DMX - When I'm Nothing Lyrics

Uhh, uhh, uhh, c'mon!
Woo! Uh-huh
Yeah, more real life (grrrrrrrrrr)
That's how it is baby, you know it's real
More real life, you know it's real (grrrrrrrrrr)
From the dog, y'know?
You know it's real, uh-huh
You know it's real (grrrrrrrrrr)
Shit is always real baby, forever

My peoples say they got love for the dog right?
They holla like "Whattup dog?" Alright
Cause no matter what streets in a dog's life
And I'm the type of dog gon' go all night
Some cats think that it's a game that we're playin here
You keep thinkin it's a joke, I ain't playin here
Fuck around if you want, I leave billionaire
Do what, go where? Shit I'm stayin here
This whole motherfuckin rap shit is all mine (WHAT?!)
Just thought I'd let you know one mo' time (uhh)
Shit, I ain't said nuttin when it was yo' time
Now, niggaz is mad, cause "Ain't No Sunshine"
And you cats won't like it when the rain hits (UHH!)
That's the nigga X on the same shit (uh!)
And if you wanna see how fucked up the game gets?
Watch what they do when you ain't shit

[Chorus: Stephanie Mills]
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
You're crazy about my styyyyyyyyyle
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Tell me nowwwwwwwwwww.. ohhhhh-ohhhhhh

Uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh
Every cat I meet like, "Show me love!"
Every girl I meet like, "I want a hug!"
Shit I might be just tryin to pick somethin up
Can I get an autograph -- man, what the fuck?!
Is the love gon' be the same when
we start to realize that the game ends (uh-huh)
Even me, will I have the same friends? (uhh)
Even when I ain't got the same Benz (UHH)
What about when the dough get low (woo!)
Shoulda peeped money from the get-go
Disappeared, ain't that a bitch yo?
Now you know, that's that bullshit yo
Can't forget all them fake "love you" bitches (uh-HUH!)
Take 'em to the room, wanna fake you bitches (uh-HUH!)
Walk through the mall wanna touch you bitches (uh-HUH!)
Listen! I got a wife, I don't trust you bitches (c'mon!)

[Chorus: Stephanie Mills]
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
You're crazy about my styyyyyyyyyle
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Please don't have me acting wild
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Tell me nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Tell me now, tell me now (WHAT?!)
Tell me (WHAT?!) what you gonna tell me? (WHAT?!)
Tell me (uh) tell me (uh)
What you gonna tell me?

Holla at the boy if you know the truth
See what I'm doin, I'm tryin to show the youth
Trust me I been through it so I got the proof
Give 'em somethin to eat that ain't gon' break a tooth
And everybody knows how I get down (c'mon)
Show the dog love when he hit town (c'mon)
They don't give a fuck who I'm with now (c'mon)
V.I.P. don't give a fuck where I sit now (aight?!)
All this shit changed but it's still the same
But you gotta do it in order to play the game
Keep shit brief when you say my name (f'real)
Give me the love, nigga fuck the fame (f'real)
When the shit is gone, where you gon' be? (hmmmmm)
When I look no more, what you gon' see? (hmmmmm)
Shit, a muh'fucker lookin hungry (aight?!)
And even then, is you gon' love me?

[Chorus 2X: Stephanie Mills]
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
You're crazy about my styyyyyyyyyle
What you gonna do when I'm nothing?
Tell me nowwwwwwwwwww.. ohhhhh-ohhhh

[Stephanie and DMX ad lib to fade]

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DMX When I'm Nothing Comments
  1. Psalm 23:2

    Play this everyday 🔥

  2. Juan Arreola

    2020 and still legit. Thank u for this. Much love.

  3. Remy Arroyo

    This brings me back. Im glad X is Back still Standing Strong

  4. Silky Gee

    💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥November 5th 2019 and this is still bumping🔥🔥🔥💯💯
    I remember buying this on CD when it came out years ago HF time flys by fast 💨

  5. BPDeuceTV

    The man

  6. Alexandru Buzatu

    From the West-East coast to Eastern Block, Middle East, Asia and not last Africa, From far South to Up North this mas spread so much raw energy himself couldn't realize, Wold wide de is so beloved and regarded as a artist ... he manage to build himself a unique legacy touching minds and hearts like no other ...

  7. fullof faith

    This that make an UGLY MUGG Song

  8. fullof faith

    How in the world did I miss this?

  9. Donnie Hunt

    Yes indeed Silky Gee!

  10. Rogue' The Panther


  11. Silky Gee

    2019 April 26 and I’m bumping this like it was just released yesterday🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  12. Fete

    Bigru And Paja Kratak Brought me here


    Me to :)

  13. Frank Johnson

    You the realest nobody knows ya life but they quick to judge but don’t judge there own smfh keep rocking 🙅🏾‍♂️⚔️

  14. Rachbe Rachbe

    Will I have the same friends??

