DMX - I'm Gonna Crawl Lyrics

Live and learn
Life's a lesson (life is a lesson)
And I'm the teacher

Dyme enters chorus after first verse
First I'm gonna crawl, uh (crawl)
Then I'm gonna walk, uh huh (walk)
Then I'm gonna stand, uh huh (stand)
Then I'm gonna talk, uh (talk)
Then I gotta learn, what (learn)
In order to teach, (teach)
Then I gotta burn (burn)
In order to reach (reach), my niggas

[Verse 1]
Yo, I see what I see, day by day
Hopin that the Lord can, pave my way
Have I been forgotten, have I forsaken
Or maybe I'm just wrong with the moves that I've been makin
Hatin others cuz they hate me, over envy
Wanna send me, when we used to be friendly
Think I started off on top? With multi platinum albums?
Naw dog, I started off on the block
I just did shit to get shit
Niggas always knew I was down to hit shit
That's why I stay wit shit
Played with shit, but it wasn't a game
First time locked down, wasn't the same
A whole new world, nothin but close to steel
Niggas gettin split for real, miss a good deal
They aint call nobody, cuz don't nobody care
They got my back against the wall, fuck it I'm just here


[Verse 2]
Dog it's like this, when the fog is type thick
A nigga might flip, and a nigga bite quick
But I stay focused on what's important
Supportin my family, fuckin with my dogs and reportin
According to the man upstairs, we all got our own problems
So why the fuck you worryin about theirs
It was a long time ago, look awake, cuz he'll leave you
I hear none, speak none, see none, evil
All I can do is teach you, what I know
How I flow, how I get down, where I go
Maybe what I been through, will send you
Somewhere, other then where, dreams all out the window
I love my people, all of my people
And God gon keep me callin my people
You gots to live life to the fullest
It aint always about the size of the gun, sometimes it's the bullet


[Verse 3]
Every day we live and learn, take it step by step
And we create our own path, until there's no life left
I hold my death, off for as long as I can
Knowin my man, is plottin with the chrome in his hand
Supposed to be fam, but niggas get shady over money
My nigga, pull out the 380 over money
Crazy over money, can't do without it
I got other shit to deal with, I'm like forget about it
It's the one I don't know but must teach that comes first
Because he comes with the thirst of a nigga that tatted the worst
It's like a curse that's to be lifted, he was there but he gripped it
Got a call and he shifted, once he found out he was gifted
Gotta kick it from the heart, and I hope you got it
It was there from the start, I just hope you spot it
Cuz it's my blood on paper, my soul on paper
Words to live by will leave a hole in the paper


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DMX I'm Gonna Crawl Comments
  1. Erron Black


  2. icanfixitful x

    S/o 2 my Dawg, wassup D.....not you my nigga.....D.DMX!!!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝ROOF!!!!

  3. Donavon Paige

    DMX is Phenominal.

  4. Kelthagreat97

    2020! we here y’all 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Shabeg Singh

    ありがと ございます DMX さま. あなたの魂わ美しいです

  6. Kazuya Mishima

    mummm the beat has me going

  7. Anthony Bradford

    This give inner strength

  8. The evil player


  9. peter nuon

    Why is this track listed for nutty professor 2?

  10. Anabolic Camel

    I remember watching this movie when I finished my study at the university 2000 b4 backing home , life run so fast its was best action movie with great story and songs , they will never made made movies like this again? We stuck now with stupid supernatural gay ass movies or zombies

  11. Philip Rice

    DMX is one of Yonker's grittiest.

  12. Robert Rabena

    Everytime I hear this I think of Poe hanging from that street light

  13. What they Say K

    I'm watching this shit RIGHT NOW on free af Bounce TV Uncable people know what I’m talking about lol


    This man is a ...i know u dude

  15. states1950

    **DMX - First I'm Gonna Crawl (2019)** 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Nathan Nugent

    Why's it not on any albums


    It's an soundtrack for the movie

  16. LateFeez

    People saying 2pac and biggie were better than DMX come on you don’t think they wouldn’t have got addicted ? I mean drugs weren’t popular in the 90s on tv but they are now I mean how many lean rappers do we have that die taking rabbit sized turds ... biggie would look like rich homie Quan

  17. Jay Nightlife

    Slept on and extremely underrated joint by X.

