Dobson, Fefe - Can't Breathe Lyrics

It’s been, thirty seven days
Since you, turned and walked away
Baby, you were foolish
You were wrong
You should have made it better
You, broke the promise you made
Cause you were jealous, and afraid
Baby, I was rising
You knocked me down
We should have stayed together

Now I can’t breathe
If I’m not breathin’ with you
I can’t sleep
If all I’m dreamin’ is you
Can’t you see
I’ve got no air without you
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
So I cracked and called you today
And the tears froze, on my face
Cause you said, we were over
You were so cold
We should have been forever
Now I can’t breathe
If I’m not breathin’ with you
I can’t sleep
If all I’m dreamin’ is you
Can’t you see
I’ve got no air without you
Now, I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
We could have everything but all we got is heart ache and pain
I can’t catch my breath, it’s getting harder to speak
You should be proud of me, but you’re too insecure and too vain

We should have been forever
I wanted you forever
Now I can’t breathe
If I’m not breathin’ with you
I can’t sleep
If all I’m dreamin’ is you
Can’t you see
I’ve got no air without you
I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe

Why couldn’t you just be a man?
Why couldn’t you just understand?
All I wanna do is hold your hand
Why couldn’t we walk hand in hand?
Why couldn’t you just be a man?
Why couldn’t you just understand?
All I wanna do is hold your hand

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Dobson, Fefe Can't Breathe Comments
  1. Mark J

    Extremely talented , beautiful... give us some new music Fefe...

  2. GothikHellgerl Scott

    still rocking this in 2020. I don't understand why she isn't popping and hot like she should be. she has a beautiful voice and makes amazing songs that are full of emotions. so much b.s. gets famous but a lot of real artist with real talent get left behind. this I do not understand. FeFe is a amazing artist, great expressions and great emotions in her songs and lyrics. she's something that is rare and hard to find yet..... she hasn't been brought to shine like she deserves to. but we let artist who disrespect they mother's and have no talent become famous and support them. SMH! I don't understand and realize I'm never fail to be disappointed in the music industry more than once.

  3. Stardancer Supreme

    Here in 2020!

  4. hummingbirdcity

    Such 80s!

  5. Rahul Sarup

    Love you Fefe

  6. Yousra H

    2019 like ..

  7. Big bear

    FEFE Dobson, we miss your talent and amazing voice. Ya should make new music to show everyone that you are still awesome.

  8. Michala ML

    I can't breathe either

    I have anxiety.

  9. Dove Natale

    I'm having a Fefe binge. I love this so much♡♡♡♡.

  10. Dathomirian Sith

    Her voice is so beautiful, powerful and grossly underappreciated!

  11. Gert B Frobe

    Damn that azz.....

  12. ЯoQ FieR

    Sep, 21, 19!!!

  13. Dane Boggs

    She is beautiful always was music good

  14. Georgia Loughran

    This was in Degrassi the prom episode Dead and Gone pt 2

  15. CHRYSALISAMIDST/#AuntieAntebellum

    mood as the world burns

  16. Shane Beard

    Awesome music ever I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan ever

  17. Imani Prendergast

    anyone else thinks her style totally matches janet jackson

  18. Imani Prendergast

    2019! she shouldve been huge today!!!

  19. Nom De Plume

    I dnt get it, why isnt her entire self titled album on here?

    Serah Olivia

    Record label issues. It's on Spotify.

  20. Nicolas Bueno

    Had this on repeat since Kawhi left

  21. Laurie Wallace

    Luv this song...great directing for this video💋

  22. Chantel Biggar

    Who's here July of 2019?

  23. Natasha Bragg

    Loving her!!! Shout out to Bunnie Xo for having her on her channel... Never knew of her before that, so thx gf!😉 Fefe you are more then amazing! ❤🎶🎶

  24. alahnarose

    But can we talk about the the fact that this is such a relevant feeling after a breakup? Feeling as though you can’t get over that person. Feeling like they were your buoy keeping you above water when in reality you were the one who was floating already and they actually might have be pulling you under. The relationship was probably doomed for a while before it actually ended but you still obsess over what you could have done or they could have done because all logical reasoning aside; sometimes you just love too much and walking away is like walking away with a piece of your soul is missing. I swear break ups, and lost friendships is like grieving a death. Except they are still alive and they just slowly(or quickly) fade from your life.

  25. Aaliyah Martin

    Still one of the best break up songs in 2019

  26. Ley Ria

    still don't know why I'm here. but this song 😍

  27. Lexie Jane Moore


  28. Rene Grant

    Watching 2019

  29. Frank Meng

    My dear Felicia, you still around?
    I need you to make a return, because the current day Canadian music is so atrocious...

  30. prettiest

    this was my fav song when I was like 14 💙💙

  31. Guwlz Barrieault

    beautiful song

  32. Laura Harms


  33. Anthony Cohn

    She should have more recognition than she gets. She was able to surpass avril lavigne and michelle branch. Keep rockin.

  34. Robert Reid

    Shes a gem another underated canadian star music politics bullshit soon changes ..we have the most underated musicians in the world but still the most humble and thankful unlike others..hugs

  35. Ieyeshia B

    Alot of her songs is about heart break and I cant even relate 😂 but I love her anyways, her music, style, and her poetic songs

  36. Ieyeshia B

    I could never figure if this is a michael Jackson tribute?

  37. Joann OHALLORAN



    She released music in 2018.....

