece of crap. She's busy recording a new album right now.

  40. jazminexrenee

    she needs to put a cd out!!!

  41. shenanigan91

    This song rocks!

  42. VancouverBoii08

    I F*cking LOVE Fefe! :)

  43. Superstaer

    she asked to buy the rights from Island and they turned her down....

  44. Joseph Carey Jr

    i thoughtI had all the Sunday Love Tracks...I didn't know this existed!

  45. mayhemmike15982

    but then wouldnt she have to pay for everything herself? like the album, producing, the videos....all of thats expensive. she might not have that kind of money.

  46. Shaneet10

    i always loved fefe from the very first song she came out with

  47. Hannah Blanco

    Go Fefe Dobson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Samuel J. Ashe II

    seriously i started humming this everday afteri first heard it

  49. Laser Hines

    where can we get this song from!

  50. Samuel J. Ashe II

    ahhhhhhhhhh mazing! i love fefe so much and really having trouble with waiting for her junior (sophomore release) album

  51. eevee91

    OMG I was so excited when I saw there was a new song!

  52. alicyn danielle

    Fefe rocks~ I love her music. :]