Dobre Brothers - Bumpin' Lyrics

Turn up
Dobre Brothers
Let's go

Bumpin, aye
Watch me
Watch me

Doing well doing well doing well
Ask me how I do it I don't got a source to sell
I keep it movin' keep it movin'
Keep busy K chillin on the yard cruising
My green lambo makes me feel like I'm going places
They try and pull up I ain't gonna lose no races
I keep it grinding one hundred I don't do no stopping
CEOs hit our phones cause they know we poppin

Watch me
Watch me

Gang Gang Gang Gang we just do our thing
Of white got me balanced like I'm the Ying and Yang
To the top now I go I ain't looking back
And that wing on my whip they all looking back
3 months shawty hit me up wanna chill
Said it's been to long gonna stock another mill
I don't see no end but I beat the start
I ain't even done bumpin like my heart

Watch me
Watch me
Watch me
Watch me

She bad and she love me I know
Say stop see I'm rackin' my dough
I come up I'm runnin the show
Pull up to think I own the store
They try to play it cool they heed it cause they know I'm in
I ain't scared or should I hit it cause I know I'm lit
On the real though
Always down to wind a dime
On the dance floor
Make em want it when I grind
Watch me when I walk
Watch me I don't stop
Makin bread stay ahead she wake up in my bed

Watch me
Watch me
Watch me
Watch me
Watch me
Watch me
Watch me
Watch me

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    My favorite song is you know you lit ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Are you a kid

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