DMX - Prayer Lyrics

I come to you hungry and tired, you give me food and let me sleep
I come to you weak, you give me strength and that's deep
You call me a sheep and lead me to green pastures
Only asking that I keep the focus in between the chapters
You give me the word and only ask that I interpret
And give me the eyes that I may recognize the serpent
You know I ain't perfect, but you'd like me to try
Unlike the devil who just wants me to lie, 'til I die
Lord, why is it that I go through so much pain?
All I saw was black, all I felt was rain
I come to you because it's you who knows
You showed me that everything was black because my eyes were closed
You gave me the light and let me bask in your glory
So it was only right that when you ask for this story
I put it together to do our dogs some good
Our dogs being brothers and sisters in the hood
Plenty of times you sent help my way, but I hid
And I remember once you held me close, but I slid
There was something that I just had to see
That you wanted me to see so I can be what you wanted me to be
And I think I've seen it, 'cause I don't feel the same
Matter of fact, I know I've seen it, I can feel the change
And it's strange, almost got me beating down your door
But I have never known a love like this before
It's a wonderful feeling to get away from the pain
And up under the ceiling I get away from the rain
And the strain that I feel when I'm here is gone
I know real so I wipe away the tears; it's on
And I almost lost faith when you took my man
Monty, Paso, and Jay's brother Dan
And I fear that what I'm saying won't be heard until I'm gone
But it's all good, 'cause I really didn't expect to live long
So if it takes for me to suffer, for my brother to see the light
Give me pain 'til I die, but please, Lord, treat him right

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DMX Prayer Comments
  1. Clare Quinn

    Saying someone is your 'backbone' means a lot of love for lord. His words is powerful believing his existence is not by his power and plans

  2. Drewbar 100

    Sad thing is once you become one with god you become perfect in the eyes of glory and god yes this is good but inaccurate af

  3. Antonio Brown

    This here boy i love to listen to this

  4. Linden Williams Sr.

    1 of the best at its finest....Thank You DMX!!! Father GOD it is you that wakes me up everyday. Thank You JEHOVAH

  5. don vito

    Amen Earl.

  6. Tanisha Downey

    Still listening in 2019 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  7. Redant23

    Kanye needs to collab with DMX now, it would be Holy!

  8. Bryon Scarlett

    Amen amen

  9. T Mandez

    DMX is anointed you cant tell me nothing 🙏🏿

  10. Yvonne Jones Lembo

    A new David. A new Book of Psalms. Holy Wind keeps in blowin'. Holy Spirit keeps on movin'!

  11. Jada Barrett

    Let your thought in my heart go hand to hand....Amen dmx amen🙏

  12. Quentin polley

    I believe in God to

  13. AppAlaysha 4

    If you're an empath you can feel the pain and strength in every fuckin word he says. I love him. Hes a different kinda soul that God blessed us with. God knew DMX had words that would heal us.🙌 Thank you.

  14. Trevor Fyfe

    Dmx the prayer was the first of all the straight out of Compton first one. not the second one which isn't anything like the new one. about snoop dog and biggie smalls. SPADES shovels barrels ♠️ 🖤♣️♦️.

  15. Gilbet Fernandez

    Keep singing with your prayers you have help so many people mentally I appreciate your songs dmx the underdog

  16. Gilbet Fernandez

    Dmx should be a pastor his better than the real pastor is sound good

  17. Adrian Locklear

    Danielynn thanks for letting me share with you this. Much love.

  18. Heavy Music

    Every time this man praise and makes me feel good now I just said along and sing saying the prayers with him still love you DMX no matter what!💋💕💝🤘🏻☠️

  19. Kendall Jordan

    Praise him

  20. Qwami Tonto

    God bless you

  21. Monique Brown

    He pleases God so much!!

  22. Buggg Roane

    I listen to it sometimes to get me thru tha day he brings me bk to life

  23. Calvin Beckford

    out of the mouth of babes and suckling,cometh strength

  24. Joey Jessie

    You think he wrote these him self

  25. Yahawahdah Yahrahshalem

    We the real Jews the blood descendants of Shem Abraham Issac and Jacob we are the true Israelites read Deuteronomy 28 68 KJV white man don't want us to know who we are read study be blessed shalawam Barak atha Yahawahdah Qam yahshrahrahlah

  26. Millie Lasalle

    What some may not understand is that not only was at this time n maybe present he was gloriously knowledgeable inspite of his lifestyle and addiction..he understood his covering..he understood he was a son of an all true god and savior.. He was publicly fighting demons while trying to keep his faith..thru prayer and humility! Satan wasn't trying leave him alone n he made sure his demons fucked with him... So people say..he was just a crazy irratic man or just a washed up druggy but this isn't the case... He was fighting a fight the industry that once liked him didnt understand. He got caught up between 2 worlds and the bastards who have worldly hold.. Exploited it. Exploited him..cuz it was too easy to make or label a black thug city boy look crazy or so unstable..nothing he'd say would have any truth or worth..LIES! HE WAS like a paul.. He is a child of God..he is chosen!! @dmx

    Jaime Lee

    This touches my heart so much. I too believe he was chosen. Every time I hear him pray I feel closer to God.

