Do Or Die - Lil' Ghetto Boy Lyrics

[Johnny P:]
Ohh yeaahhh

[Hook: Johnny P]
I wonder what my life would be if I...
Had that paaaper (Ohhhhhh)
I'm just a ghetto boy
A little ghetto boy (Ohhhhh)

[Verse 1:]
They tell me it's like
The money, power; money and power
How can this world rotate without this money and power?
If I had money, I'd keep my peoples outta poverty
Cause ain't no more starvin' when y'all around me, (Shiiit)
This what it gotta be B, and every playa got paper
Shinin' like a superstar, with matchin' minks and gators
Keepin' our family off this poor table
Cause ain't no food on it
And every crab up in this bucket gotta move on it
[Johhny P:]
I'm just a ghetto boy
Livin' in this ghetto world
Stayin' with' this ghetto chick
Hopin' to have a ghetto girl
And after all, ain't no spaces for that
How can we live up in this world, when ain't no place for the blacks?
Cause every dollar got a dream behind it, we seem to be blinded
Malcom X, he had to dream to remind us
Believe me, havin' money can have this world fucked up
But it can't answer yo' prayers, when you get down on yo' luck

[Hook: Johnny P]
I wonder what my life would be if I...
Had that paaaper
I'm just a ghetto boy (Ohhh yes I am)
A little ghetto boy (Ohhh)

Now if I live on top of the world
Shinin' like, diamonds and pearls (Diamonds and pearls)
Still a ghetto boy (Yeaah)
A little ghetto boy (Mmm)

[Verse 2: Belo]
I done lived my life up in the, ghetto
Mama workin' hours
Tryina feed a, family
Daddy's in and out
Takin' baths with' broken showers
Next-door neighbor gave us the vapors
Callin' cops, cause we known to plot
Break in they home, on some bogus capers
But I never thought that it would affect me later
Until I seen the hustle, when niggas ridin' stretch Navigators
But, more now then later, I should come up
Cause I seen my homie on the block, slangin' rocks
And then his spot get gunned up
I never visioned it'd be homicide
Because they told me he'll live
That's what they said when my homie Boosie died
Could all these millions bring my nigga back?
Could all these millions feed children?
Could all these millions make my spirit fat?
Would all my friends become my enemies?
When my family becomes astonished
Will my strengths becomes an enemy?
Is this "pretend to be? "
A vivid and magically?
A vivid and magically
I wonder, I wonder...

[Johhny P:]
I wonder, whoooooaa-ooohhh-oaahhhhh

[Hook: Johnny P]
I wonder what my life would be if I...
Had that paaaper (Had that paper)
I'm just a ghetto boy (Ohhh, ohhh)
A little ghetto boy (If I liiive)

Now if I live on top of the world (The world)
Shinin' like, diamonds and pearls (Diamonds and peaaarls, yeah)
Still a ghetto boy (Mmm)
A little ghetto boy

[Johnny P:]
Back in the days, when I was poor
I'm not poor anymore
But somedays
I said I wish that I was poor again

Back in the days, when I was poor
I'm not poor anymore (Da-da-da-da)
But somedays
I said I wish that I was poor again (Ohhh)

[Verse 3: N.A.R.D]
I remember when I stole deep
When it was cold outside
Sellin' packs and holdin' heat
Run up and I fold in the street
Penitentiary moldin' me
And the city get as cold as, thugs
I wonder will I come up? Get gunned up?
Turned up? Or anotha' sta-tistic
And my mama just goin', ball-istic
Realistic-ally, don't wanna do the caper
But I gotta get the paper, niggas ballin'
Cause the county judge is callin'
And the lawyer keep stallin'
Why my niggas keep fallin', victim
To the same old theory?
Another bad outcome, leavin' mothers just out-done
Then it suddenly just sinked in
That my nigga just died last weekend, tears rollin'
And I'm goin' off the deep end
But I gotta stay stong, for the mothers and the kids
Just standin' there lookin' at the chalk line
In his hand was a cocked nine
Now should I walk a straight line?
Cause "Time After Time"
I just wanna rewind, and talk to you
At the grave site, gave it to 'em every day and night
But it's alright, and I really wanna talk to you
I really wanna talk to you (Just really wanna talk to you)
Wassup junior, I've been waitin' to say this for a long time
I love you nigga, and I miss you (Johnny P: Ohhh, ohhh yea, ohh-oh)

[Hook: Johnny P]
I wonder what my life would be if I... (Whoooaa)
Had that paaaper (Whooaa)
I'm just a ghetto boy (My life would be)
A little ghetto boy (If I liiive)

Now if I live on top of the world
Shinin' like, diamonds and pearls (Diamonds and peaaarls, yeah)
Still a ghetto boy (Mmm)
A little ghetto boy (Ohhh)

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Do Or Die Lil' Ghetto Boy Comments
  1. Courtney Volpe

    RIP Rodney this song always makes me think of you and the good ol days. ❤🙏

  2. Chad Butler

    They just don't make music like this more and it's sad

  3. The Mr. Ree

    Leave the ones that hurt you and don't care when you keep doing right in your rearview, Im tired and im done, I wonder what my life would be if i left you behind...

  4. Ms. Ashley Marie

    Forever my fav group

  5. Isaac Gonzales

    JOHNNY P❗💔🎤🔥

  6. Shawn Bailer

    My older brother who passed away a few yrs back introduced me to do or die an twista an this was the first album i got of theirs.

