Dobson, Fefe - As A Blond Lyrics

I was looking in the Mirror
Trying to Find
A new reflection
Wanna take the road
Less traveled in
A different direction

Make some new mistakes
Forget the ones I've made
Cry some tears of joy
Dress more like a boy.

And come back as a blonde
Try a different lipstick on
As a blonde
Will I get whatever I want
Ill be ever so enticing
Cake a lot of icing
Never have to watch my weight
Yeah when I'm gone
I'm gonna come back as a blonde

I wanna meet myself
As someone else
Just to see what it feels like
Take a walk
On the other side
Cause you know that I just might

Break some different hearts
Touch my different parts
I'm not gonna wait
To mess around with fate


I'm tainted
I'm tired
Of being the same
I'm desperate
I'm bored
I'm begging for change
What if you're normal
And wanna be strange

I'm gonna come back as a blonde
Wave my magic wand
As a blonde
Will I get whatever I want
Ill be ever so enticing
Down a lot of ice cream
Never even wipe my face
yeah when I'm gone
I'm gonna come back as a blonde

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Dobson, Fefe As A Blond Comments
  1. pusheenmyluck !

    THIS IS REALLY COOL! And seems to fit her personality a lot better than Selena's! No hate...

  2. Trinity

    no she didnt cover the song she sampled it hehehe

  3. deepmind

    Some of the  lyrics are not correct.
    There, I said it.


    You're an idiot. The lyrics in this are the original ones.


    yes, like ice cream ( is 2 years later than your comment too late to support what you said? (?) )

  4. Jack Cole

    Fefe sounds more gritty. I like that.

  5. Lana Jack

    I understand the point of trying new things. But most of the "dumb blondes" who have given blondes a bad reputation aren't natural blondes anyway. So, all those jokes just prove who is dumb enough to believe an incorrect, sexist stereotype.
    This song, however, is fun. I luv Fefe.

  6. belle spain

    love this 

  7. Mike Brady

    She Also Wrote Start All Over By Miley Cyrus, She Thought Miley Did A Better Version Than She Did.

    Otniel Romeo

    Did Fefe record "Start All Over" too before Miley did?
    I've been looking for that version but I haven't found it.

  8. Chair Plushieson

    Shut up yourself~

  9. Sarah Randall

    I think they're both equally good

  10. Kimali Daniels

    I like both. :\

  11. saragomez121


  12. HD881

    Im a guy and straight and I bleached my dark black hair today. Why? Cause in 3 days its my 20th birthday and im celebrating my youth!!!

  13. Elodie Eade

    I liked the Selena version and then I found out Fefe wrote it and sang the original and now I'm absolutely in love with this.

  14. suziep

    Shouldn't the lyrics be 'ever so enticing' ???

  15. Larkin

    MORE attitude and rock.....not poppy and dancing....

  16. Mythinkingbox

    I love Fefe's version better! MORE ROCKIN'! xD

  17. BaconWrappedCupcake

    quite a few lyrics are wrong.

  18. Brooke Pike

    wait is this a dis on blonde!:0

  19. Brooke Pike

    this song reminded me i needed to dye my roots....

  20. elissa nygard

    Gosh i hate this song

  21. Brittany Boo

    who did this song first

  22. lazrpo

    You "can" download it, it's an absolutely non-purchasable thing unless you track down one of the very few promotional copies (only one complete disc has been revealed). It's just a matter of doing so, really.

  23. miamiami11

    @IdiotFactoryIncrprtd Its cake, a lot of icing...

  24. CupcakesWith Sprinkles

    It's ' I'd be ever so enticing take a lot of icing never need to watch my weight' for most of the choruses

  25. Leanne

    fefe you are better!!,

  26. cassandra

    Blah .... She Really Good I Can't Speak !!

  27. vantphuong

    Isn't it weird? No ones commenting about stereotyping, but when Selena sang it, everyone got out of control

  28. Erin Rose

    This version is way better but I can't download it,so I guess I'm buying Selena's

  29. menimEisevoLyrics

    @GolfnGirlpbj are you derranged? Fefe is beyond amazing. Selena is just a Disney clone.

  30. Kailey

    I like Selena's version better, even if it is a cover.

  31. the2weirdos1

    @lilmissqueendrama im a blonde, and I LOVE this song.

  32. Nani Williamson

    18 Ppl R Blonde

  33. vdk8skc

    i Like Both Selena's and FeFe's Selena is more popish, Fefe is more puck rock im Diggin em both!

  34. Amanda Carter

    Much better version

  35. Dianna Marie

    Selena is okay and so is fefe. I don't really like fefe. I love selena

  36. blackbuttonbailey

    @CherryBeryy Wow I agree. I mean I heard Selena's version and thought it was great. Turns out that the only song I liked from her was written and sung by someone else. I love Fefe anyway!

  37. B N

    Selena sings the way more good the end.

  38. skyelar99

    She osunds like a guy in the beggining lol

  39. KorenaStyLz

    TEAM FEFE WOAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Bluestar918

    I like selena's better

  41. grace gordon

    i think selena sung this better

  42. Alyssia V

    they're both good, but I like Selena's voice better.
    though I like both. (:

  43. frogsrule90891

    sorry i like selena better

  44. courtney may

    I have blonde hair too and the two songs are diff

  45. courtney may

    I have blonde hair too

  46. Taylor Rene

    In my opinion I think Selena sang it better.

  47. cephrasuxx

    My 2 cents (Im a fan of both). Selena's SOUNDS better because it's more poppy and professional but when you listen to it you can kind of tell she's trying to sound like Fefe. Fefe's (changed) lyric was better and she wrote it... therefore is more talented? Haha, I love youtube debates/fights!