  27. poetmm

    So if it takes for me to suffer, for my brother to see the light
    Give me pain 'til I die, but please, Lord, treat him right

  28. Joshua Kalibbala

    I'm tryna learn how to pray like DMX


    Earl Simmons is my favorite Artist...An artist speaks the thing you can never take from him...never spoke on the $...but spit jewels...still rock with you X

  30. Worldwide Videos

    2019 and counting #Blessedup 🙏🏾

  31. Flamez Kush


  32. Pandaneshia Morgan

    I'm not a believer of any religion but that shit has made me cry since the '90s. I can't fight it.....

  33. Cornell Mason

    I like liking living a living like old ladies and men's light

  34. Buddy Betty

    Bless us the black wolves, don't ask to get lost within the Sheep, cuz we'll always bring them back but even in church I cry when I speak.

  35. Jenny Richards

    RUFF RYDERS! Let’s Go

  36. Mickey Mitchell

    1 of God's Angles X 1 of my all time Greats

  37. jose Cuevas

    I see this DMX prayer got thumbs down I wonder what kind of idiots will give this a thumbs down you need God in your life

  38. Nardos

    thank you X for been real in this world

  39. Henry Delgado

    we need to pray all 139 of them. They're lost and must be found

  40. Alexander Laryea

    Lucifer even prayed to god at some point and was his favourite angel some of the church members self be witches and wizards so pray in secrecy not like the hypocrites because hypocritical piety is double iniquity. me i don't datesmall girls my type be sexy mature american dames like my jenni, my bree and my barbara pierce and my jenna welch.

  41. bernard omurunga

    Thanks for divine change of dmx, God bless you and your family

  42. Nigel Fungai Munyoro

    Strong prayers

  43. ken gilbert

    I love his prayers

  44. Fred Rodriguez

    Powerful. God bless dmx

  45. Emmanuel Allen

    DMX is a blessing with these prayers

  46. Ms A

    I've said it from day 1 since he first came out in the 90s, DMX was born to preach, and that he'll do. The devil is playing tag of war with the Lord on him, but the devil will not win. God is not finished with DMX (signed Sept 2018)

  47. Nikki Mouse Acevedo

    Great way to start a day and regain focus

  48. Jason Coney

    God loves to hear his son talk to him....

  49. Gab gamer

    Pang intro ng sayaw

  50. Ghost Unlimited Gaming

    These words never become untrue, no matter how old this gets.

  51. Anarcho Vegan

    Magical thinkers lol

  52. william burgher

    Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!

  53. lambert lacombs

    ........and I almost lost faith when u took my men... Monty, Paso, and Jay's brother - Dan...

  54. justin gnewuch

    I am a 34 year old addict. I am son, brother, father, cousin, friend and I am lost. My love for my disease is more than my love for them. I pray for a spiritual awakening, to remove the obsession of alcohol and drugs from my life. I pray for those who may be in the same situation i am in now. These prayers that dmx pours out of his soul, has found their way into mine

    Linden Williams Sr.


  55. Brian Casteel

    We are all brothers and sisters in the eyes of God.

  56. Levi Michael

    When I get going, I’m not looking back for nothin. Cause I will know where I’m headed and I’m so tired of the suffering

  57. Robskee3484111

    Amen 🙏

  58. Fannie Fugerson

    He has known so much pain. Yet is Grandmother knew he was something special

  59. Kaleah Collins

    When i went to the hardknock life tour. The prayer was the most beautiful experience of the whole night gayz was tight.

  60. Tabi Cakes

    I know I've seen it...bc I can feel the change

  61. LADY LUE


  62. rachan bishop

    Black Bishop! U are ANNOINTED. I am a fleshly child of GUILT.....and I found my ur ".REAL "...Dmx!!! Thank God for you Boo.