  18. Kelthagreat97

    2019!! 🔥🔥

  19. Kim Bilir

    miss these times

  20. Ajnur Agusi

    At the time they put the greatest rapper on planet with the greatest martial artist to mix hip hop with kung fu with some mafia influence . Dmx didnt show up so much but when he did it you can se how much karisma style influnce he had and could play wich role you want to action to drama to big gangster boss and so much more. Even jet li got some style influence of hip hop . I can not imagine some martial artist to play in hip hop kun fu movie any more ether tony yaa or iku uwais they just dont have it. And if we talk about to put some hip hop artist to kung fu their no one except TI his got some character and influnce but his not the greatest today its kendrick who cant even act so thats the reason they will never makes movies like this anymore.

  21. David Howard

    first i got to crawl to be able to walk

  22. Chevalier d'Orient

    Depuis ltemps jla cherchez en version complete longue sa ces un putain de vraix film de bonhomme😎 comparez o merde qui regarde pattaya kil leurs chie dsu 😂😂🤣

  23. Penguen 01

    2018 :D

    Biniyam 39 Edosa

    Yesil Gömlek here😎

  24. erick garcia

    very well for me

  25. Jamel Griffin

    My shit here bruh by my dogg xxx

  26. Cam Mills

    For example, you guys with the machine guns. If they start blastin off, AINT NONE OF Y'ALL GOING HOME!!!

    Emperor KX

    Just remember duder... guns don't kill people... people kill people.

    Charles Brown

    Cam Mills, nice

    Charles Brown

    Cam Mills, I believe it is "For example, these* two guys with the machine guns..."

  27. Ervin Green

    PAC first..x is second

  28. arian johnson

    DMX is too real he's Yonkers best no doubt! and one of Hip Hop's best. He is living proof that you turn your life around from crime as long as you try to.

  29. Winterboii 1524

    and im the teacher 😔

  30. EZ Duzit

    DMX was the closest thing to pac we've had! the youth needs you brotha get off dat shit n come back...

  31. EZ Duzit

    I was jammed up once workin lawn detail and DMX came in off his drug bullshit, he was walkin around the rec and we crossed paths, im like "yo D hows miami treatin you?!" hes like " man every time i come down here i end up in this shit!" lmao ill never forget it. I was too star struck to him at the time but i wish woulda told him "THEN GET OFF THE DOPE FOOL BE THE ROLE MODEL YOU USED TO BE!!!"

  32. ArThuR Zein

    wooooo nice !!! thug life

  33. Raul Higgins

    "Guns don't kill people, people kill people so if yo ass ain't black you betta get up outta here before it really get hot" lol best part from Romeo Must Die.

    Ben Polk

    I agree

    Joshua Takaoka

    Raul Higgins naw man it's, "Some you win... and dim sum -- you lose!"

    Amedra Tennial

    Joshua Takaoka yep you right that was Anthony Anderson 😆

  34. Ken Griffey

    This Song Really Helps Me Like Its Steps He Telling You To Reach 👣


    Ken Griffey yo dmx music about learning yourself in the world

  35. tremaine boyd

    naw dog I started at on the block,,,Real talk,,

  36. Kyle Adrien

    💯. Love this

  37. Jaborius Robinson

    We Gots To Live Life To The Fullest It Ain't Always The Size Of The Gun Sometimes Its Tha Bullet


    +Jaborius Robinson
    live it to fullest or not end ends everything,nothing matters once show's over

  38. Derris Bynum

    DMX has been my favorite since I was kid no matter what crime he committed in the past, or how many times he's been arrested he's the best rapper ever. I saw this movie from my childhood I know all the songs, and quotes to this I remember the lyrics to this DMX was my favorite rapper, and Aaliyah was my childhood crush may she R.I.P. as one of the best R&B singers ever.

