DNCE - Be Mean Lyrics

Say you like the torture honey
Don't forget the whip
My left hand's getting loose
Don't let me slip
Said you got some handcuffs
We'll throw out the key
I don't need a safe word
But you don't gotta save me

If pain's what you like
Torture me all night

Keep on burnin', love how you keep me hurtin'
So be mean, be mean to me
Be mean to me
With that body you got the right to get naughty
So be mean, be mean to me
Be mean to me

You say you gotta be the boss
'Cause you pay them bills
There's a brand new position
Someone's gotta feel, pick me
They say you need a whisper
You wanna hear me scream
Lookin' so smokin'
Honey, I can barely breathe

If pain's what you like
Torture me all night

Keep on burnin', love how you keep me hurtin'
So be mean, be mean to me
Be mean to me
With that body you got the right to get naughty
So be mean, be mean to me
Be mean to me

Would you promise that you'll always be mean, be mean to me?
Would you promise that you'll always be mean, be mean to me?

You gotta be mean, baby
Listen up, hey
Gladly I'll take poison from your lips (from your lips)
Touch you when I burn my fingertips, ah ah
I could learn to love, I must commit
If you want, then I'll submit
If you want, then I'll submit

Keep on burnin', love how you keep me hurtin'
So be mean, be mean to me
Be mean to me
With that body you got the right to get naughty
So be mean, be mean to me
Be mean to me

Would you promise that you'll always be mean, be mean to me?
Would you promise that you'll always be mean, be mean to me?

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DNCE Be Mean Comments
  1. headass steph

    this shit hella catchy

  2. Kornflakes O1

    Found this off of an office edit

  3. Savage Supernova

    This song makes me feel like I haven't been to church in a long, looooooong while.

  4. Allison

    Bruh I came from an edit and didn't understand what the song was even saying till now..

  5. myke the dyke

    I wanna pull up in a church and blast this song

  6. Barbara Lauro

    Great music, we need more songs like this, sounds retro!!

  7. Karina Dutta

    1:19 *barely

  8. yourrestrainingorder

    if someone dislikes this they didnt keep on burning

  9. KarrczUU

    Im Here from Warcraft Ft. Demons Ekhm

  10. Kaylah B.

    Lol I had no idea this song was so sexual! I was singing this song like no other when I was younger🤦‍♀️

  11. Sakura Todoroki

    I came here after heard this on an TPN edit. I like the song buuuuuut...
    Lyrics talking about SEX lol. While the music is so cuute T^T

  12. kyappu x

    Don't really know why, but this song gives me k-pop vibes, especially the chorus.

  13. Riley Phoenix

    Ed nygma brought me here.

  14. ratata

    This song is so hot!

  15. Hoàng Anh Phan

    Wow. This song isn't for me, a straight guy lol

  16. Sadie’s World


  17. Fall From The Sky

    Angel Dust anthem

  18. Hisoka is a pedo

    Anyone here after watching a sexy mep?😏

    Sadie’s World

    Hisoka is a pedo uhhh nooo

  19. baby yoda

    I feel terrible for liking this song

  20. Quill Quackers

    The beat is so damn catchy and the lyrics ...

    ... how cheeky. ;)

  21. Soma Nith

    Why this isn't in the Fifty Shades soundtrack?

    Radioactive Emotions

    Soma Nith because this song is good and 50 shades isn’t.

  22. Elisa Martinez

    Miss DNCE

  23. This song is so catchy but if my *_mom_* knew this is what I was playing in my headphones...


  25. Beste Yılmaz

    I came here from a nice edit but what the f is that lyrics?

  26. Madison Harris

    came here from Jack...

    Karina Dutta

    same :P

  27. Haru

    Would you promise that you'll always be mean --- part is so addicting!??

  28. Haru

    I didn't like it at first but Joe's voice is so addicting I thought it was a sweet song at first but whoop i guess not

  29. Mary T

    Dally from the outsiders edits 😂

  30. violet

    This sadistic but who cares

  31. hannah

    This is giving me Julian Devorak vibes


    I thought exactly the same thing!!

