Dobson, Fefe - Don't Let It Go To Your Head Lyrics

So what if I came clean
And told you all you mean to me
So what if I meant every word I said
Baby don't let it go to your head
So what if I write your name
Cause you're always on my brain
In a heart, I paint it crimson red
Baby don't let it go to your head

Don't be getting any big ideas
Let me make it clear

Just cause I can't go on
Just cause I die when you're gone
Just cause I think of you in bed
Don't let it go to your head
If I looked in your eyes
One, two, too many times
And memorized every word you said
Don't let it go to your head

So what if I want to kiss
From your toes up to your lips
It don't mean that you've had me yet
You're gonna be good, I bet

I'm the one whose in control here
Let me make it clear

Just cause I can't go on
Just cause I die when you're gone
Just cause I think of you in bed
Don't let it go to your head
If I looked in your eyes
One, two, too many times
And memorized every word you said
Don't let it go to your head

Don't let it go to your head

I had a porcelain doll
I held on to it so tightly
But when it broke, I swore
I'd never hold on to something that tightly again
Don't let it go to your head
Oh, no (oh, no)

Just cause I can't go on
Just cause I die when you're gone
Just cause I think of you in bed
Don't let it go to your head
Don't let it go to your head

Just cause I can't go on
Just cause I die when you're gone
Just cause I think of you in bed
Don't let it go to your head
If I looked in your eyes (ohh)
One, two, too many times
And memorized every word you said
Don't let it go to your head (ohh)
Don't let it go to your head (ohh)
Don't let it go to your head (don't let it, don't let it)
Don't let it go to your head (ohh)

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Dobson, Fefe Don't Let It Go To Your Head Comments
  1. Doris Matančić

    This sound so freaking awesome!

  2. Lieke vg

    Came from lisa cimorelli's insta story lol

  3. King Solomon

    She has the exact mannerisms and style of Rihanna

  4. Sal LeBlanc

    Fefe is such a severely underrated songwriter, it takes massive chops to make a song in this style actually catchy

  5. Otniel Romeo

    Maybe she isn't as famous as Avril Lavigne, Ashlee Simpson nor Kelly Clarkson, but she inspired and influenced several artists that are more famous than her: Rihanna and Selena Gomez.

  6. K. O

    Those days when songs have quality and meaning ❤️

    Happy 2020 everyone!

  7. Fleur

    fefe had hits

  8. M. A. B.

    One of the most listened album of my life since 2007. **Sunday Love**

  9. Megan S

    Pretty cool to see a woman of color that is punk I love it, I am so like her, I love Rock and to me it's so amazing to see I am not the only one of color that loves Rock.

  10. Benita

    Miss her so much

  11. Estefany

    10 years later l still love this song

  12. That Kid

    2019 anyone?

  13. Fred Cooper

    *screams along*

  14. Sade Harry

    This is my entire highschool experience in a single song

  15. Andrew Phillips

    Somce 2005 back in Whitehorse I have liked this song

  16. Kelsie Poirier

    Hi in 2019 :P

  17. Alyssum Ivy

    love the brody dalle vibes honestly

  18. Ted Jean

    2019!! Just cuz i think of you bed..
    fefe forevah

  19. Allen Schneider

    This Song is the best

    Allen Schneider

    I like her

  20. Sammie Lee

    Definitely see where Rihanna style came from . DEF JAM

  21. Sean Jenkins

    Jordin was better

  22. MisMediator

    It's almost 2020 and now is the time to POP. People weren't ready back then, but they are now. Come on Fefe, let's go!

  23. Loise Ngugi

    Love from Kenya. I was a fan since highschool ❤️
    Miss this kind of music

  24. Joshua Hall

    Middle school all the way!! 2019 still love my fefe!! <3

  25. mark stewart

    Phil X did all the guitars

  26. theskeletonfairy

    2019 this just crawled out the depths of my memory. Still fire.

  27. Lauren E

    2019 anyone? 🤷‍♀️

  28. mike c

    This played on commercials on Noggin while Degrassi was on 😭

  29. nicholas cicchillitti

    Where are you?

  30. Otniel Romeo

    RIP bed

  31. earthandfire T

    My inspiration from start to finish in high school. I swear there was never someone in related to more. 💖💖

  32. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    Fefe Dobson... I loved her music since take me away!

  33. Candace D


  34. Marc Zeus Flauta

    2018-2019 anyone?

  35. y0urlillyness

    I know she helped write this song, but I like Jordin Sparks's interpretation better...

  36. D D

    Fefe reminds me so much of younger Joan Jett...

  37. Julie Sprouse

    2018 and i still love this song

  38. SWEETDEE007

    still love this song

  39. sexxxigurl85

    2018 and i think this was the only song i knew from her. And i like it just as much now as i did in highschool

  40. haleigh

    she is awesome!!

  41. January

    im sorry but that toilet scene is iconic like who else can look that good sittin on a toilet

  42. Randy Flask

    Love Fefe ,she is the greatest in my book!

  43. Slurpie Games

    She legit looked like Rihanna in the thumbnail

  44. Jeffrey Miller

    Sweet memories of Allie I never drank in a dark allie.but it sounds fun.$1,000,000.00 dollars and a half.

