Dobson, Fefe - Get Over Me Lyrics

So here we stand
Just the two of us
Our hearts beating
Cause we've been so nervous
We know what's coming next
The time we hid from
Has come too fast

There's too much
I have learned from you
The love you gave
Was something new
But now I've gotta go
I don't expect you to be ok

So get over me
Cause everything I do to you
Causes you pain
Just walk away
Anyone in love
Knows you deserve better than me

You fight
And tell me to be strong
You say we're special
That you want to carry on
You beg me for one more try
I can't help but ask you why

The other guy
Is waiting right outside
Gotta get my things
Gotta leave you tonight
See some things don't work out
I never meant to hurt you now

Get over me
Don't believe in love
And I won't ever again
Just walk away
Everyone around knows
You were always better to me

Don't know why
I always sabotage everything
We may be perfect
But that don't mean a thing


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Dobson, Fefe Get Over Me Comments
  1. Trustintheuniverse1111

    Unique lyrics (:

  2. Vanny teh Kitty

    I love all of Fefe's songs. She is a great singer

  3. FishnetLullaby

    Do you have scar and hole up?

  4. Savanna Taylor

    i always do that! I'm so shameful....

  5. MeetTheSnays

    this fits me and my ex so well i really wish he would understand and move on..... cause im over him i feel bad for hurting him but he can do better then me and it will be ok no matter what

  6. Kylar Smith

    @ButterFlyAngel4Ever Really? Her first releases were so edgy and cool. Now she's really trying to be the same as the rest of her genre.....forgetable

  7. April Kent

    Get over me, cause everything I do causes you pan.

  8. Lesly Pelaez

    i like this song

  9. Madlyn Lichota

    She sounds soo difforite!

  10. menimEisevoLyrics

    I hope she never goes mainstream just to hit the charts. She's amazing just the way she is. Def Jam are the people who need to change.

  11. mariossbbfan1

    is Sunday Love ever gonna get released as an album because so far i havent heard 1 bad song on the album plus she wrote most of it?.

  12. Tim Chambers

    Not gonna work.. The radio stations will just tell you "Sunday Love? We've Never heard of it. Not in our databases".

  13. bieberbabeshawty

    his song for me..

  14. Ninja_Pixie

    @ButterFlyAngel4Ever I agree but Def Jam needs to also promote her. They dont have a probably doing this with rihanna but she is still amazing either way

  15. Ninja_Pixie

    @redladyinred I get wut ur say but the fact is even now Fefe got resigned to def jam and they are still not doing anything for her.I mean fefe should be way bigger here in the US . She;s amazing

  16. cheesetomycracker

    She sounds better singing higher notes like in "stuttering"

  17. Ninja_Pixie

    @stonypoint9 bcuz she got dropped from Def Jam They claim her songs didnt chart but they didnt even promote her

  18. rebekah herbst

    why wasnt the ablum releasd?

  19. Ryn Harding

    This Song is Perfect for any girl to give to an ex BF..No other way to really describe it...I'd use this song as well.

  20. Haly Melanson

    well im almost in the sistuation where imgoing to leave my bf and this song basically describes us. someone else deseves him not me. i should send him a link to this.......