  38. RacerX 4324

    Great video by a great artist. I've been listening and following Fefe since her self titled debut album back in late 2003. Though she is smoking hot in this video I've always been about her music. I hate that such a great talent never got more exposure and became more popular. I hope she continues to stay true to herself and keep pushing on. I for one will keep following.

  39. MusicMAAD

    More, please!

  40. Suzanne Studebaker

    Happy Thanksgiving enjoy your Turkey

  41. Amanda Wilburn

    She's so much better then Rhianna... 🖤FeFe

  42. The Unicorn

    I remember the first time I watched this music video, a breeze blew into my bedroom window the exact moment the wind machine started at 1:20, and it freaked me out a little.

    Also, Orianthi should’ve been in the music video. Just sayin’. All this time I wondered where Fefe has been... where’s Orianthi?!

    Also also, I don’t miss those rectal leather gloves pop rock fashion from late 2000s-early 2010s at all.

  43. Carolyn Crzybiytch81 Stewart

    I love this song.

  44. Steve Miller Photo

    Hey Alysha, great video production but without a great song it wound be meaningless. You have both, congrats.

  45. chris simpson

    Shes amazing!

  46. Kristine Elizabeth Bate

    She’s a beautiful voice.

  47. David Meyers

    I didn't know about her until "stuttering" then I back tracked she has a lot of nice song's. Very talented some people just got it!!!! thanks!!!!

  48. Jeffrey Miller

    I have a buisness to run

  49. Barry Head

    Love this song, She is just real good Singer."The Girl Is Beautiful Whit That.✨

  50. Kevo MMG


  51. chris simpson

    I would love for her to make a cover of Phil Collins' Groovy kind of love with this tempo and a little bit more edge to it.

  52. chris simpson

    This is a great song You can tell someone really hurt her.

  53. princess mia

    2018 ♥

  54. LaVar London


  55. Joann OHALLORAN

    Still one of the best canadian artists. Come back Fefe, we need new some new female rock music!!!!!

  56. Laurie Wallace

    Love it!!!!

  57. Da Original

    Guys she was doing the Michael Jackson dance kinda lol

  58. jessica lines

    love this chick

  59. enterthehatch2

    Funny thing is, I find the guitar solo really doesn't fit. Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I hate to say it, but I kinda think the guitar solo is suited for a classic rock song, not pop, but oh well, still sounds good :)

  60. Colton

    Who's still here in 2018??

    Jake Llavore


    Anthony Sforza

    Haha, 2020.

  61. Kimora Lee

    Can't stop replying

  62. Ele Betlemely

    My favorite female rockstars: Joan Jett, Hayley Williams, Lzzy Hale, Amy Lee and Fefe Dobson

  63. Annonymus

    Who's watching in 2017!!

  64. Annonymus

    Who's watching in 2017!!

  65. Oswaldlusambya Bowles

    So many good memerious ://

  66. Trippy Traveler


  67. Jacob Lilly

    i FFFFucking love this video!!!

  68. jeffrey miller

    She's not Michal jaskson just caries on a legasy rock move not may people do on grabbing the crotch her dance moves are wild and sexy if i say .keep on fe fe.o and get marked to wolf say yes when he proposes.

  69. jeffrey miller

    Me in watching this uplifting music video gives me chills my hearts racing and i can't breath but fe fe Dobson rocks.

  70. cory williams

    degrassi made me look up this song

    Maya Yanira

    cory williams I know, when Clare just got dumped by Jake! I was waiting for someone to mention it!!

    cory williams

    +Maya Barton Clare always trying yo make something about her I don't see how eli put up with it

    Maya Yanira

    cory williams I never liked Clare... she was so overly dramatic about literally everything and made everything about her. I was always in love with Eli tho

    cory williams

    +Maya Barton so you like your men crazy

    Ieyeshia B

    Me too 😋

  71. Kawai Nichelings

    Asome Song I Love It I Remember it from Six years Ago!!! I Was Four Wen I Heard It.

  72. Afronerd92

    Who's watching in 2017! 😌🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾❤️

  73. Danielle Mautz

    still in love with this song ❤ so powerful

  74. Gary

    This girl has quite the body.

  75. Sundance Favel

    Who's watching in 2017🤔❤️️

  76. James Fatale

    This was the last i ever heard of her in 2011 but good

  77. Adiezer Gayanes

    2017 fefe love ❤️

  78. ItsQueen Kiyah

    love this song

  79. かぐやKaguya

    <3 <3 <3 !

  80. kind kell

    who watching in 2017

  81. Victoria Fiorino

    haha she says 37 days at 37 seconds hahah

  82. Filary Tadesse

    cool video

  83. Filary Tadesse

    cool video

  84. Kate

    where is Orianthi in the video? ;__;

  85. Richard Mineau

    Wow ! Brains, Beauty , and talent ! This young woman is going places !

  86. Cue Zephyr

    Where's that bangin' guitar solo comeback in pop music? Great song by the way.

  87. Reyaz Cassim

    Who's watching in 2017 ?


    Reyaz Cassim I am after looking her songs up about a week ago. I love her☺

    Andrea Williams

    This song makes me emotional. I love it so much. She's wonderful, I love how she's from Toronto too, so awesome.

  88. Khalilah Muhammad

    FeFe you are amazing...I love you!

  89. Jacob Lilly

    i love the emotion in her eyes

  90. Destiny's Child

    I realized I was being steered right back into you with your vision! Your the best thing I never had!! My promise was made with love before I was born!!