DNCE - Forever Lyrics

I'll never forget the first time I realized
That the darkness in me can be lightning in the night
Shooting fire 'cross the sky, burnin' out
And changing lives, yeah they can try, I'll never die
I'll never forget the first time I saw the truth
That the power in me, it shines brighter than the moon
Every dream that I see, it becomes reality
Yeah they can try, I'll never die

Feel this forever, let it carry on
Forever, forever, forever
Feel this forever, even when you're gone
Forever, forever, forever, ever, ever
Oh oh oh... forever

I'm lost in the rush, that keeps rushing through my veins
Oh who needs love, who needs love
When the people scream your name
I'm the one, only one who can save us from all the pain
Yeah, they can try, I'll never die

Feel this forever, let it carry on
Forever, forever, forever
Feel this forever, even when you're gone
Forever, forever, forever
Oh oh oh... forever
Oh oh oh... forever

The future brings, champion rings, on every finger
You gotta take some time to let the gold just linger
Going gold, yeah solid gold, no time for silver
Look in these eyes, these stealing eyes, and watch them shimmer
The purple haze fill up the days, awards the feeling
Walls of stone, they came to home of new beginnings
The moment's now, the broken place, we're dreaming bigger
The future brings, champion rings, on every finger

Feel this forever, let it carry on
Forever, forever, forever
Feel this forever, even when you're gone
Forever, forever, forever
Feel this forever, let it carry on
Forever, forever, forever
Feel this forever, even when you're gone
Forever, forever, forever
Oh oh oh... forever
Oh oh oh... forever

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DNCE Forever Comments
  1. Shahjahan Kabir

    Love my life song

  2. James Marshall

    Love you Batman.

    James Marshall

    Long live the Batman.

    James Marshall

    All Hail Batman.

    James Marshall

    Batman Forever.

    James Marshall

    We all love you Batman.

  3. Alice Clarence

    I always think it's let the GHOSTS just linger. And I like that a bit more. Cause as much as being happy is important, sometimes you just have to focus on bad things for a bit. Your relative is in the hospital? Fear for them, worry. Cry. It's better then holding it in.

  4. Ashley Rivera

    Who else came for the Feel this forever part

  5. Finnley Hogg

    I love this song!!!

  6. Melanie McIntyre

    Starkid did it better in 'Holy Musical [email protected]'. I hope they got paid for the plot and musical number inspiration.

  7. Charles Brandon Perez

    October 2019 anyone?

  8. Kaneybhoy

    Hope a second movie comes out it would be awesome

  9. Station master 13

    But what if u have depression

  10. Jiren

    Warner bros make a megatron and optimus prime movie

  11. Hedge-emmy Woohoo!

    Wow! I always have this song in my head!!! It’s so nice to hear the full song. SO happy I found this! I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO MUCH 💕

  12. HSTLR

    This song sounds like Queen

  13. NFC_Nkunza

    batman batmna

  14. ninja kid 2817

    Super man sucks and batman rules

  15. Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    I just noticed one of the kids had an eyepatch.

  16. Mikhail D Thomas

    Puter:what's the password
    Batman:iron man suuucks😂

  17. Neoncat

    Feeeeeeeeeel this foreeevaah let it carry ooooon! This song always pumps me up.

  18. Elise Vangen

    Best song ever!!!!!

  19. Bnha Fan

    Wow, even if it's a Lego movie ITS STILL AWESOME

  20. Dae'Quan Thomas

    When you use *SCISSORS* to defuse a bomb at the last second

  21. foxinfinity 0902

    Forever will be friend bro batman and bruce wayne

  22. foxinfinity 0902

    Forever will be friend bro batman and bruce wayne

  23. Cheuk Ying Lau

    I LOVE this song so much!I even sing it on the street!

  24. Cheuk Ying Lau

    Let us sing this wonderful song with Batman!

  25. Miguel Angel Reyes Diaz

    i love my life XD

  26. declan byrne


  27. Welington LJ

    Hey computer. I'm home #Batman

  28. Rorschach Daws

    Ironman Sucks 😂 😂 😂

  29. i'm a turtle

    oh yes harder harder

  30. Stevie J


  31. ToM

    is that copyright??

  32. Abby Lopez

    hola bati fantástico

  33. Xander Gaming

    I love this movie

  34. Daniel Yung JR

    Forever Batman ☻

  35. MovieBlocks Productions A.K.


  36. Adolfo Vega

    Gooooooood soooooooooog xd

  37. Arkan NOA

    Everybody loves you, but nobody likes you...

