DMX - Head Up Lyrics

[Intro: DMX]
I just wish we all understood, the beauty, of music...
Grrrrr, just listen

[Chorus 2X: singers (DMX)]
Keeeeeep (YEAH!) your heeeeead (WHAT!)
To the skyyyyyyyy (uhh, uhh, uhh, uhh, C'MON!)

When I think I don't deserve it - I think about Jesus
and the fact that he was perfect and he thinks that I'm worth it
I know I got a purpose
So when I don't like what I see in the mirror, I learn to look past the surface
Believe me God heard this, cause these words came from my heart
I was in pain, it was dark!
Then came the spark to light down the road
and let me know, He would lighten up my load
And it's gon' get greater, later
God only wants the BEST for me but the devil's a hater
I can see his eyes through the smiles of fake friends
Y'all think hate wins, just keep waitin!
At the end of the day who's will will you think will prevail?
Or will you live to tell?
Miracle after miracle'll come through
The spiritual individual is IN you!


Lord if you hear me, you know that I'm comin to you sincerely
I need you near me, please feel me
I'm sick and I need for you to heal me
I'm lost and lookin for the real me, I'm tired and weary
Haven't been able to see things clearly
Even though I know you love me DEARLY, I still get leery!
So where does that leave me? Lost and alone
Wanna call God but it's like I lost my phone
Every DAY is a struggle, cause I juggle my problems
Need to let go and let God cause only He can solve 'em
I'm tired of lyin to myself! Thinkin I can do it on my own
But when I get left alone
is when the devil sneaks in and creeps in
Knocks on the door lightly and creaks in
And it's usually around the weekend
Then I get reckless and jump off the deep end!

[Chorus - repeat 2X]

Keeeeeep your heeeeead, to the skyyyyyyyy [repeat to the end]

[Outro: DMX]
Man, man, man
This, is somethin special
Keep your head to the sky
He didn't bring me this far to let me go
And that's, just what it is

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DMX Head Up Comments
  1. Graham Tom

    I love this man.

  2. Corey Perkins


  3. Crazy Luch1


  4. Crazy Luch1


  5. Crazy Luch1

    You're here for a reason does anyone else play it like six times every time? Or Naw?💯✔🐇👊🙏🙌💛💛💛💎

  6. Crazy Luch1

    🐇💛👀😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #ONEWAY☝

  7. Crazy Luch1

    #2K19 STILL MY #FAVORITERAPOEREVEERRRR🦈👊💛💛💛💛💛👁💯✔🐇💯🙏🙏🙌👊👊💥💥💥👆👆👆👆😇😇

  8. J M

    God knows we need more of this type of music to go mainstream more than todays music

  9. Ultimate Dark Knight

    This song so powerful , I push myself hard to raise my daughter and encourage her to excel and reach the blessings God has for her , the world is full of envy , but I tell my daughter bc of he who lives in me , we can overcome anything, u have one more year to go and u heading to college and God will give me the funds, hustle,,ambition and unexpected opportunities to make sure as your dad , you obtain all u deserve , this song is my testimony

  10. Ultimate Dark Knight

    September 1st DMX performing at lotos music festival In Boca Raton, concert featuring method man , red man , black sheep , spread the word, I been waiting to see X , I've seen bone thugs, snoop dogg, ice cube,,nelly , gotta see X , raw , real, authentic , pain is his power, tribulations are his testimonies, X words are motivation to me bc even though I'm blessed , trust we all have our demons we fight daily, but X words always give me power , Coming to See my Dawg , Boca Raton September 1st, X gonna give it to ya

  11. Robert North

    DMX it’s all good hope for the best wishes and prayers Hallelujah never give up man

  12. Andrew Flood


  13. Nirmal Kaushal

    I don't know why d fk you tube don't give loop icon

  14. Fred Rodriguez

    Super fukin realllll

  15. NYHC1000

    I love DMX.God bless you.shout out from a polish white boy!

  16. Jaiden Itis

    Miss this 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  17. xrach wellsx

    True lengend true song...enough said. Love u dark man x.

