Dobson, Fefe - If I Was A Guy Lyrics

If I was a guy
I'd get to wear the pants
Making all the decisions
Asking girls to dance yeah yeah

If I was a guy
I'd be my biggest fan
I'd be the skinny lead singer
In a grunge band yeah yeah

I'd say c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon here girl let me show you something
I'm gonna rock your world
And I'd say gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimmw gimme some of your love
I'd be the only one girl
That you'd be thinking of

If I was a guy
I would do lots of chicks
Yeah I would be so horny
And we'd think with our d**ks yeah yeah

If I was a guy
I'd hang with all my boys
Maybe talk about girls
Like they were boy toys yeah yeah


Baby I'll chase you down
Maybe I'll stick around
Maybe I'll hang around with you
For a week or two
Then baby I'll get bored
You're gonna be ignored
Gonna let you down yeah girls
That's what all guys do
I'm talking to you

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Dobson, Fefe If I Was A Guy Comments
  1. gladitsnotme

    2:33 lyrics TOO REAL. Women are weak for falling for males shit for EONS

  2. BlueSky

    Before you get too hung up on race you might like to know that Dobson's mother is of English, Aboriginal, and French ancestry and her father is of Jamaican heritage. For shame. She is abslutely not a lesbian, either! She is engaged to Yelawolf. She is also Canadian and as far as I am concerned better than Avril Lavigne. They are both the same age [30 years old right now], write their own songs, but also have very similar styles.

  3. Sarah Randall

    um... she's NOT a lesbian but yeah there is nothing bad with being a homosexual

  4. Sarah Randall

    *cough, cough* no offence BUT, it is ANYody, NOT n-e, *walks away shyly*

  5. Randy Flask

    Fefe for ever!

  6. year1332

    Been lovin' this chick since album ONE!!! God, she is SICK!!!

  7. Keisha Brown - Time for fun

    Younger Joan Jett = Fefe Dobson.
    Love her~~! <3333

  8. Hannah Raepsaet

    she sounds like joan jett
    love her

    Elizabeth Williams

    Hannah Raepsaet joan jet cowrote one of the songs on this album "sunday love" i think it might be this one but im not sure

  9. neene7

    sounds like fefe to me :D

  10. Dede xo

    I love her and you all should check out Jared Evans - in love with you , he is unheard off and he needs more views !

  11. samlps1

    @terribleathletes13 no shes saying if she was a guy it would be like this

  12. Maddie Monahan

    umm is she lesbo??...

  13. SteffanyRaeLynch

    shes like joan jett but caramel ;]

  14. Irishmum

    my fav song by her is shuttering

  15. HereForTheShips

    I can bet the labels don't support her as much just because she's a menace to the image they made to black chicks, being a strong rock and roll original sexy girl, and not another Beyonce or Nicki Minaj type of gir (not that they're bad, they awesome too) Just sayin' Keep supporting Fefe coz She AWESOME ;D

  16. Samantha Svihl

    in a GARAGE band :)

  17. Nona Taylor

    i liked her old music,but not this sorry not hating or anything but....

  18. Jas Williams

    I have an addiction to fefe dobson now. :/

  19. Ninja_Pixie

    @Maceyloulou OMG Bitch! a fuckin month later get da fuck outta here. and come up with ur own shit to use.

  20. nikita matthews

    @sarafergie196 WAT? are u deff did u listen to the song it songs nothing like beyonce u lookin fuh attention

  21. Ninja_Pixie

    @Maceyloulou Fuck U 2. Nobody uses that tired ass cant stand me shit n-e more. Look I didnt say anything rude to anybody in the 1st place she came and insulted me out of the blue. Dont try to tell me what to do U dont like the comment I leave on my own post dont read it Just fuckin Enjoy the damn song thats what I put it for. To get people into FEFE. and take ur thanx some where else cause ur not welcome and I hope that bye means ur not coming back

  22. xoxSelenaGomezFanxox

    @starbriyonce Different lyrics dood..

  23. Tay M

    @sarafergie196 Theres alot of songs like that, i think Ciera was the first one to make something like that.
    Like a boy.

  24. Ninja_Pixie

    @sarafergie196 she didnt rip off n-e body. This song came out 2006. Then Ciara (Like A Boy), Then Beyonce' so u might wanna check ur facts. Nobody copied n-e body its just the same subject matter

  25. Ninja_Pixie

    @starbriyonce Nobody copied n-e one this song came out in 2006. Neither of the songs sound alike it just has the same subject matter. Kinda of like Ciara's like a boy

  26. Ninja_Pixie

    @tslotatlover1 lol yea sorry the font is really wierd. If u havent heard her new album Joy u need too. Its so amazing

  27. Brianna Turnbull

    so did she copy beyonce or did beyonce copy her?????

  28. Ninja_Pixie

    @iHeartMarshmellos It's probably personal expierence they had. I dont think they are bashing all men tho... :-)

  29. iHeartMarshmellos

    This song is good but I don't understand why songs like "if i were a boy" or "if i was a guy" or "like a boy" ect always makes guys look like such assholes...not all guys are like this!!

  30. cityandalarm


  31. Haley S.

    One of my new favorite songs. I really hope they release this album in the near future because all the songs are just fantastic

  32. mirmir976

    @ItalianVampire64 omg i was thinking the same idk if true or not but the lyrics do sound similar