DMX - Shorty Was Da Bomb Lyrics

Thursday, June 28, 2:02 A.M
“I just called you, you said that you were on your way
but there’s just one problem... I’m all the
way to fucking Rochester, New York. Wrong. Ho.”

Doggs gone be doggs don’t fuck wit a dogg
if you can’t take care of a dogg you know whut i say
take it easy, lady, you know give me a motherfuckin break, will ya?

shorty was da bomb brown skin honey with the dough
found out she was a lil’ ho but still yo
pushed up shorty had that ass like BLAOW!!!!
had me schemin and how! How can i get that now?
was like Girlfriend, let me drop a bug in ur ear
she didn’t mind cuz i told her whut she wanted to hear
was like “Yeah!” she knew she was how it was goin down
she said, “Page me, code zero, cuz i know you get around!”
Didn’t even have a man, but even if she did then
cuz my game is tight like i stop to cap on a nigga head
i said, woke up, like, 9, or sumthin
don’t act like when i say that ass is mine, i’m frontin!
Uhhh that night she let me get that, hit that
ripped that, bounced off the walls and flipped that
But only one thing went wrong
the rubber bust but i didn’t fuss cuz dogg!!!!
shorty was da bomb!

Shortyyyy.... UHHHH!! we only did it full that night
and man the pussy was good
but shorty’s fuckin up my life (fuckin up my life)
Shortyyyy.... UHHHH!! we only did it full that night
but man that pussy was good
but shorty’s fuckin up my life.... c’mon, ma! gimme a break!

a few days later, i hit her up just to be real
I like, “Whuttup, Boo, how you been, how you feel?”
She said, “Aiight, but my friend’s kinda late
Today’s the thirteenth, it shoulda been here on the eighth”
I’m like, “For real? Well stress a pill
You better cuz i can’t afford another lil’ one.”
She said, “Neither can I” I said, “Cool
cuz i got mad shit to do and you still in school
so at least we got the same thing in mind.”
If didn’t have this kid, then everything woulda been fine
BUT i was blind! for the fact that she was settin me up for the kill
damn! why wasn’t she on The Pill?!
And i still check up on her, like, once a week
sometimes i hit it, sometimes i didn’t
but Shorty was a frea, and whenever i would speak
on the baby, she’d be like:
"I ain’t havin this kid, is you crazy?!!"

Shortyyyy.... UHHHH!! we only did it full that night
(listen man, only one muthafuckin night!)
And man the pussy was good (i ain’t gone front it was good as a muthafucka)
But Shorty’s fuckin up my life (man, this bitch is a fuckin headache!)
Shortyyyy.... UHHHH!! we only did it full that night (one muthafuckin night,
it was nuthin but
But Man the pussy was good (The pussy!! Man, let me tell ya....)
But Shorty’s fuckin up my life (dogg, man, this bitch....!)
C’mon Ma, gimme a break!!

By now wasn’t lookin too good
cuz she wasn’t doin things that she told me she would
like gettin the price checked out for whut we had to do
and it goes up in the arguements after two
and a half, man i had to laugh at her frustrations
now she’s four months ready to hit the bus station
if i was still in that shit wit her made me rob her
told her friends, “DMX is my baby’s father!”
Lil’ stomache was showin’ so now the heat is on
well maybe we’ll see the light if i start to treat her wrong
i guess she thought that if she keeped the baby, she would keep me
got the game on high level, gettin sneaky
had the kid she said it was premature
found out she was six months when she said she was four
so i left her with the pressure on the next man’s arm
she’ll be aiight cuz shorty was da bomb!

Shortyyyy.... UHHHH!! we only did it full that night
(man one muthafuckin night? Get real!)
and man the pussy was good (the pussy it ate the dick up like THAT!)
but shorty’s fuckin up my life (This bitch won’t quit CALLIN’!!!!)
Shorty..... UHHHH!! (she was kinda cute though) we only did it full that night
(it only takes one night, man, hehehehe)
but man that pussy was good (Mmm Mmmm Mmm!!!!)
But Shorty’s fuckin up my life C’mon, Ma! Gimme a break!!