  18. Davide Ganora

    Lord ear you my brother!

  19. 051290ma

    X keep your head up homie. God got you.

  20. Kissy Vazquez

    Dope ❤

  21. Sup Thanks


  22. Patrick Bateman

    "When the devil sneaks in and creeps in, knocks on the door lightly than peeks in, and it’s usually around the weekend then I get reckless and jump off the deep end" ....For anyone who's ever dealt with drug addiction this lyric hits hard.

    xrach wellsx

    GetDaYayo. Yes i hear ya

  23. doobie soda

    I honestly never realized how positive DMX is. He words are legit and about more than stupid stuff.

  24. Chris Ayres

    The words to this song are so powerful!!! I am a true DMX fan!

  25. alioune faye barry

    The GOAT.

  26. ciara B

    Dmx whatever you are going through and will go through. Yes lift your head to the sky. God made you strong. Don't let these other rappers get to you.

  27. Daddy Strap

    Great song......

  28. Stephan Englund

    They don't understand Dmx because they don't feel the pain.

  29. larry geronimo

    Everyone always puts down this album but I really enjoy it

  30. justin miniaci

    It still gets weary

  31. Vincent Canel

    DMX fan for life he change his way's gave his soul to God and Lord Jesus Christ I always pray for DMX proud of you DMX God bless you Always Amen

  32. F.D.M.

    dope shit is real shit keep ur up to the stars

  33. Maximino Martinez

    stay up dmx dog keep making the music man ur the are a true Raper

  34. David

    Come back to us X we need you..

  35. tt’ pooh

    dmx forever

  36. Jessica Reyes

    nobodys perfect hard life just keep pushin

  37. Zap Rowsdower

    Stay up DMX, god bless you.

  38. Letitsha Hill

    We miss you DMX can't wait to hear your new album..... loyal fan's

  39. Eli P

    I ❤️ him

  40. Conny Steiner

    das ist Musik mit einen sinnvoll Text.der Hammer

    Hassan aka damien

    haha gut so ..god bless u

  41. Jayjay Okocha

    Audio quallity is so poor its like from demo recording in 1995. Why?

    Daniel Loomis

    Jayjay Okocha probably is from 95 lol

  42. Weza Beatz

    God bless DMX

  43. Brandon Mcconnell

    Rap= rapture the true rap!

  44. jnco corbett

    It's only "Real Music" when X spits about killing and screwing his soul up now that he is trying to get right ppl sleepin on him

    larry geronimo

    jnco corbett just people here in the states. He's respected outside the states cause people around the world seem to have more class and respect for artists and not just for the ones who are on top right now.

  45. Johnson Féuz

    the type of music who touch in tha bottom of the soul, DMX legend, str8 respect from brazil. care yourself dog god bless you


    I WILL FOREVER BE A DMX FAN !!! DMX words are  FROM THE SOUL so I will call his style of rap  SOUL HIP HOP 

    Maximino Martinez

    AIMEE NAVARRO yes x has ways with his words I love x his the best Raper


    * * * * * * * * * *

  48. Renato Andres Leiva Rosales

    My motivation !

  49. Doğan Şamlı

    lord if you hear me :(  fortunately DMX is alive. he is making me stronger.

  50. userisonline

    Respect from Bulgaria, DMX !! 

  51. Moth Love Lamp

    heard he's creating a new album with swizz beats

    Joel Pirela

    werd!? :O

  52. Mikr

    DMX is legend! Respect from cold Finland!

  53. ro6ue

    he always shouts out double r so yea he's still in ti

  54. El Autentico

    Is X a DOUBLE R or his not like Eve?

  55. Tyler Scott

    DMX got another album dropping this is just an album that dropped soon as he got out of prison some of these songs are two , three years old he even confessed it. For all the people saying negativity its better then any lil wayne , drake or another rapper. Least x is speaking from the heart we need to give him some positive feedback for another good album this is the start he's the only artist to drop 2 albums in the same year for real long live the legend DMX.

