DMX - I'm Back Lyrics

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

[Verse 1:]
I flipped to the tracks to get to the wax
And these fucking cowards know I ain't stepped through the cracks
Dog reck on the C making a bunch of noise
You're grown man, bring the brave boys
Man these niggaz is toyin' with us I don't play with 'em
So if you like rats with guns stay with 'em
Motherfucking with bank for all we don't keep the bangs in us
Cold blooded killers the murders essenceless
I ain't even need forensics or a dentist
Fuck with D-O-G and you will be
Straight up, DIE so RIP
Real niggaz slip but bounce right back
Paid from my ounce to a grip like that
Camera's always on so nigga might act
Like they wanna fight 'til I fight back

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

[Verse 2:]
Scratch you to death I'm a go getter
The mail's gone, download more on twitter
Stuff picking my finger collect point no vest
And will still be able to play connect point to chest
Or I could hit 'em in the mouth and make 'em bash the taste
Nothing, I told you I'm a bastard case
They call me acid face
I spit lava. You're better off smacking your father, don't bother!
We're real criminals, we rob niggaz
Double R for life, we mob niggaz
Niggas do what you do suck a dick
Fuckin fagget better of some suck a shit
Back up in your face up in your grill
Getting back up in that lab with a license to kill
Tell your mans they better chill
They don't want but you got me
Thought you was fucking with a gangsta but you not!

I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
Let 'em know
I'm back
And give it to me like

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DMX I'm Back Comments
  1. Craig Davis

    DMX and AZ need to do a remix to this song.

  2. Craig Davis

    True Hip Hop For Life Man.

  3. Craig Davis

    AZ-I'm Back!!!

  4. Craig Davis


  5. Craig Davis


  6. Craig Davis

    Eddie Kendricks-Loving You The Second Time Around.

  7. Craig Davis

    R.I.P.Eddie Kendricks!!!🎵🎵🎵🎧🎧🎧🎤🎤🎤💗💗💗🙏🙏🙏

  8. LilWill Ladder

    Hey X flame

  9. vintage barbershop & co

    i guy was singing this so loud at the block just a day before he got out ... i didnt it was dmx pretty sure hes back at the block .

  10. Eddie Smith

    God damn dmx can spit.

  11. RichieLarpa

    Lemme tell you my feelings: that instrumental sounds soo GTA-like, it could be on GTA 6 as a theme song.

  12. J bob

    when he said play connect four on your chest was that a refrence to the shadowman comic book ? dmx was supposed to play shadowman in a movie but it never happened i got all the comic books and im a big dmx fan but they never made the movie hollywood for yea

    J bob

    in the comic book though it was tic tac toe but why no movie i dunno lol

    The Verdant

    J bob - that would have been sick. Remember the n64 game? I always thought it was a reference.

  13. Patrick Paul

    Love this!!

  14. Veronica Banks


  15. ActionJackson

    DMX come to Austria... :)

  16. Đorđe Inđić

    DMX come to Serbia... :) <3