Dobre Brothers - Be The Hero Lyrics

Bright Fight
Dobre Brothers

Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the drama
Be part of the solution, not the problem

It only takes one person to make a change
Just be brave, there's no reason to be afraid
Everybody should be treated all the same (yeah)
Cyber bullying, never a game (bright fight)
Think, "how much can a person really take?"
There's so much love, there's no reason to send that hate (uh uh)
To be a hero, you don't always need a cape
Make a difference that's all it takes to be great (to be great)
Alone at home, afraid everyday (everyday)
Don't know what exactly what they'll say
But we have a chance to step in along the way (along the way)
Send the love, not the hate, don't look away (aye)

Be the hero not the bully
Cut the cyber drama
Be the solution
No more cyber trauma (bright fight)
Be the hero not the bully
Cut the cyber drama (cut it)
Be the solution
No more cyber trauma

Scrolling through the phone today
You wonder what they'll say
Was making fun of you in every single way
Lying pics that aren't true
Don't know what to do
You try to block them (stop em)
So nothing can come through (yeah, let's go)
There's no where to hide
There's no where to go
Dm spams, you can shake all of these trolls

You don't know what they're going through (no)
You don't know
Don't cyber bully, someone is time to cyber grow
Be the change in the world you wanna see
These haters hate you cause you're the one they wanna be (wanna be)
Just be strong and be humble and just don't be mean
Block, band the cyberbullies, don't just keep it clean
If you see someone online getting down, help em up
Be a hero for a reason that you fell (yeah)
But a simple "hello" can help them with what they're going through
Don't let down someone unless you're helping them up

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  1. doggydoggydoggy111

    Cool music video

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    Scrubby army dislike this FIRE

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  5. Sasha Heston

    Dont bully

  6. Ahmad IFB

    A lot of people Bully me but I don't listen to them be the hero

  7. Amina Saman

    Tgyyhhjj*-+;is the best man in the world to me and I love you so much and I love you so much more than you want me to be like you like me and I love you so much more than you want me to be like you


    Hilarious...🤣🤣🤣 Someone needs to bully these on general principle...🤣...Jokes aside...Theres always gonna be mean ppl its human nature...Trick is to rise way above it ,Sticks and stones...I always used a 'They laugh at me cos I'm different....I laugh at them because they're all the same..' be yourself, words are just words....

  9. Mandi Hernandez

    I feel bad cuz of the principal's office I was getting bullied and they tried to lie about it but the truth came out and now they're bullying other people but I'm not allowed to talk to them or play with them and I'm only 8 years old I don't know what to do but I tried to stop it but I think it's right when I go to school on Monday I'm going to make a sign and bring it outside and say no bullying cuz I don't want anybody getting bullied that's the right thing to do

  10. Christie Sabino


  11. Christie Sabino


  12. Michael Dietrich

    Be the hero not the bully right if you get punched punch them back or if you see somebody getting builled go stop it

  13. Keonna Cobbs

    I love you darius so much 😗😗😗😗😚

  14. Samuel Cummins

    #brightfight love you Dobre brothers!

    Daniel Matus

    If you like them i hate you

  15. Satyana Soul

    I love it so much be the hero

  16. Elie Doppke

    I like your songs


    Best song

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    You are the best Dobre Brothers

  25. oakley Morton

    Best song love you so much

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    It gets worse and worse

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    Scrubby squad were u at in 2020

    Jahir Perez

    Right here

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    My daughter loves you guys she bought merch and she looks best Darius cryus Marcus and lucas

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    I love how much they inspire people and tell people to not bully 👍♥️

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    I like your video

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    I love the song and you are so cute

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    I love y’all so much y’all make a very positive impact on the world

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    Your THE best Marcus

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    You guys are ugly you look like a llama

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    I love your songs

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    Thank. You dobre Brothers.

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    I love your voice I love your music video

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    your song is cool

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    You guys are awsome thank you let's make the world a better place 🌏

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    I love this song

    Rosie Handley

    I have no idea I just like it😂

  57. Jeremiah gallegos

    I'm always the hero when someone gets bullied I stooped the bully to make things better

  58. Andrew Hatcer

    This is good song by dorbe brothers


    i am a big fan

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    You guys are awesome and so kind

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  97. Dobre Brothers


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    U are the best if Marcus needs a girlfriend I'll hook him up 💯 love you ,dobre for life,be a hero not a bully

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    I love you 😘♥️ Louis mi name is e.mylah

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