  56. WicKked WiazZard


  57. tyler ballard

    yup and those are the ones that are wack as fuck

  58. keilo brown

    If u dont feel this u a bitch Ass, Real life

  59. TheHumanity!

    you sampled the same beat? what a weak coincidence

  60. TheNoobPube

    haha you lil bitch

  61. Pola WolfGang

    DMX should leave drugs,he's a great artist

  62. R Kelly

    fuck you nigga.

  63. Richard Miller

    Respect the dogg and his father. the only one I hear in tha game talking real. all other is FAKE. X isnt scared of big corp devl controled reject people just singing about money bitches and getting there d*ck s*cked.

  64. D K9

    Ps, like I said, you aint got SHIT LOL

  65. D K9

    You aint got shit bro, LMAO

  66. R Kelly

    its shit.

  67. D K9

    Lmao it got removed because it didn't make sense, you have no claims against him.

  68. MTHDCL

    DMX is an inspiration lyrically. Even though some of his songs he's cursing people out. The ones like this are amazing you can feel his emotion in them.

  69. D K9

    Who cares?

  70. D K9

    Dunno I liked a lot of songs of this album, better than most crap I hear nowadays anyway.

  71. blackandgold51

    As a person from New Orleans, good album from DMX, but he may or may not sell enough albums like he did in the past cause' of fucked up lil wayne fans.

    Lil wayne, the worst rapper alive.

  72. VIsubby

    and you wonder why they've never given him awards das aright cause he does it for the Lord, the Devilish shall speak down upon him an hold him das aight cause God carries him up on his shoulders

  73. 1337Anz

    love the album

  74. Martin Byrne

    what a song.real shit

  75. HannibalSmith95

    X representin' tha Truth

  76. tuchesuavae

    "GOD only wants the best for me but the devil is a HATER!"

  77. tuchesuavae

    This is my ish

  78. Arnold Hernandes

    Real shit fuck u haterz.....

  79. NanaInWonderland

    thats cause most of this generations wack as fuck & dont kno REAL/GOOD music when they hear it

  80. Laurenz Mignolet

    oh i'm sorry he is not rapping about the usual "fuck bitches get money" stuff. i'm sorry this is real streat hip hop and not something an 8 year old can write. And dmx comitted suicide with this album? say that to the dog's face

  81. Savuth Hem

    This is good music..

  82. Christian Wiklander af Gedeborg

    pfff FUCK ! Love this hip up god damn RESPECT !

  83. C. Skylaa

    Bitch, u wanna fuck off

  84. Randy Jimenez

    song is nice

  85. steven hedrzak

    DMX Legend 4Ever !

  86. rusaskate05


  87. humpty

    Im going to buy this with actual cash ima fuckin pay for this X back rap got a hero

  88. joe13south

    Hard Jam DMX!!

  89. bayzlordz


  90. TheAforAnarchy

    holddat what do you know about crack? It doesn't care who it addict's. Just because he may have smoked or continued doesn't make him any less of a man if anything he is more of a man because look where he is and where you are. I bet after his biggest binge he had more loot then you!

  91. LilAndr3w

    DMX is much better than all this crap what's on the radio

  92. holddat14


  93. cphilipov

    Stop Blaming Wayne !!! DMX is one of the best I cant ignore that but Wayne has a way of making people accepting his music so that makes him not worse than him :}

  94. Yassir Foreman

    if u don't like dmx u better go and listen to ur birdniggas

  95. alelogger

    dmx is not hip hop, biggie is hip hop, your just one of the people who listens to the dog, so they can can sound cool., ugh

  96. danillobay

    DMX will always be one of the best to ever MC. One thing, his music style never changes. If you don't agree, you haven't heard music at all.

  97. Eric Magnetics

    X IS THE Grand Champ Baby ANyone THinks He Isn;'t one of the Best that ever did and i still doing it should be Shot Striaght up besides that one love - magnetics

  98. carrie lynn

    cause hey writes from the heart and hey is not perfect. All other rappers rhyme from the head and make party music to make money for clothes and bitches , that is why hey is real and the Illuminati try to fuck him up and hey doesn't even rap about them