  32. Saul Grey

    Bad moms 2

  33. Unknown Cherry

    Idk why but it reminds me of guardians of the galaxy

    Umm... I just feel dumb as fuck, because I didn't actually read the lyric and now I am embarassed of comment I left here like 3 months ago

  34. bella

    oh wow DIDNT KNOW THE LYRICS LMAO i made an edit on this oof

  35. mark lee is a loser but im a loser for him

    why tf did i thought this was kpop

    joe jonas

    yeah why did u

    nc 23ax

    Bruhhhh sameeee

  36. crusty nails

    i tought it was a kpop song because i don’t speak english.. i’m surprised lol

  37. Jessica Riley

    Anyone else here because of Kevin Pearson? Lol

  38. Edar Rivera

    bery good me encanta esta traducion

  39. Ranger Puppr

    Came from a team rocket Pokemon edit trying to figure out the song bc of how AMAZING it is, not disappointed whatsoever!

  40. Bitch Idonthaveanusername

    This song is clearly gay cause he says that he'll submit and girls can't dominate so he's claerly talking to a guy ;)

    Rune Lock

    Dude what th-

    Karina Dutta

    bro wt-


    Trust me when I say girls can dominate.

  41. jaidyn

    i finally found it

  42. Sanic theDude

    It was all catchy at first and i was jazzin out to it until the first sentence happened...

  43. Reve Velvet

    Came from instagram

  44. unknown unknown

    Can from a Daniel Larusso edit on insagram, not disappointed


    bahaha same

  45. boca



    Dominant women only exist if they know they do within the confines of weak men. No woman actually wants this.

    Colin Mavrich

    @Waltiswicked as a fem sadist who's sadistic to both weak and strong men, fuck you

  46. Ciel Phantomhive

    Who else got here from an Anime edit 👀 (Dazai)

    Manohara Diwasasri

    *shamelessly raises arm*

    Ciel Phantomhive

    Chocou Natte woooo

    Motherfucker Jones

    *grabs bug spray* Back off weebs

  47. o Gronk

    this is rubbish

  48. L_ Jones

    I came here from a Coryxkenshin edit on Instagram and I’m not mad 😂

  49. im emo

    with that body

    *you've got the right to get naughty ;)*

    Ciel Phantomhive

    ocean dolan oi bruv, spread em

    im emo

    @Ciel Phantomhive lmaoo

    Ciel Phantomhive

    ocean dolan 😂😂✌️

  50. Tem-sama

    .......What a great love song to get ._.

  51. ZombiiTay ツ

    here from a jacksepticeye edit 🤩

  52. Sunday Sunlight

    I love this song just me...?

    angiearmy 19

    Nope,I love it too❤😂

  53. Caitlin Bopp

    I have mixed feels about this song, like the beat and stuff are good but the words are just about sex..

  54. im emo

    this was a song from a soft edit i-

  55. BasicOtaku Potato

    I’ve been looking for this

  56. Felixx Johansson's Official Channel

    I thought I heard this from Spiderman homecoming

  57. Alexander

    I'm really suprised by how a song with such kinky lyrics can be SO DAMN CUTE???

    gianna's radical youtube channel

    Elv unrelated but your pfp is amazing, 80’s keith is iconic

    kogane .mp3

    I love your pFp

    Quill Quackers

    Welcome to DNCE. ;)

    Denise Ortega


  58. drako RF

    an mlb edit brought me here x)

  59. Froso Decarabia

    BDSM! ❤❤❤

  60. Armani Rose

    I came from a Mike Wheeler edit on Instagram. I liked it but I just read the lyrics and...Oof. Lmao

    Karina Dutta

    Mileven is too soft for these lyrics

  61. Natalie hdez

    Who else came here from the miraculous edit on insta ? No, just me? ok.

  62. Raccoon 3211

    This song reminds me of my crush

  63. gay and anxious

    I heard this on an edit from Instagram..I feel guilty for loving this song

    Derpy Babi

    Let's play perhaps....?