    Rachbe Rachbe

    @LaKeisha Robinson 2019 risin&grindin

  15. Julian Quintero


  16. KingCarlosArthur 000

    The struggle is real...

  17. G Hillbb

    Kruziram opusteno po gradu 😎

    Ана Благојевић



    Crna mi felna i crna kolica

  18. OldSchoolMan187

    More real life ! You know it's real, it's always real !

  19. gilberzj1

    love Stephanie mills' song and this one too

  20. Jamar Jackson

    Song was fire... A lot of people probably didn't even get what he was saying smh...

    B H Mch

    X saw into his own future and asked a serious azz question.

    Everyone else thought it was just a song

    Blood Line

    This bout FAKE LOVE

  21. Carl Levi


  22. cofii.1312

    DMX ukro matricu od Bigrua i paje

    Makaveli The DON

    Izlazi mu novi album,sad kad ga puste iz tvorze, Swizz je radio album.

  23. anwjuice

    X in my top 5


    Man spits fire all day


    DMX is next to PAC and biggie...straight up

    Derek Waldo

    Reality of nothing agreed

    Warrior H

    EASY E

    Remy Arroyo

    No DMX is the 1st X and Jay Z is just a sleezy business man in the industry

  26. Euromobitel Gintas

    DMX je ziva legenda jedini i pravi nosilac stare skole naslednik tupaka pravo i centar bratija razvaljuje

    Makaveli The DON

    Prvi CD koji sam kupio u zivotu sa 12.god....

  27. Hashim Joseph

    DMX Is From The Early 2000s From 18 Year's Ago

  28. איוב מולה

    I just love the dog one love

  29. PiCheZvara

    DMX is a friggin moron how he messed his life up. I feel sorry for the dude, because he is probably one of the most underrated rappers. He had several damn good albums and had his own style.

    This song is a classic IMO, a shame it never got any airplay and recognition.

    I still hope he turns it around and makes a comeback.


    Nah don't say that he messed up his life, well maybe partially he did but how about the industry? Look up 'Dmx meeting the divil' or sth similar and then you will know it's not as it seems. Also he was released form jail today 26.01.19 💯

  30. Reddinah Redmond

    Love this


    love this song

  32. Dawnna Avelino

    I still like DMX

  33. Jay Bee

    damn I miss 01-02....11 years old jamming to this in my cd player at grandma's! rip

  34. MarkanVaran7


  35. Mr. Fox

    I wish he did a video for this

    norteño catorce

    ray fox hell yeah dude it could be great

    illevamrofnI Forever

    Prolly in the vault somewhere

    Alex Zandani

    Same here this song is fuckin great!

    LaKeisha Robinson

    2019 😎😎😎

  36. Captain X

    If you read this, Pray for this man.


    Why? Because he keepa getti g high? He just a crackhead. Accept it


    @anwjuice you're one uneducated missinformed bellend, I tell you that

    Myasel Fya

    Goes with the turf them all crack heads

    Remy Arroyo

    I been clean 5 years off the hard, don't tell me that crackhead bullshit, the whole music industry is addicted to lean and dope, X already proved he changed and as I been through it myself he's clean and standing strong still to this day.

    2020 just accept that...

  37. Derek Waldo

    This is my jam

    LaKeisha Robinson


  38. William Brown

    Real question

  39. William Brown


  40. bnalogunbibs

    Bring back Dmx

  41. Jeremy Springer

    smoke weed nigga

  42. blissz4

    Damn! These memories...

  43. Brian Keith

    Aha!! Sumthn for the Dog to groove to. DMX All Day!!

  44. SA Turner

    Dmx get your shit together, and c'mon back with that real shit  

  45. sailor captain

    put you on "fix me life" ?


    SA Turner

    There's nothing funny about having a drug problem.

  46. Vuk Nedeljkov

    X, please come back, PLEASE, GAY MONEY RECORDS is takin' it over, we need 'ya.

  47. RoryMBeats

    August 28th. UNDISPUTED

  48. mightywhitey718

    Check out my videos.

  49. Vuk Nedeljkov

    Dis summer.

  50. wtfftw123456789

    Seems like you don't mind kanye west or lil wayne though rofl.

  51. Rob Jones

    Dmx been sober the last 3 or 2 yrs so wish ppl wolud stop sayin the man is on crack know what the fuck yall talkin about dmx forever

  52. jamiqus smith

    "can i get a autogragh man WHAT DA FUCK"

  53. Kafkaesque3

    many of you dont see, but man this tracks deep.. 'when im nothing' think about it


    thanking the haters for letting the votingbar look like a burning blunt hahahaa bitches...