  63. Corey J

    Jesus was a zombie he came back from the dead. He made people eat his flesh

  64. Patrick Duke

    Real real real

  65. Patrick Duke

    Real real real

  66. Andy Bee 5.0

    Keep fighting on dmx
    U inspire soo many

    Respect my brother

  67. Dee Bell

    God is good 2018

  68. The Shazbat

    By far the greatest rapper in my opinion and this is why. He keeps me close to God even when I try to run, I just hope I’m not the only one he does this for.

  69. I'm chosen 4 greatness

    everything was black because my 👀's was closed...

  70. Johnny Cashed

    Amen i thank u lord for our brotger dmx prayers

  71. Nesta Marley

    I do Love and this man.. Oh Lord Jesus give him love and protection him. Grow his faith and love so that your glory shines more through his life.. Amen

  72. Sonnsarhae Buie

    I love dmx prayers and some music I just ask 4 God 2 pls cover him with his blood....AMEN

  73. Frank W.

    The last one he is lost I think, but still prays! I will pray for him!

  74. Frank W.

    Happy new year 2 all! Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the only light!

  75. Leon Sims

    God died on the cross for Brothers like DMX. He knew that we would fall and some would fall deeper than others, but that’s why He forgives us for ALL our sins through prayer and repentance. Stand in judgement if you want to and trust me when I say, when God comes to Judge, and He is on His way, you will be rebuked more than the lowly fallen....

  76. Jacqueline Brown

    D.M.X in the name of Jesus Christ he knows that why he lives.

  77. S. O'Dell

    We Pray For You D.

  78. C W

    I remember first hearing these prayers an i thought this brother is so deep but he's in a real battle with his self wish he could have gotten it together no telling where he would be now but he's still one of the best to ever do it

  79. Gillian Brown

    Lord Jesus please help DMX


    prays the LORD every day DMX

  81. 144,000 Latino

    666 - I felt the presence of Lord Jesus Christ, he is with me . The Lamb. rejoice earl, you are worthy to be an Angel .

  82. Angel Arciga

    many times I've gave up and attempted to take my life. this man and his prayers have helped me so much.its been 3 yers since I tried to end my life. when I fall I listen thru reminds we can get away from the pain. dmx will always stay in rotations in my life. "if takes for me to suffer,for my brother to see the light" my favorite part of the first prayer.

  83. Christopher Clark

    real talk

  84. Pat Witte

    very True

  85. João Sebastião Cunhal Medina de Almeida Gonçalves

    Thank you brother! Sincerely! God, Jah, Allah.. let Him gide us throught good and hard times! Bless you all


    João Sebastião Cunhal Medina de Almeida Gonçalves 🙏🏾

  86. Vanessa Marie

    My husband Michael is fucking Awesome!!!!

  87. Ray Dykes

    a prophet will never be accepted at home

  88. Dustan Clark

    Real talk, those vices are the very reason we need to put on the full armor of God. Everyday is a battle and the serpent is playing for keeps! Remember if there wasn't any sun on Earth, then wouldn't that be heaven? DMX is a very good Minister. Remember the Lord Leads his army, for ALL walks of life. DMX can reach multitudes of inner city youths would NOT give a square person the time of day. So remember how Jesus told the Pharisees, He with out sin, cast the first stone. I'll NEVER persecute another man for his walk in Christ. Remember the 2 things we are guaranteed. Trials and tribulations! It's through these times, we can give testimony on the glorious power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ our Lord. So once again the power of DMX's testimony, is a walk many of us would have crumpled and parishes. I can promise you the non-convicted, will have a harder time to witness to the convicted. It takes one to build on one! God Bless everyone that listens to DMX, and supports him even if he's back sliding. As Christians, we are to help and support our brothers and sisters. You DON'T slap a hand away when they are pleading for help up off the cliff the fell over, and clinging to their life by their finger tips. Heaven isn't filled with the ones we are trying to reach!

  89. shey love


  90. awoke one

    Mike Hunt & Steven Gonzales, why not thank Dmx for opening your (our) eyes and bring you (us) closer to God with his prayers? We are not perfect by a long shot and Im sure we all have sinned and will continue to until we die. Instead of judging him, why dont you say a prayer for him? God bless Dmx and the both of you.

  91. Action Jackson

    All these comments are real asf about X but I believe songs/interludes like these are the true jewels of the projects. E.g. He has a church now. Basically, I feel like his bad up bringing makes him who most ppl perceive because if he was a rapper trying to only push upliftiting spiritual music he would've nvr had his push, sad to say. Still I just think too many ppl miss X's "greatness"

  92. nikki dee

    Deep love ...I love this man Protect him LORD #Yonkersfinest

  93. justin morris

    Straight poetry