Dobson, Fefe - Get You Off Lyrics

Touch me
It's such a beautiful reaction
Shining like the sun
I want more
And I'm craving satisfaction
But it never comes

You say it's love
But it feels like a drug
And I want you so much
But it only makes me hate you
You pick me up just to thrown me down
Yeah you're my habit now
And I just have to break you

Hey hey you you yeah yeah
Get off of my back
Hey hey you you yeah yeah
Get off of my back
I feel you stepping on my wings
And I would anything
To get you off
To get you off of my back

A warm rush jammin up like a freeway
When I'm next to you
Sweet stuff
And it's running through each vein
When I'm next to you

It sounds dumb
But it leaves me numb
Till I don't know what I want
But I'm needing your protection
You're so hot
And you love me a lot
But what we've got
Feels more like an addiction


I've been living lately
Like I'm dying all the time
Might do something crazy
Like jumping off the Hollywood sign
Cause boy you make me
Feel like I can fly

You say it's love
But it feels like a drug
And I want you so much
But it only makes me hate you

Hey hey you you yeah yeah
Get off of my back
Hey hey you you yeah yeha
Get off of my back
I caught you tearing up my wings
And I would anything

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Dobson, Fefe Get You Off Comments
  1. D D

    Fefe always reminded me of Joan Jet when she sang..Bad ass, but so lovely at the same time..I often wondered why we don't hear enough of Fefe on the radio or anywhere for that matter..She is so talented, love her rockin vibe...In my book she is a great rockin roll gal, she's up there with the best!

  2. Chris Spears


  3. Jas Williams

    Fefe Dobson always has the perfect song to describe the different moments of my life

  4. Sarah Randall

    rockin' song! WOO!!!!!!!!

  5. Ninja_Pixie

    It was One of the Original Covers for the album. I don't have the link but if you google Sunday Love Fefe Dobson you should find it. :-) Sorry it took so long to reply.

  6. Randy Flask

    Greatest Rock & roll album ever made!

  7. Ariana Keesling

    The beginning rhythm reminds me off this song called "It's f*ck time" by Green day/ foxboro hot tubs. You can hear it in this video: /watch?v=-idGjigTqZA
    It may just be me thinking that, idk

  8. Ariana Keesling

    She has a hella lot of energy on stage! It's so cool- if you ever get the chance to go, I suggest you do.

  9. Maddie Monahan

    this doesnt sound like herr?

  10. menimEisevoLyrics

    and why didn't Sunday Love get released? It's amazing

  11. bloodymary206429


  12. yo mama

    yeah, your my habit now & i just have to break you.




    Well... did... dies Haha Idk :P I can just relate is all I'm sayin


    I love this song fits... me so well... I live Fefe Dobson!!!

  16. Ninja_Pixie

    @iluvEastonTurner yea of course. If I don't do it today I give it to u tomorrow ok. :-)

  17. SenoritaTJ

    Cool song

  18. Ninja_Pixie

    @NeverEclipsed Bcuz she got dropped by Def Jam. They said her music didnt chart but they didnt even promote it or her. She got resigned again by them and thats why Joy was released. I wish it was doing good down her. Fefe is better than alot of the acts out today. I loved her since the beginning

  19. Aijalon Films

    @ScienceProjek Apparently Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt helped write this and also sang background vocals on it. This song is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Why wasn't this album released? She should have been way bigger than how she is now. Oh well at least Joy is doing well in Canada.....

  20. Ninja_Pixie

    @SmiIeAndWave Yea sure I give it to you tomorrow

  21. Ninja_Pixie

    @milzster91 Yea sure I give it to tomorrow if thats ok. Sorry it took awhile ive been busy

  22. milzster91

    can you send me the link for the album. i've been looking forever

  23. Tim Chambers

    Oh.. I didn't really get into rock until the late nineties. Even then it was mostly Christian. I don't know if I've heard them before.

  24. Tim Chambers

    I know she's in her early 20's but if this song would've come out in the 80's she'd be way more recognized..

  25. Patrick Pats

    @mimi022089 oh thanks but I didn`t know she had an unreleased album called Sunday Love but all credit due to you i googled and found the unreleased album for download. It got this song and the Scar song i was looking for

  26. Ninja_Pixie

    @RealDefentertainment Yea I do have that song but for some reason I can't upload it. If there is another way to open it I will gladly post it that is one of my fave songs =)

  27. Patrick Pats

    @mimi022089 hey She have a Song Called Scar i think it came out the same time as this song. if you have it can you please upload it?
    is so let me know

  28. Denise Hamilton

    This song kicks ass. I love it.

  29. Ninja_Pixie

    @makiesaysno She is Nov. 30 uf they dont push it back again. It's Called JOY. Being released through Def Jam

  30. Ninja_Pixie

    @beautyofmusic Yea sure

  31. Wordless06

    I love it!

  32. mirmir976

    love this song...that pic so awesome!!!!

  33. Ninja_Pixie

    @ChocolateFunnelCake Had to search for it online. I just googled it. It took me 3 years to find it lol. If u want I'll look for the link I got it from and send it to you =)

  34. elizscorpio2love

    awesomeness and great vid... i love the album and i love love love this song and the initiator