  48. Abbie S

    @selenablack100. Everybody else is stating their OPINION, why pick a fight with me. Girl, you don't wanna mess with me. And yeah, SELENAS VERSION IS WAYYYY BETTER! hahaha. Deal with it.

  49. radchel

    Selena sounds offense or anything.

  50. kissmmysass123

    Selena said that she loved Fefe, so since Fefe never released this, Selena decided to cover it

  51. Deano Spumoni

    @LeBunneh: I don't think Selena ever claimed that this song was hers and that shes "so original".

  52. Amu Chan

    Fefe Dobson is awesome. :)

  53. 808Ladypride

    This song is totally about not giving a fuck about what others think and having fun, she's saying "I'm gonna dye my hair a crazy color, act like a freak, flirt with guys, be myself and not give a rat's ass what anyone thinks."

  54. Valerie Somers

    My hair isn't blond but i got blonde highlights en i don't get the point either .......

  55. Chelsea Horvath

    I'm not trying to be mean... but I know a lot of ugly blondes. it's not like just because you're blonde your life's perfect.

  56. Meg Linehan

    @123PurpleCorn i dont think its either

  57. pinningbeauty

    i like Selena, but i think Fefe OWNS this song =)

  58. libbylu98

    I kind of like Selena's version better, but I still love FeFe's.

  59. sandragarcia97

    @waltdisney1234567890 abunch of artists cover other people. Someone covered Selena with Magic. If you like someone's song go ahead and sing it. and they are not saying she is better they are saying her voice sounds better for this song. and for me they sound very similar.

  60. Paige Goodwin

    Uggh I hate Selena gomez!

  61. Saphira Dugas

    @girldawson noooo fefe did it first

  62. izziescasey

    @waltdisney1234567890 she writes her own songs this is the only one she didnt wrote

  63. izziescasey

    @girldawson no selena from fefe but i think selena done it better

  64. Abbie S

    Who wrote it first...Selena or FeFe? Selenas is better tho!!

  65. midnightcat3

    i like this, but i like selenas version better, fefe's is to strong for this, but both r good

  66. Grace Willingham

    @SpyMate56 honestly i dont get why some people think that you HAVE to hate one just to like the other!!!! urgh it annoys me sometimes!!

  67. Sunlit Supernova

    @InuKagndWolfsRaingrl flame
    jk jk i agree both are good

  68. Grace Willingham

    OK i like Fefe's voice with this song and the lyrics she wrote are VERY good but i like Selena's cover better....And if you WANT to flame me for having an opinion... Go ahead :) i wont answer

  69. Shealen Stratton

    this is weird

  70. 1983anette

    @StarSingShine are u deaf

  71. Tiffany Losey

    @1983anette selena version is better. But this is good to . and selena can sing very well just fyi!

  72. smileinthedarkk

    first of all she can sing and she does right her own songs she just doesnt put them on the album,second of all fefe dobsons voice is too deep

  73. 1983anette

    I swear who ever says Selena's version is better I will punch in the face she can't even sing.Fefe beats her by a landsslide

  74. 1983anette

    @BeingYourself1 she can't even sing

  75. 1983anette

    @McBr3Love Selena can't even sing

  76. 1983anette

    @puppetnj How can Selena sing it better? If she can't even sing!!!!

  77. 1983anette

    @dabiana2008 than you must be deaf

  78. AshNicoleCarson

    @megacutiepie77 selena sucks ass on this song Fefe does it way better

  79. ♡ jennifer ♡

    I hate this version. Its suck. -.-

  80. smileinthedarkk

    selena sang it better it sounds better when selena sings it

  81. Nathan Felker

    This version is far better, you can't compare Fefe Dobson since Selena is a Disney star and Fefe is the Princess of Rock!

  82. Tessa S

    She sounds like a boy,, and like she's trying to hard, like just chattering, holding out note's to long, ECT. Selena did a better job. Thumbs up if you agree.

    p.s. if fefe wrote this song, it's rather stereo type. -,-

  83. Grace Willingham

    this ones BETTER

  84. Hannah Hyde

    Both versions suck! :D

  85. Bree Ivan Zorrilla

    Selena Gomez sang it much better then Fefe. Just saying.

  86. BeingYourself1

    Selena's version is better !!

  87. tabitha massey

    omgee for all yhu dumbos who cant read fefe wrote this song song first yhu should know that knowing fefe came b4 selena but i do agree fefes version is a little low but i still love her ndd selena so plz take this into concern b4 yhu say sumthin stupid thankyhu

  88. Catherine Hamel

    don't really like her voice singing this. it's too spit in your face and I hate that.

  89. Madi Koral

    Umm is this insulting to blondes????

  90. antigua26

    @hnoobsho trueness

  91. HeAlwaysSaysIDontWantToGo

    @hotbabe2471 uh NO she still sings it! Just because the CD never came out doesnt mean it isnt hers!!!

  92. jstitely1

    haha selena changed the touch some different parts line:)

  93. Chuck Norris

    selena covers too many songs, tbh i think she needs to write her own songs (too bad shes not realy tht smart or has tht good of a voice :P )

  94. pauline wangui

    selena gomez sings it better

  95. Jess Ameile

    @SelenaGomezfan252if i want to say fefe is better then selena i can speack the truth

  96. ReturnOfRefund

    @DanixAi no, this one SUCKS!! Selena does it wayyyyy better

  97. M_ Muj3

    @harlkory if u think she's better than selena, i suggest u keep ur opinions to urself

  98. Jess Ameile

    if blonds get whatever they want im dieing my hair asap

  99. Jess Ameile

    @SelenaGomezfan252 no way fefes is waaaaaayyyyy better then selena