  38. Arkan NOA

    FEARLESS FOREVER is what i thought it said

  39. Farhan arif

    Nice music of batman

  40. MovieBlocks Productions A.K.



    He said he can't say that. Which means he can say he likes it.

  41. cookie_xo_

    Brings back memory's of this amazing movie!!!! 😘😄😄💟💟🎆🎆❤💞💞💞😁😁💕💕💖💖💖😍😊😊😝😝😋😋😀😀🎆🎆

  42. Terra Crawford

    Thank God for DNCE for this

  43. Heredia fam

    watch lego batman movie in USB

  44. gis ma

    To whom they choose Batman or Superman

  45. gis ma

    A quién eligen BATMAN ó SUPERMAN :v

  46. Terry Raynor

    I LIKE This song...

  47. Keith time Bpi team

    bat man forever

    Sandeep kahlon

    Nerf war Bpi team fufufdjfbc2 LOVE

    Sandeep kahlon

    I LOVE 😗😗🤔😗😗😗😗🤔😗🤔😗😗😗😗🤔😗😗😗😗😗😗

  48. dom 3002

    the best DNCE song ever

  49. LoganTheGamerPig LTGP

    LoL batman



  51. STH151NicoleFan


    Mark Bell

    STH151NicoleFan no lego batman

  52. STH151NicoleFan

    Hearing this in the movie and seeing the scene of a stop motion lego Batman being the most loved person in lego Gotham makes me giggle with excitement every time.

  53. Mommy Rainbow

    I really like it and the other lego ninjago is not good song

  54. Perished Beneath


    Sandeep kahlon

    z Pessimestic 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😇😘😘😇😘😇😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😗😗😗😘😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😘😘😘😘

  55. Jeff Pride

    The greatest animated movie ever made

    Tyler Harmon

    what's the first


    1989 with Michael Keaton, mostly because lot's of people have played a believable Batman, but only Keaton played a believable Bruce Wayne, at least for me.


    Jeff Pride I digress because Shrek is better, but I respect your opinion

    Mike Oxmall

    Spider-Man Into the Spider Verse: Hold my beer.

    Christian Steger

    I would not go that far, but it's still one heck of a movie.

  56. Mark money cash

    is just me or this song make me remenber all batman series and movies whit a nostalgic thing

  57. Crispy chicken production

    feel this forever let it carry on

    Spoiler Alert

    Forever! Forever! Forever!

  58. Mary Ellen Pallozzi

    WBHE, how about making a Scooby-Doo direct-to-DVD animated movie for only both adult and young adult fans of the Scooby-Doo direct-to-DVD franchise because theres some kinky scenes in it that's absolutely not suitable for the young kids of the franchise at all starring Daphne Blake called Daphne! And The Attractive-O-Rama Mystery about Daphne joining THE popularly iconic event in the history of womankind called Attractive-O-Rama where the world's most attractive woman join together to show off their mad attractive woman skills to everyone and Daphne have been training for years with her friend Velma as her coach and finds out that the winner will see the one and only Pamela Anderson in the flesh in her all-new unbelievably exotic Pamela Anderson RV and the winner can only bring only one of female best friend along for the ride and she even got a secret bonus prize for the winner of the event: having sex with Pamela Anderson with THE most unbelievably and god-forsaken mind-blowing Pamela Anderson sex in the history of sex itself and the winner's female best friend can also watch them have sex first and then join in THE most sexy fun experience of a lifetime. But theres a mysterious person who's trying to ruin the event; So now it's up to Daphne and the gang to find who's behind this mystery and make sure nobody gets hurt. Respond if you guys like this idea.

  59. Maya 525

    when are ya'll gonna release your "we build this city" remix you made?? ;0

    Tahmeed Tube HD

    Maya 525 fuck my life

  60. Mr Cookiez

    BATMAN saying joker isnt his greatest enemy. shit had me crying.

    Hannah Crane

    i cried at that scene like the first three times i watched it....that quivering lip tho

    blake webster

    Mr Cookiez git

  61. Phillip Lomeo

    I want to buy The Lego Batman Movie when it comes out on Blu Ray and DVD on June 11!

  62. Ana lira


  63. ceylan


  64. Trent. M

    so good

    Cookie Faze

    Only one

  65. Bree Prins-Haakma