Dobre Brothers - No Fakes Lyrics

Ima go in and I do it
Ima go in and I do it
Fake friends they losing
Four of us they choosing
Ima go in and I do it
Ima go in and I do it
Fake friends they losing
Four of us they choosing

Polar Bear on my back and that's Gucci
Young money pulling up, they gon' think it's stolen
Ima go in, Ima get it
She faked on me, now she regret it
Red Ferrari pulling up
They said I couldn't so I did it

They told me that I couldn't do it
Now I go in and I do it
Pull a four, they don't know McLaren
Doors up, girl out, now they all staring
Do a hunnid over there
Everyday popping off
Thank you God for the blessings
Every night we still pray tho

They don't know the grind, their seats are behind
Don't need a sign to tell me that we shine
Typical lies, I can see your snake eyes
Know that you're fake, you don't need a disguise

She know I go hard, I stay fresh like some paint
Give her my hard work, too hard but don't faint
She walk in Louboutins, when ripping she got us
Cut all that I got and still I stay modest

Ima go in and I do it
Ima go in and I do it
Fake friends they losing
Four of us they choosing
Ima go in and I do it
Ima go in and I do it
Fake friends they losing
Four of us they choosing

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