  7. sovida sovida

    When he said " sittin' with this ghetto chick hoping to have a ghetto girl" I felt that 👊🖤💯

  8. Beth Boye

    Mann. I remember hustlin how ever i could for my o.g. and my baby sis at like 10yrs old listenin to this.its like this song knew exactly wtf i was goin thru.

  9. Jordan Lank

    2019 Still ghetto.

  10. Retro Gamer890

    I prefer dr dres version

  11. Antonio Cardenas

    2019 still bumpin 🔥🔥

  12. Gee Mail

    R.I.P. Johnny P

  13. jimmy Hernandez

    One day I'll have too that one she don't lie too me miss today is diffrent rent next it has told that grew up and beware of my difference if. One day chseing money today not what u think I've been one shot too lay ally's shesay this is mirror with no end enter too my world work on some thing diffrent returning too my first time it seem just a little pretty much I'm calling too tha yelling out there is this tha best check this at bed time tell my all and truth how perfect I'm god god

  14. LilBeus2900

    2019 STILL 😈

  15. Mike H

    This is real flow bustin period

  16. Sean Phillips

    Still hittin repeat in 2019 !!

  17. macc redd

    Do or Die was cool..... But Dr Dre’s Lil Ghetto Boy puts this to shame

  18. Mikie Da Poet

    Legends!!!! RIP JOHNNY P! Chicago loves yall deeply

  19. DeLorian Warren


  20. ros yt

    DOD under rated af.

  21. Noah Mak

    Chi town!!!

  22. Free Man


  23. MrDuboseven

    Right. I feel bad for the youth now days. Don’t no nuthin bout this real G shit straight out Chi-Raq Midwest represent

  24. Precious Moss

    Can't believe these guys don't get their respect smdh

  25. ilovehouse888

    Bomb ass song only martin Luther king had the dream.

  26. Ms. Ashley Marie

    Yes!! 2018 still listening. Grew up on this.

  27. C.O.C Circle Of Competence Entertainment

    CLASSIC rip johnny p he was cold

  28. William Coeville

    9/2018 still slapping harder than the bullshit today

  29. Eliot McLellan

    might need a broken shower to get something so good as this song, thank God, what could a broken shower be if the whole world was repeated in various patterns forever and ever across eternity

  30. Road Runner

    I’m still on this 💯

  31. Ms. Ashley Marie

    I remember when this album came out, str8 had this on repeat😁❤

    Love Do Or Die❤ I used to have every album lol thems was my dawgs lol Never gets old. 2018 still bumpin' R.I.P JP

  32. daniel antune

    I like this. 2018

  33. Ethan Ohman

    Still beatin this 2018

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    2018 r.i.p Johnny .!!!!

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    No disrespect to yall drillerz...but this is the Chi I'm familiar with.

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    I used to hear this when I was like 12 I turned 25 yesterday. Still a classic in 2018

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    When music was decent

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    Johnny P had a voice on him 😍🙌🏽 #r.i.p

  40. Shannon Wright

    Not only one of their best songs but one of my top 3 favs.....miss the old times

  41. Bog Daddy

    That oldschool Chi Town u cant get better than that or match it.

  42. yousarssif lephenix

    Souvenir de oufff de oufff de oufff, Astagffullilah, j'écoute de la musique. Mais bon, c'est pour mon programme. Deouff de oufff de oufff souvenir de oufff

    I forgot u

    Meme moiii! t'as des bons sons

  43. ButterBwoi 13

    Certified Classic Shit, only the thorough that lived this era know the essence of D.O.D.'s music.

  44. April Garcia

    My sisters favorite song waiting for you to get out sis love ya always and forever #Free my sis Pitt Alvarez

  45. Shaia N

    Having money can have this world fucked up but it can answer your prayers when you get down on your luck 🙌


    2017 and this shit still get heavy rotation in the truck 👌🖒💪🤘



  48. james karrasko

    this song was on pimping ain't dead I think, but amywayz u could just put that CD in and let it play thru the whole album was bangn.

  49. rayven fore

    2017 still bumping 🎧🎼

  50. Kayla Lerner


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    RIP JP . Bacc in the day .

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    2017 💪

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    power moves2017

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    These mumble rappers can take notes from these brothers. In the Derrty Souf we still swanging LACS 2 it R I.P Johnny P

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    101 people dont know shit about life

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    real 💯

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    and that's old school hip-hop forever...lyrical heavy content that talks to us. RIP Johnny P 🙏

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    I thought Martin Luther King Jr had the dream not Malcolm x..... oh well still love this song

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    new things become old.old things become new

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    This Song so dope luv it..

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    I remember when I stole to eat it was cold outside selling packs and holding heat wonder would I fold in the streets penitentiary's molding me in the city of the coldest, thugs run up with a come up get gunned up turn up another sta-tistic and my mama just going ba-llistic realistically...

    100 Points

    iLL Clicks that shit was so deep


    clyde waller u know that's in aks verse

    darkkville Gz

    100 Points thats tha song u dumbass

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    music ain't even the same anymore, this shit was on an everyday play cd

    Janelle 15

    smh not at all

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    Tha shit goes sooo hard


    west coast love D.O.D. much respect

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    N.A.R.D. totally owned that last verse. Sent shivers down my spine every time I replayed it. God bless D.O.D.

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    Same here! Just gotta keep pushin and movin forward for our loved ones

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