DMX - I Can I Can Lyrics

Uh, Ruff Ryderz, DMX, Swizz Beatz
[Verse 1]
I be, I be that dog that gots to flow
That's why, that's why baby I gots to blow
And you, and you know it's straight from the gutter
Because, because it's gettin darker than a mother
Slow down, slow down partner you movin too quick
Oh now, oh now gotcha, your crew and them sick
What now, what now nigga, you feelin this shit?
But how, but how is this nigga killin this shit
Don't think, don't think that it couldn't happen again
Don't blink, don't blink cuz I put a (?) in your chin
Then what, then what niggas is gonna see you dead
For what, for what over some shit a bitch said
But why, but why did your life mean so liitle?
I tried, I tried but you got me caught up in the middle
This is, this is what it all comes down to
I did, I did what a nigga had to do, come on

Don't worry 'bout me
Cuz I'm a be the dog that I am, you know, D
The type of nigga that y'all niggas love when you see
So y'all, don't worry bout me, ya hear me?

[Verse 2]
What's up, what's up with that nigga they call D?
I am, I am what niggas is tryin to be
And will, and will continue to do my thing
They love, they love all that dark shit that I bring
Know why, know why? Cuz I keep it realer than you
You can't, you can't cuz of all the shit that you do
You know, you know just what I'm talkin about
You asked, you asked nothin bout runnin your mouth
A bitch, a bitch what you thought niggas couldn't tell?
You flipped, you flipped after two days in a cell
Good thing, good thing I knew what was on your mind
You sing, you sing but you still gon do your time
No bail, no bail cuz they don't believe your story
Oh well, oh well guess you gon do that forty
I'm here, I'm here still gettin platinum plaques
You there, you there still tryin to watch your back

[Hook X 4]

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DMX I Can I Can Comments
  1. Philip Oni

    December 1999

  2. Genso San

    Still unbeatable!

  3. dwain20111

    Welcome home x

  4. Abishek Prakesh

    How did we go from great shit like this to Cardi B winning Best Rapper in 2k18? A damn shame.

    Eric Cui

    Well Nas didn't win a single grammy in his lifetime so stop shitting on the present

  5. Illuminus Maximus

    😎 Blocking out you saying A hole in your chin ?
    Really ?
    People are dropping F bombs all day all internet commenters
    Are not on my level


    DMX!! Rolled out pumped to deez here !! COLD AS A FREEEEEEEEEEZER !!

  7. Habufffff

    nvm this is 2001/2002

  8. Habufffff

    no this is 1999 and grand champ is 03

  9. yahoo1o1

    no dmx has a ton of songs that arent on any of his albums

  10. Joker Smooth


  11. Zack Speranza

    what is the mixtape or album that all of these old ssongs are on?

    Ayye Dre

    I know this wuz on The Wood (1999) soundtrack

  12. yougotit96

    the songs sounds so good because he has so much

  13. Terrence Davis

    @DMXraps its on The Wood Soundtrack

  14. Topsey2000

    Back in the days whatever Swizz touched turned to gold.

    D and Swizz, what a team.

  15. Carl Highley III

    Opposite of Nas- i can

  16. warchild357

    was looking for the rare track since long time i never thought i could find this on youtube 5/5

  17. byrd2bad

    the hood soundtrack

  18. Tevolo52

    wha-what wha-what! I used to bump this in high school

  19. jered stremel

    sounds good out of a subwoofer

  20. Jonah Miller

    classic swizz production

  21. Erric Dogge

    dam see the wood, havent ehard this shitt

  22. Johnny Luken

    True, true.

  23. JRL

    Bobbin my head and shoulders

  24. Kingjd87

    Greatest of his era (late 90s)

  25. Propane K 1982

    it couldnt have been for his first album because DMX's 1st album was in 1998 and this song was made in 1999.

  26. Propane K 1982

    can u post a mp3 file of this or wur u got it pleez?

  27. Propane K 1982



    ruff ryders U KNOW!!!!!!!!

  29. vatostylo

    yeah man atleast dmx keeps it real not like that other rapping bitches from now with their club and disco shit ... thats crap shit we dont wanna hear that ! we wanna hear tha real shit!

  30. DatGunitKilla

    No it wasn't on vol. 1

  31. scoobies84

    The Wood Soundtrack

  32. Aaron F

    What album is this from?

  33. IronmanX

    yeah itz siwzz beatz

  34. IronmanX

    what up wednesday
    for yall whatever he says... trust him.. cuz he knows best;)

  35. Wednesday Addison

    this song wasn't made for the first