    Sunflower Edits

    It cast

    Ugly Rat

    I found it on a dr celestia edit lmao


    Emma F Thats my favourite edit to this day lmao


    jared and jensen edit

  64. lx nx

    okay lol I thought this was a 90's song

  65. Hootie Hoot

    Idk why did I ended here, but i'm not disappointed 👌

  66. ilove you

    Tom Holland edit brought me here it took me a while bc i couldnt understand the lyrics, but now that i...... nvm goodnight yall

    Kas B


    Bethany Garcia

    ilove you
    Me too but from a Mike Wheeler edit

  67. Raccoon 3211

    This song reminds me of my crush

  68. Napoleon

    Song is underrated

  69. Dolan Twins Rule

    This is what I call a BOP

  70. Iqra Waseem

    I don't know why but this song feels perfect for me🤔

    Cameryn Blake

    Iqra Waseem weird flex but ok

  71. sksksk skata

    I don't know how I saw Joe but holy cheese balls he's freaking smokey. I'm getting flipping asthma just thinking about him.

  72. Auburn Redhead

    I had an ex that wanted to be mean to me;)

  73. Eutuxia .-.

    Love love love LOOOOOVEEE IT

  74. kelsey douthwright

    this is so kinky omg

    Kris Rodriguez

    Id like this comment but It needs to stay at 69

  75. Elya

    I came here from a cat noir edit I love this song I don't regret coming here this is an excellent song <3

    Jessica Maskell

    Now I want to know which edits these were 😂

    Aahana Roy

    Omg same

    SaphRetuks ING

    Tf kinda edi-

    mark lee is a loser but im a loser for him


    zuryn Ali

    Glad I'm not the only one

  76. Moregano


  77. Master Turtle-Duck

    The only song about kinks I stan

    Melanie Del Rey

    Master Turtle-Duck s&m Rihanna?


    Sexy back?

  78. qualt enime

    this is just a song about kinks

    Lemon Ladz

    qualt enime well done you can listen to lyrics

    Anizu Ninawa


    Emily Does Things

    qualt enime this whole song is a kink

  79. Pure Salt

    A kinky song about a tsundere

  80. wavhaught

    this is a meme worthy song

  81. Andrew Perez

    Bad mom's 2.

  82. ApaOCD Ø

    This is song is JUST about sex. Just saying. Every. Single. Word.


    Welcome to pop music.


    Sam umm.. yes because there's little kids listening to this song maybe

    Chloe Roulo

    Why does it matter if it’s about sex? There’s a lot of songs that is about sex. It’s nothing really surprising

    Autumn Avenue

    YouTube cool music drops why do all catchy songs have to be so... odd

  83. clara

    This song is about to Joe and Sophie turner that joe saying to he’s girlfriend Sophie to be mean to him and they they are gonna be marry I am so jealous she is so lucky girl

  84. Ladenna Young

    They are talented. I just heard this song on Bad Moms Christmas. I know it's kind of old now, but I really like it.


    Ladenna Young So did I. I was dancing in the theaters when this song played

    Phoebe Cassandra

    Same here! Of course, since Ty was stripping to this song, I figured the song was at least similar, but with the talking of the movie, I couldn't really tell the lyrics. I feel ashamed for liking this kinky song but damn, is it catchy!!

    baby yoda

    Omg me too

    Holly Stevenson

    69 likes hehe

  85. Flowerstar 47

    Came from a yaoi amv

    Tracy Eagle

    Me too! LMAO

    Hootie Hoot

    Wanna share link? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    It was taken down :(

    Ciel Phantomhive

    Heard it from a Dazai edit♥️♥️

    Charlie Catashrophe

    Hootie Hoot I’m not sure it’s the one OP is talking about, but this one is really good, happy viewing! 😁 https://youtu.be/REqJivW3XJI

  86. Kinklord 69

    Came from instagram, not dissapointed


    Kinklord69 420 ayeee🙌

    Kinklord 69

    DeluxeMusic ayye

    Unicorn Fan

    Kinklord 69 samee

    Boots &Cats

    Same. It was an edit

  87. Shining Girl

    I can't tell if this song is straight or gay

    Karina Dutta

    @Bluepopsicleflavor same


    It can be both ;0

  88. Kichuu :3

    love this

  89. Damian

    this song was made for me..like as in my bf or gf will sing this to me