  45. ShaneTheBest

    Love this freaking song

  46. Supreme&Aset Media

    I've been watching her video'a for an hour

  47. Jeffrey Miller

    I told them I'm going to college

  48. Jeffrey Miller

    I left a message when my teachers kept saying,no that's not right you have to do it again.

  49. Jeffrey Miller

    I don't know wants the answer

  50. Jeffrey Miller

    Sure I'll do the 9th grade again.but there's going to be a whole lot of kids graduateing early

  51. Mickia Major

    I miss my teenage years💜 still listen to Fefe.

  52. Bebita Ndongo

    I wish she continued with this style. She was so unique and so far away from the mold most black girls fall into when they get into the music industry. Gosh, I love this song so much. Just wish she would have done something individual with her look. #dontletitgotoyourhead

  53. CWillGrxxn Productions

    i came here from looking at an archived version of chris crocker's youtube channel from 2007... this was one of his favorited videos or something lol. this girl seems really cool

  54. chris simpson

    Beautiful black Joan Jett of our time.

  55. Jeffrey Miller

    Thank you FE FE

  56. Jeffrey Miller

    She is the one who would poor invisible paint on my boss to make him or her invisible

  57. Jeffrey Miller

    Off the wall unrecinizable oddball black girl that rocks I love her

  58. Gehrig RFC

    She totally reminds me of Domino from the new Deadpool...

  59. kreenichiwa k

    3:14 FeFe was really feeling it 😆😂

  60. Nijia Johnson

    I like jordins version better because it's softer and more meaningful

  61. kreenichiwa k

    This version of Fefe is if (old) Rihanna and P!nk had a child 😄

  62. kreenichiwa k

    This video and her angst (not to mention, hairstyle :) is the most FeFe's reminded me of P!nk

  63. kreenichiwa k

    I'm so glad FeFe's songs are in karaoke books 😁

  64. Jojo B

    Sooooo underrated

  65. Immortal Firefly06

    she's so unique and beautiful

  66. Sam Sneed

    Half Samoan?

  67. Ele Betlemely

    She looks like African American Joan Jett

  68. Narwhal Johnson

    When she came out, the world was simply not ready for Fefe Dobson. Damn shame.

  69. Alexis Alba

    I can see Rihanna has been inspired by Fefe, watch this with and Rihanna's early 2000's videos

  70. Sarajevo

    Me @ 13 , always come back to these 😭

  71. Patrick Rayner

    Shez hawwt AF

  72. M. A. B.

    Just read that discogs calls this album "Legendary", so true!

  73. M. A. B.

    Probably one of the songs I've listen the most in my life. I dream of getting a real Sunday Love CD, it's one of my fetish album!

  74. Melissa Burns

    How does Rhianna sleep at night?

  75. jeffrey miller

    He he haha im going to stay up all night listening to all of fefe Dobson's videos on YouTube.

  76. jeffrey miller

    Awkward wears and crazy it rocks you got to love it.yea definitely high school freshmen years rock for ever.freshman college and majoring in university's online 100%

  77. jeffrey miller

    He he had had i don't think in going to get any sleep more and more awesome song keep popping up love it i want and need more

  78. Jeff Miller

    High school to college then major university's all around the world I'll never stop learning sweet memorys.

  79. Virginie Castonguay

    loved IT

  80. January

    such agreat song

  81. かぐやKaguya


  82. Grimmie Rawwks

    shes black, why is she doing this type of music for? stick to r n b or hip hop or something


    Black people created rock. Do some research before you run your mouth.

    Naomi Thompson

    Grimmie Rawwks you sound ignorant

  83. Melanie


  84. daphne lek

    Love this! I recommend Lisa Cimorelli's version!

  85. Panda Disa

    I Love fefe

  86. Brittany Bigelow

    This song brings back SO many memories. ❤

  87. Kaylee F

    This girl is so damn talented. All these years later and I still love this song. When I first heard it I thought it was a Pink song.

  88. David von Doom

    I love how she just busts out into the robot dance! lol  Reminds me of my friend and I, when we party.

  89. xrysthol

    shes such a shane

  90. Super Unknown

    Reminds me off early pink and no doubt I could defiantly hear this on the radio and enjoy it.I remember when fefe came out I was in my 20s and I thought bout time.a chick with attitude that was back in the much music days how I miss those days props to her still going at it!!!

    big stream

    Early Pink? Surely you mean later Pink? Early Pink was all Rnb-ish 🤷🏽‍♀️

  91. malcolm brown

    I love the way she sang on Sunday love . Different from her 1st and 3rd album which were more pop

  92. Faith

    she's like the pop-punk version of Rihanna

  93. Michael K. Eidson

    I want more new Fefe music. Ready for a new album. Fefe rocks it and she rocks it hard.

  94. MegaTitaniumMan

    Wholy Wow! New fan. Slightly Joan Jet with some Jene Simmons lip sync. Great pop song, Easily to relate to. Talented woman. Hot too.

  95. Sarah Baker

    when black girls rock