  55. jamiqus smith

    CLASSIC from the dawg

  56. Mo Ban

    dmx stopped crack long time ago. DMX is a dog and a dog is always gonna be a dog.

  57. HeNNeSSyWeeD

    238 likes/ 2 dislikes = flawless victory =D

  58. Kir Rah

    when you listen to this song you can help but wonder how DMX got from collabos like this many other to getting paid for being featured in shitty dumb songs with bulgarian rapper. I like what he said about drake lol, it was funny as hell, but is he gonna make a song with some housewife now like snoop if he get paid?? Its cool to get the money, but you cheapen yourself as an artist big way. For both artists this shit gets you 100 levels lower, thats why its not all about money! Keep it in mind

  59. ricky kennedy

    i agree i can't take Drake and nem much longer if them 2 keep making songs i'll just have to change from rap to screamo and heavy metal and i hate screamo and heavy

  60. wr513

    The truth

  61. DmxBloodline

    @divadelicious73 Hell yea man type in Breakfast club DMX. New interview! He looks great and he's shittin all over rappers lol

  62. Callan Weidemann

    feel like dancing

  63. ahmed12345678900

    this song makes me feel good... shoutout to X for spittin' real shit

  64. chocolate42069

    DMX the Realest Ever!!!

  65. chocolate42069

    @TeeKayyMusic you suck

  66. iffy D

    Nice Song

  67. Edwardo

    my favourite dmx song .... because he seems happy on this track

    Mahdi Bowe

    Edwardo its the exact opposite if u listen to it lol

  68. Edwardo

    @ctt4lfecw haha best comment iv ever seen

  69. lonnie sherman

    wanna c how the fuck up the game get WATCH what they do when u aint shit

  70. Tha4thLetterr

    this is one of X's more consistent albums.

  71. Killerof Mezzer

    @ctt4lfecw i dont blame em. DMX is the shit

  72. Bruce McMann

    You wanna know how fuk up da game gets?
    watch what they do when u aint shit. Da hardest...

  73. David S

    @ctt4lfecw must have been a black dude xD

  74. M4K4V3L188

    damnn .. brings me back man

  75. spectergohan

    woaah, Dame Grease produced this? Nice, doesn't sound like his dipset stuff, but it's dope.

  76. 100pjp001

    Around the first times I got high this was the song I was listening to and the melody of this song blew my head off to out of space, it was beautiful, sweet memories lol.

  77. Shaun Harrington

    mo' real life it's how it is baby, mo real life, shit is always real

  78. mexicanalemundo

    Man I miss X! Where did Hip Hop go wrong? I mean, all I ever hear about is "The Club". Where is this fabled "Club" everyone talks about? Hip hop used to be WAY more. It was hardcore, realistic and most of all, it had passion! That's what made DMX, Tupac, B.I.G., Rakim and the others so great! This mass produced garbage on the radio needs to go!

  79. Sean Tucker


  80. VRQwerty

    this whole album is dope! But why doesn't it have any more views on this song??

  81. 310mot

    yooooo this cd was my fav...somebody took my ish

  82. uklapazz

    This song is the bizzle! Many nights spend sining along to this tune - like now haha! No matter what mood you're in, it lifts you to a better place. X if you're listening - good work brother! :)

  83. A Guy Called Kay

    <3 Stephanie Mills , what a voice, the original is way better though :)

  84. mcking44

    this is my number one of dmx

  85. shonn herring

    reminds me of fall of 01' back in high school brings back alot of memories.

  86. Ondrej Jaros

    love this one

  87. Zryuken

    This is one of my all time favorites. I don't understand how this has les than 14k hits.

  88. brugotti

    Not really a DMX fan,but this is allthat.

  89. Hotsumota


    this was my favorite album =D.

  90. padkirsch

    This song is amazing!! does anybody know if the background is sampled!? I love it! its WOW! if it is can anybody tell me what the sample source is!?
    Amazing song!!
    I love Dark Man X! He is WOW! He is so real! amazing artist! One of the greatest ever!

  91. jaceves84

    A different side of DMX! This one is good!

  92. Ice Storm

    God this song was fucked up big time. I mean these two together make this song sound like shit!

  93. Rubén Santos


  94. Rubén Santos


  95. Hakim Babali

    cool dame grease produced it thought it was swizz tho

  96. Hakim Babali

    Mazz Din wanka hva med Dogs Out Dogs For Life Dont Give A Fuck Blackout Ready to meet him Slippin Were Back men ved du hvad min danske ven... du skal prøve at check Right Wrong ud helt klart den bedste jeg syntes han har lavet

  97. ctt4lfecw

    someone stole this cd from me back in '02 during football practice lol