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DMX Shorty Was Da Bomb Comments
  1. 1Love MELLO

    2020 still a classic ‼️🆗

  2. Sheldon Thomas

    I think we all been in some shit like this , if not this something close to it lolol

  3. james ellis

    This dude always knew how to tell a story. This is real hip hop!! Not that nonsense they have out now.

    Adam Smith

    Fo sho! X was one of my favorite rappers growing up. Had every one of his CDs. And he made songs that you could just pop one of his CDs and listen to it from start to finish without skipping anything. Its such a shame things aren't like that anymore and 90% of the new shit coming out is trash. Horrible lyrics and songs with no meaning but just have good beats. Now a days rappers dont even try. They just try rhyme words together nd getting high instead of telling stories thru their music smh

  4. ronnie nak

    Good memories was the coolest kid in the block when this album came out

  5. Mr. Videogames

    She be aight cuz shirty was the bomb

  6. Mr. Videogames

    Shorty would be like i aint having this kid is u crazy?

  7. Papi Gonzalez

    2019 still fuckking those hoe. 😆 lol 2019 baby

  8. Sarah x

    2019 still listening

  9. OldSchoolMan187

    Shoooortyyyyyy, uh ! DMX will always be the realest and the hardest.

  10. Robert Hayden

    2019 still classic 💪🏾

  11. Blacks 4 Trump

    I was cracking up the whole song

    Bilal Tha great

    Blacks 4 Trump why

  12. Mike Reinhart-Marcucci

    Lyrics are so for real

  13. Jerry Bartlett

    memories of '09
    R.I.P. Jaimie

  14. Heffsta02

    question, was that answering machine bit in the intro an actual DMX hoe on the answering machine the dude just included on this fire track?


    Heffsta02 im sure it was ...

  15. james ellis

    I ain’t having this kid is you crazy?!?!? 😂😂😂

  16. princeofsouthwest92

    These bitches are headache lol

  17. Siberian Cosmonaut

    400---my dear

  18. Timothy Allen

    So true Bx Puerto Rican female had me open

  19. Justin Baronofskyy

    beat is so sick....reminds me of my early teens.....let me drop a bug inyour ear

  20. Black Superman


  21. sperrotta91

    Story of DMX's life this song... hilarious for all the wrong reasons. X's shtick, near-perfected as it was, started to get redundant around this time. He still managed some entertaining moments though, that's for sure.

  22. Mike Reinhart-Marcucci

    Song is so for real for a lot of us

  23. Michael T. Robertson

    wore this out back in the day...real talk!

  24. 5150 bloods

    and she sucked a mean dick to

  25. Opemipo Dosunmu

    Deep Lyrics. Me love this song from "The Great Depression"Album. The p**sy was good....

  26. redcomic619

    I'm all the way in fuckin' Rochester, NY too ho!

  27. Joshua Rudd

    my shit.

  28. Igor Arsic

    shortyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy UH ! :D

  29. Роналд Найденов

    In my opinion both are amazing rap artists!

  30. Emarina Morrison Macfarlane

    dmx rapes tupac

  31. Mitchell Brooks

    dont get a dog if you cant take care of a dog

  32. jamiqus smith

    "I left her wit da pressure on da next man's arm but she'll be aight but damn shorty was da bomb

  33. Роналд Найденов

    DMX is the alive version of Tupac! DMX may not be as good as 'Pac but he's close!

    Yung_ Menace16

    He's definitely on that level because remember ja rule tried to imitate pac

  34. javier natal

    one fn night .but psy was good . but shorty is fning up my life

  35. stevo2106

    how does this only have 2,472 views motha fukas dont no how to appreciate good music... but lissen to lil b, wiz khalifa gucci mane come get serious

  36. ll SLAY ll

    psyz good as a mu fucka i aint gone front