    High Tone

    Derris Bynum Mac Dre the best

    Beaker's Garage

    I respectfully disagree. DMX is/was a great rapper, but imo 2Pac & Biggie were the 2 best ever.

    Skillin It 25

    Thing was...the man was innocent. They set him up because he was against the corrupt system. Same with 2pac, are good dudes.

    James Kirk

    brian penn I’m 22 dmx is the much better than 2pac dmx is the best


    Tupac the King of Rap, DMX the Prince of Rap, in my opinion.

  39. noestoyfacil

    this is what i hated about X he started off strong and then sounded all forced.

  40. Cassandra Vindicta

    first i'm gonna walk
    then i'm gonna turn this on
    cuz i gotta drown out all the shit music
    in the world

  41. XxBringBackThePastxX

    what soundtrack is this on? it's not on romeo must die soundtrack


    Yes it is


    @XxBringBackThePastxX Different versions of the soundtrack. The one I have does not have it.


    @XxBringBackThePastxX nutty professor 2

    Joel Vanegas

    its in the intro


    This song played at the beginning of Romeo must die, but it’s not on the soundtrack. It’s on the Nutty professor 2 soundtrack, but it’s not in the movie. How stupid is that?!

  42. BloodSworn Gaming

    so many roads in hip hop all end with DMX at the end of them. The collaboration between X and Swizz Beatz was legendary.


    The collaboration between X and Swizz Beatz was Legen.. wait for it... DARY. :P

  43. Rick Rocky

    DMX in his prime 1998-2000 one of the greatest of all time.

    Gabriel Pickersgill

    He was in his prime from 1998-2005. IMO

    Rickey Bishop

    Trey Treadstone prime waa longer then that

    Ronald Caldwell

    2020 DMX

  44. letterboy90

    YEAHHH BOY!!!!

  45. 5Sush0

    The song + the mercedes + wheels = badass intro.

    Canaria Utara

    First I'm gonna crawl, then I'm gonna walk, then I'm gonna walk, then I'm gonna load up a gat in the back of the Benz.

  46. marcus3714fli

    Damn rap will never be this way again

  47. ChristianBaleBatman

    underestimated movie

  48. tony yeats

    yeah, this stuffs way deeper..though I'm not complaining about the pussy/booty/money raps :D

  49. Yuki Cross

    Rap has started to be only about pussy, booty, money. etc. I miss rap like this, it meant something and talked truth. Every now and then a great song will come out but 90s and early 2000s rap is the best, one day I hope it'll be this way again.

  50. R0yalflushy


  51. Legend of Awww Sheeet

    Damn this song still wrecks even in 2013.

  52. XXX

    wow for years i was looking for this long, now i finally found it.

  53. Frank Flores

    Songs dope beats sick

  54. jimmyhopkinsman

    I've gotta watch it soon, it's such a bad-ass movie

  55. Amanie tingle

    i like it

  56. connor maypunk

    crawl walk stand talk lern teach burn reach my nigga

  57. rave major

    nutty professor 2 underrated album major tracks on there. dmx one of the most authentic artists ever. not even saying rap

  58. TheManAbove

    The Nutty Professor II soundtrack.

  59. Jonathan Sanchez

    This reminds me of Tupac's songs cause I can follow the stories he tells
    R.I.P pac you'll be missed greatly

    Rickey Bishop

    Jonathan Sanchez RS ME2


    Wat song by Tupac

  60. ImKoolWithThis

    This song is I'm Gonna Crawl.

  61. wolfie83

    @Hellblazer311 Watching it right now!

  62. Hellblazer311

    Thumbs up if you still watch Romeo Must die at least once every couple of months

    Merissa Tucker

    Hellblazer311 me✌✋

  63. Ryder Chwartacki

    Hery look we were a baby in are life's and I love being here on this useless earth

  64. Young Soulja


    Jason Voorheez

    Young Soulja so is DMX, jay z, busta- why we die

  65. James Elliot

    huh! this came on my ipod and the head started rockin,huh Yea!!!

  66. BigBonThaBeat


  67. PourquoiLoveable

    Life is a lesson